What is Maestro Project?

What is Maestro Project?

Maestro is a global full-service Big Data integration, application management, data analytic and consulting firm committed to innovation providing custom solutions to diverse clients. We are listed in Inc. 500 as one of the fastest-growing private companies in US (3 years in a row). Maestro has developed PoCs and Big Data implementations working on client’s data transformation needs.

Maestro is primarily composed of two parts: “Symphony,” the streaming service, and “Ensemble,” the crowdfunding center. Artists can raise funds for their project prior to production through Ensemble. After completing the project, they can then distribute their creations and generate revenue through Symphony. The distribution and handling of rights, copyright, and transactions are all transparently executed through Symphony in accordance with data recorded on Maestro’s blockchain.

Maestro’s Solution

Crowdfunding for Music Production

In order to create a music ecosystem that encompasses all parties, Maestro focuses on resolving the issues of capital and of providing a fair blockchain-based streaming service. Maestro will solve these issues through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is an alternative financial service that enables a project or venture by raising money from numerous people. Already well known as the business method used by Kickstarter and Indiegogo, $16.2 billion in funding has been invested around the world through this method. Crowdfunding has solved the issue of funding for promising ventures and projects while creating a new process that allows early-adopting customers to choose the products to be produced. Many projects, especially in the arts, have successfully started through this process.

Maestro would like to organically apply this crowdfunding concept throughout the music industry. We aim to create an ecosystem in which production costs are raised by fans and investors, and profits generated by streaming the song are fairly distributed among artists and investors. Blockchain technology will thus play a prominent role in providing funding for producing music and fairly distributing its rights.

Reasonable and Groundbreaking Model for Consumers

Maestro’s method will bring more benefits to consumers as well. Maestro’s services have reasonable pricing policies in which the consumer pays according to the number of songs they have actually streamed. If the consumer does not use any of the services provided, they are not charged. Maestro provides incentives to consumers by allowing reasonable subscription plans based purely on usage.

This funding structure provides new investment and communication opportunities for consumers. The consumer can choose to communicate directly with an artist and become an active participant in their project. If the project they have funded is successful, they can expect a share of the profits based on the amount of their investment. Maestro is the first blockchain platform through which consumers and artists can help each other for mutual benefit.

Maestro’s Services

Maestro is a blockchain-based music platform comprised of a crowdfunding center and a streaming service. Maestro focuses on constructing a platform where profits are distributed fairly through the transparency of blockchain technology and thus resolves the issue of capital: the most fundamental problem that underpins the present industry.

Artists can reduce the burden of production costs by receiving funding through Maestro’s crowdfunding center, “Ensemble.” Consumers receive rights to the content they have invested in. Since investors receive a share of the song’s rights, they can also develop a sense of responsibility in promoting it.

Once complete, a project is registered onto the streaming service, “Symphony.” The subsequent profits generated from the content are distributed among the shareholders. In other words, Maestro can resolve the present funding issue through advanced funding, help secure artists’ rights, and operate a streaming service to create an environment in which music projects have a better chance of success. Rather than focusing only on the artists’ share of the profit, we deal with the funding issue for all participants. We can construct a quickly activating participatory music service by providing incentives to each participant.

We at Maestro are focused exclusively on creating a new music ecosystem that can support all artists, production companies, and investors, using blockchain technology and considering appropriate incentives for each party.

Maestro System


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For more information:

Website: https://maestroproject.io

Whitepaper: https://maestroproject.io/?lang=en#whitepaper

Telegram: https://t.me/maestroico

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaestroProject1

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rightchainlabs/

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