What is Mitoshi Project?

What is Mitoshi Project?

Mitoshi is the next generation of online gaming and crypto-lotteries powered by the blockchain. Centralization in global lotteries today heavily hinder the growth of lotteries. Taxation, slow payouts and regulations is hurting the industry. Mitoshi CryptoLotto aims to solve this using smart contracts on a blockchain platform. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will bring forth a completely transparent and fair lottery experience to the global market. Players will be able to enjoy a wide array of lottery games with nearly instant payouts. They will be able to enjoy a completely transparent platform that ensures fairness and enjoyment in their gaming.

We are taking Mitoshi to the forefront of the lottery by leveraging on the power of smart contracts on a blockchain platform. By making use of smart contracts, we will build the future of online lottery that is globally accessible in a fair, transparent and secure environment. So you can have the confidence to bet on a winnable draw without compromise.

Lotteries today have massive popularity capturing 50% of the US adult market and a staggering 75% of the UK Market. The Chinese lottery market now ranks second to the US with sales at US$68Bn in 2017. We believe that smart contracts on a blockchain platform is the next approach to the gaming industry and we are ready to disrupt the above markets. Our mission is to capture the global lottery market by providing a fair, transparent and secure platform that is accessible to anyone around the globe.

We are launching the Mitoshi CryptoLotto ICO as a crowdfunding initiative to pursue this viable and profitable project as well as reward our early supporters. Participating in Mitoshi’s token sale will allow you a much cheaper inclusion to play in our online draws and will give you full access to the Mitoshi platform. Furthermore, the mitoshi tokens will be tradeable in cryptoexchanges once our ICO concludes, granting full access to trade and sell your Mitoshi holdings.

Why Choose Mitoshi Crypto Lotto Platform

Mitoshi Crypto Lotto platform is very innovative with its arrival at cryptocurrency, the only project where you will get the expected benefits. Choosing the Mitoshi Crypto Lotto Platform has become a pleasure if you invest and you automatically become a winner and easily get results in only 3 ways:

  • You can take part in the sale of Mitoshi Tokens Crypto Lotto: the more you get mitoshi tokens, the greater your chances of getting a discount and will increase over time.
  • You can play with the Mitoshi application using Mitoshi tokens crypto lotto online or through the Mitoshi website. Lottery results guarantee victory and winnings will go directly to your mitoshi wallet, crypto lotto.
  • You can also get friends for crypto Mitoshi lotto. You automatically get 10% of their total purchases, which goes directly to your Mitoshi e-wallet. The more people you bring, the more your income

Mitoshi Platform’s Solution

The team has developed several stages for the Mitoshi Platform to make it safer and more convenient for users. By integrating smart contracts on the blockchain platform, it will benefit Lottery, this is a good step in developing a system that is more environmentally friendly for users. Integrating decentralized technology blockchain opportunities, make the lottery more transparent and more accessible. By utilizing Ethereum contracts, lottery Mitoshi will build a fair, transparent, and secure — and can be accessed globally by those who have internet and smartphones.

You might ask what made Mitoshi Crypto Lotto the best?

Below are some features that make it stand out from Crypto lotto:

  • The website and app will be translated into 5 different languages.
  • Neither winning numbers nor lottery tickets can be fake.
  • The lottery cannot be banned because you only need internet access and a crypto wallet to play it.
  • Winnings are paid out almost instantly regardless of the amount.
  • Distribution and payout procedures are transparent and supported by smart contracts.
  • Guaranteed winnings (the principle of ‘everybody wins’)

How Does Mitoshi Work?

Mitoshi mobile application

The Mitoshi mobile application will be designed to access the mitoshi platform. This app will hold all capabilities to join each draw as well as navigate through other gaming opportunities provided by the Mitoshi platform. The application can be accessed through both IOS and android.

Payout methods

Those who want to purchase these lotto tickets can either go to our website or download the app. They can register and an e-wallet will be assigned to them. They either deposit cash or transfer their bitcoin or ethereum assets into the e-wallets. And can purchase Mitoshi play tokens after these assets are credited. Mitoshi lottery can only be purchased through Mitoshi tokens and will be priced at 1 Mitoshi coin per ticket.

Airdrops, rewards and bounty

Mitoshi will allocate millions of free tokens for airdrops, rewards and bounty. Find out more on how you can qualify to own Mitoshi tokens absolutely free. So you can start winning.



Token Sales Detail:

Token symbol : MTSH

Platform: Ethereum

Total amount of tokens : 1,000,000,000

Total amount to be sold : 68,000,000 or 68% of total issuance

Total private sale :US$20,000,000.00

Total pre sale :US$20,000,000.00

Token main sale :US$60,000,000.00

Soft cap: US$10,000,000.00

Hard cap : US$100,000,000.00

Accepted crypto & fiat currencies :ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

For more information:

Website: https://www.mitoshi.io/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MitoshiCryptoLotto/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mitoshicrypto

Telegram: https://t.me/Mitoshi_Crypto

Medium: https://medium.com/@mitoshicrypto

Steemit: https://steemit.com/blockchain/@mitoshicrypto

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/user/mitoshicrypto

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