What Is Pieta Coin And Why Is It Becoming So Popular?

Pieta is an ERC-20 token which supports the world’s first operational solar-powered blockchain mining project. Pieta was founded with the aim to reduce the cost involved in crypto mining in order to increase profitability as well as make the mining affordable, accessible and environment-friendly.

The Pieta token is the native currency of the Pieta ecosystem. It has been launched with the purpose of raising funds for the development of a solar-powered mining platform.

The token will be sold through the Pieta ICO sale to investors who choose to become a part of the Pieta ecosystem by investing in the project.

Pieta token will give its holders the ability to purchase cost-effective mining power (solar energy) along with customized mining hardware and contracts. This is particularly beneficial for the miners who are looking for cheaper ways to mine more profitable coins.

Pieta token will be later transformed into a minable and tradable cryptocurrency — Pieta coin.

Pieta coin will be a digital currency and provide a seamless method for performing transparent and global digital transactions, the same as bitcoin and several other currencies. But, that’s not the best part.

Since Pieta is the native coin of the ecosystem, it will be the first and primary currency to be mined through the Pieta’s revolutionary solar-based mining platform.

The key point here is that the miners will be able to create more coins in less time and earn more profits as the initial investment will reduce due to Pieta’s unique solar-based mining hardware, which aims to reduce the consumption of energy in the mining process.


Pieta will also protect the environment from the negative impacts caused by high energy consumption, which usually results in the release of harmful greenhouse gases.

In short, 

The buyers and holders of pieta token can purchase the new mining hardware at a very low cost and can use it for the mining of pieta coin and several other cryptocurrencies. This is the primary source of revenue for the platform.

Another interesting thing to note here is that Pieta will share up to 20% of its revenue with the shareholders or investors who purchased tokens during the ICO/pre-ICO sale.

The Pieta coin has been enabled for trading, which means the coins one mined or purchased via any other source can be traded against other compatible currencies for a profit.

The Pieta coin will soon be listed on a number of exchanges, allowing users to trade them for high returns.

As for the popularity of the Pieta coin, it lies in the usability and value of the coin. Pieta coin is highly potential and will have great value once it is launched on the exchanges.

If you still haven’t got your hands on the Pieta token, do it now by investing in the ICO sale. Invest early to enjoy up to 100% bonus.


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