What is project VoxelX [GRAY ]

What is GRAY Coin?

GRAY coins are Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens that enabled us to design rewards algorithm that pays radiologists for every single even tiny submission and update of the contents and images of the platform.

With GRAY coins we are able to monetize the online content and create incentives to encourage radiologists both as publishers and validators in building and expanding the community of the platform.

The Problem and The Solution

Multidisciplinary learning is one of the most challenging tasks in medical education, on both the graduate and postgraduate levels. And as the volume of information in medical sciences grows rapidly, the demands on on this type of learning are getting bigger.

VoxelX’s mission is to revolutionize the multidisciplinary learning by creating a blockchain powered online DICOM-platform to simulate medical learning. VoxelX’s team is one of the few that is working since 2013 in implementing DICOM-images in medical e-learning specially in radiology field.

Why Investing In VoxelX?

You are not investing in an idea, but rather in a beta product that will revolutionize the multidisciplinary learning

We are not a big team with promising big ideas, but rather we are a small but focused team who has moved from promising to proven.

With VoxelX you are not kick-starting a project, but rather you are kick-finishing it and start profiting.

Sales Token GRAY

The total supply of VoxelX GRAY token that will ever be made is

10,000,000,000 (10 billion). The number of large initial tokens is

ordered to set prices appropriate for microtransactions that occur on the

platform. All GREY tokens will be generated in the seed blocks and

distributed as follows:

Sales Token – 45%

VoxelX Foundation – 25%

Initial Investor and Bonus – 10%

VoxelX Team and Founder – 20%

Token Sale

45% token GRAY will be sold in initial GRAY token sale . The

token sale will consist of a personal pre-ICO round for

strategic investors and an initial followed by a public offering. Tokens

sold during personal and pre-ICO rounds will be discounted but

subject to certain locking restrictions.



Birth of VoxelX Idea

2014 – 2015

Initial Platform Development

December 2016

Beta Version of VoxelX Platform Release at RSNA, Chicago

2017 Q1-Q2

> 100 Publications on the platform

2017 Q3-Q4

Launch community function

2018 Q1

Integrate VoxelX Platform with Blockchain

2018 Q2

Private and Public Sales of GRAY Tokens

2018 Q3

Employ more devs to improve VoxelX evolution

2018 Q4

Showcase exhibition at RSNA, Chicago + Wallet launched

2019 Q1

End of Beta Version + VoxelX official release

2019 Q2

Start developing mobile version of VoxelX platform

2019 Q3-Q4

> 2000 Publications on the VoxelX Platform

For more information visit the following order: 

Website:  https://voxelx.io/

Whitepaper:  https://voxelx.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/White-paper.pdf

ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3242811

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Voxel_X

Telegram:  https://t.me/voxelx

Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/r/voxelx/


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