What is PUBLISH Protocol Project?

What is PUBLISH Protocol Project?

PUBLISH is an innovative blockchain-based platform for the next generation of media built by the press for the press. Our mission is to create a highly-accessible and fairly rewarded global blockchain-based media outlet ecosystem for existing publishers to use and build on. With PUBLISH publishers can sustain their business while providing uncompromised journalism.

TokenPost, a leading blockchain media outlet in Korea, will serve as the first protocol use case with NEWS token as the official token utilized within TokenPost’s PUBLISH-based news production platform.

PUBLISH, Inc. is a software service provider for digital newspaper newsrooms. Its mission is to restore financial viability among independent publishers through tokenization. Its initiatives include PUBLISHprotocol, an open source blockchain media protocol; PUBLISHalliance, a consortium of media enterprises, technology providers, and academic institutions tasked with the development and proliferation of PUBLISHprotocol; and PUBLISHsoft, a proprietary end-to-end publishing system enabling publishers to issue their own PUBLISHprotocol-based cryptographic token.

PUBLISH Features:

Distributed Autonomous News

Committed and talented news content producers around the world can freely voice out their opinion.

Incentive-driven News Production

Content producers and consumers are systematically scored and fairly rewarded to proliferate news production and consumption.

Delegated Editorial Committee

Publisher permitting, any participant within the PUBLISH ecosystem may gain access to editing privileges

How it Work?

PUBLISH aims to create a global blockchain-powered news publishing platform that fairly rewards all of its participants and serve as a realistic and economically viable model for publishers to adopt and build on. Based on NEM blockchain, it seeks to significantly enhance the existing media structure to make it more self-sustaining.

PUBLISH introduces a new way to do news, transparently and securely.


Token allocation

PUBLISHprotocol will issue a total of 10 billion NEWS tokens.

Of these, 3 billion tokens are allocated for sale.

Reward pool is allocated 3 billion tokens, and these tokens can only be received as reward by participants contributing to the PUBLISHprotocol ecosystem.

The company will be given a billion tokens and will be locked up for a year.After the initial lock-up period, 10 million tokens a month will be unlocked and will be made available to be used for operation expenses for the company.

0.5 billion tokens have been allocated for the reserve, to be used for any unexpected circumstance.

The founders and advisers were also allocated 0.5 billion tokens.

Of the total tokens, 0.9 billion will be used for marketing, with 1.1 billion tokens made ready for both initial (ratio per EOS to be announced) and subsequent airdrop, for ongoing future marketing purposes.

For more information:

Website: https://publishprotocol.io/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1B6sUaeh6WH7EBeg_xJOBWEmGeAiz0xGo/view

Telegram: https://t.me/PUBLISH_official_en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PUBLISH_Inc

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Publish-995631917275527/

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