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The importance of blockchain varies differently for organizations, and some important organizations having been using this technology more than the others. The blockchain innovation can be for all intents and purposes connected to any industry around the globe such as Agri-business, banking, social insurance, online business, property, mining, retail, transport, media, and so on. Numerous individuals associate blockchain with the digital-currency most especially Bitcoin. Indeed, the facts demonstrate that it was the accomplishment of Bitcoin that gave the worldinsight into the blockchain innovation. In any case, Bitcoin is only one case of blockchain application. Numerous different parts can also profit by the blockchain innovation. Organizations, specifically, could exploit this innovation to lessen their expenses and increase their efficiency.

Today we will be discussing about SLOTHEE which is an important project based on blockchain network. SLOTHEE project is launched so as to solve all the marketing problems facing the crypto-currency users and investors around the globe


Platform for connecting businesses without worrying about privacy issues. ”

Support businesses to grow by helping them connect with people, increase business presence, facilitate personal communication and transfer value with the help of blockchain technology. ”

Slothee platform
Slothee is a modern business networking platform that aims to connect people with business professionals and veterans who are knowledgeable in all fields. It’s sad to hear about data breaches, privacy issues and user tracking in today’s social networking applications that make it difficult for business professionals to rely on.

Slothee helps you connect and grow your network that is mutually beneficial, deeper, and durable.

Whisper of V6
The power of blockchain helps our users feel confident that their private chat data is truly private.

The intuitive user interface allows average Slotheeuser users to close transactions easily and sell or buy using the main cryptocurrency.

The Slothee’s Café feature helps you lead in dealing with many people at a meeting.
Slothee is a revolutionary social networking platform that enables entrepreneurs and business executives to build meaningful connections to help them grow their business. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, Slothee discusses the main issues of data security and privacy that are worried by social media users.

As humans, we are best designed to use resources at our closest distance. But how many times do we look around to get a new business connection? Most events, seminars, workshops and business meetings are underutilized because we make lasting relationships with some of them. The Slothee’s Café feature helps you lead in dealing with many people at a meeting. This application displays the location and information of Slothee users within 300 meters which allows you to do business instantly and turn each meeting into a gold mine in the hands of capable users.

Even though we have a world of connections in social media profiles, how deep are we connected with each? The Slothee Billboard is designed to give users the freedom to advertise respectfully about themselves and the events that occur in their business without the need to look for any form of validation from their network. With posts that are monologically driven users, users can only see the number of calculations to understand how many people have reached the post. This makes Slothee the best media to display updates and events in their business.

Private Lobby:
Great attention for anyone to use social media platforms is a violation of privacy, data theft, and user tracking. Slothee assures users to be sure that the data in private chat is truly private. By using decentralized blockchain technology, the information will be used on networks where no single entity dominates the data. With a grand view of building a complete decentralized system for messaging, the Slothee platform uses the protocol whisper Ethereum. Slothee’s strong commitment to data privacy, ensures no user tracking and applies high-level technology to stick to commitments.



The blockchain innovation considers confirmation without hosting to be subject to third-party services. The information structure in a blockchain is affix as it were. Along these lines, the information can’t be changed or erased. The use of this technology will on SLOTHEE platform will restore hope and transparency into the marketing world
SLOTHEE is a platform for associating organizations without stressing over security issues. SLOTHEE support the development of the organizations by helping them to associate with individuals, boosting business both far and near, encourage private correspondence and transfer value with the assistance of blockchain innovation.

SLOTHEE platform helps in the connection and likewise the development of business network which will be beneficial to all parties involved. As I have explained the importance of blockchain technology to SLOTHEE earlier on, blockchain helps in security the users and customers data through the use of advanced security measures.


SLOTHEE has developed a mobile app which will help users in marketing their products and also finalizing their deals. The apps have lots of benefits such as exchange of tokens, chatting with customers and so on

SLOTHEE Project has created its own token which will be used in the platform to make marketing easier for its users.

Token Name => SLO
Token Supply => 950,000,000SLO
Token Price => $0.05
Min Contributions => $50
Accepted Currencies => ETH, BTC, BCH or LTC
Pre-Sale => May 10th – May 24th 2019
Crowd Sale => May 25th July 9th 2019

53% Allocated to Token Sale
20% Allocated to Team
10% Allocated to Strategic Partners
10% Allocated to Advisors
5% Allocated to Legal
2% Allocated to Bounty

37% Allocated to Customers Acquisitions
30% Allocated to Integration
25% Allocated to Product Development
8% Allocated to Operations


To know more about SLOTHEE project check the links below

Website => https://www.slothee.io/

Whitepaper => https://www.slothee.io/documents/Slothee_White_Paper.pdf

ANN Thread => https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5134162.0

Telegram => https://t.me/slotheeofficial/

Twitter => https://twitter.com/slotheeofficial

Facebook => https://facebook.com/slotheeofficial

Medium => https://medium.com/@slotheeofficial

Reddit => https://reddit.com/r/slotheeofficial



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