What is SOBIT.ONE Project?

What is SOBIT.ONE Project?

SOBIT.ONE is an exchange platform that allowed the activities of trading cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin etc. that is committed to building the first “User-owned” digital assets exchange. Sobit Token (SBT) is a proof of all rights to the Sobit platform.

In order to build a more free and transparent platform, we redefine traditional equity as quasi-equity on Sobit platform. As long as you hold an amount of SBT, you can enjoy all the rights of the quasi-equity. Besides, we are developing a user autonomous community where all shareholders can join and easily exercise their rights. There are three basic rights on Sobit platform: dividends, the right to vote and the right to know.

SOBIT.ONE Benefits:

Dividend appropriation: Sobit will apportion their 100% stage benefit to All SBT Holder hold in excess of 1000 SBT.

In order to use anything in this market of cryptocurrency, we must always be careful. And we can get free SBT, MICE tokens doing simple tasks without KYC so it will help us for making profit.

User been possessed: Applies to clients hold in excess of 20000 SBT

Community self-rule

Trans — fee Mining: Sobit will discount their 80% exchange charge wage to clients on the second day in SBT.

To make trades free from control the sobit stage is utilized for semi value instead of value in the trade. Its most benefit is as I am a proprietor a specific measure of SBT. I can have full control of the semi value. They are raise a network in sobit stage for the investors to share their rights and experience it appears a sheltered stage.

In the event that we are discussing sobit stage, There are three fundamental rights, profits, the privilege to vote and the privilege to know. Profit right guarantees your full benefit. Since in this stage full benefit is distributed to the SBT holders, the more you get hand on SBT the more benefit you will get, ideal to vote guarantees client assessment is critical network individuals for one choice and as per that designers work for future, Sobit consistently gives their data about the stage to the self-sufficient network.

SOBIT.ONE Features:

In the field of user owned exchanges sobit is the one who introduced it to us. The concepts of the making user owned exchanges is, there is more more and more centralized exchanges occurring daily when we gather all the wealth together the wealth is huge and if goes in hand of certain private owners then it can be manipulated. So its prevention’s solution is sobit.

Fast Transactions: Up to 2 milions times for every secon guaranteed an exquisite and happy with exchanging background.

Highly Safe Platform

The procedure guarante 95% cool wallet handling of computerized resource, multipe review, disconnected mark and multipe key co-administration to guarantee to your assets are protected

Autonomical: User-driven and network driven

Simple To Use Trading Platform With Advance Charting Tools by Tradingview

An Easy To Use User Interface



What is Sobit Token (SBT)?

SBT, issued by Sobit, is a proof of all rights to the Sobit platform, with a total amount of 10 billion, no future offering. SBT is the shareholding of Sobit exchange. All users holding SBT can not only get 100% dividends from the exchange’s profits, but also exercise their rights according to the SBT amount they owned. It can make it possible to change or even determine the future development of Sobit by users.

In addition, SBT is issued by trans-fee mining, 80% of the daily transaction fee will be returned to users in SBT on the next day. This means that the platform’s transaction fee is only 20% of 0.1%, Equal to 0.02%.

For more information:

Website: https://sobit.one/

Whitepaper: https://resource.sobit.one/assets/whitepaper/whitePaper_EN.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/sobitExchange

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sobitone

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sobitexchange

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