What is Sovren Project?

What is Sovren Project?

Sovren is a London based blockchain startup disrupting the 500 billion dollar Artificial Intelligence and Crypto Trading market by building a regulated crypto trading platform accessible to both retail and institutional investors.

You can no longer question if emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will impact on our lives in the years to come; it is undoubtedly transforming businesses and their workforce across every sector. These technologies are at the forefront of human-computer innovation and have the potential to provide the crypto services industry with virtual rule-based systems that will have the ability to connect with Blockchain technologies in a much more efficient way than what humans can.

The goal for Sovren is to be at the forefront of integrating these technologies into the crypto services industry by building a crypto trading platform that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies and Intelligent Automation for security, customer service and trading services.

For Security our AI and RPA technologies will deliver a high-speed proactive cyber defence to protect trader assets. Currently crypto exchanges are at a disadvantage because attackers only have to succeed once while defenders have to protect a complex attack surface 24/7. Sovren is combining AI and robotic automation with people skills to deliver a platform with world-class threat management integrated from the start.

With AI and RPA integrated into the Sovren platform we will not only be the most secure crypto exchange but will also be in a unique position to apply these technologies to deliver a superior trading experience. Most crypto exchanges only serve one purpose, a means to change one crypto into another. At Sovren we believe that to truly make crypto a mainstream commodity we need to go much further by finding innovative solutions to make crypto more accessible to all. It is difficult for any trader, especially new ones, to get to grips with the steep learning curve they have to go through to gain the knowledge required to successfully trade crypto.

Sovren Problems:

  • Market Fragmentation – Some crypto exchanges accept FIAT currency conversion to a limited number of the major crypto coins. Then to buy Altcoins one has to jump across several exchanges. At each step, the customer has to register and pay high transaction charges. There is simply no All-in-One Crypto Exchange.
  •  Poor Customer Experience – Crypto exchanges provide a highly complex and poor customer experience (UX), which is unsuitable for non-technical or new traders. Furthermore, the existing exchanges run on older technologies and databases that makes infrastructure quite unreliable for customers leading to frequent outages.
  • • Insecurity and Fraud – Crypto exchanges are insecure. Even the leading exchanges have been hacked with millions of dollars of traders funds lost. Gross human negligence and poor operational practices have been the primary reason.

Sovren Solution:

  • All-in-One Exchange – Sovren exchange will accept FIAT currency from a global customer base but also lists most crypto currencies and trading pairs. Furthermore, the company has a fixed trading fee that is capped with a focus on being a fair, community-driven crypto exchange.
  • Superior User Interfaces and Training Platform – The Exchange Mobile Apps and Web platforms are specially designed for the Uber generation and remove complexities and technicalities involved in crypto trading. Furthermore, the company offers the world’s very first crypto trading simulated environment where novice traders can learn to trade before they are ready to trade in a live account.
  • Artificially Intelligent based security- At the heart of our Exchange Software sits a highly sophisticated state of the art Artificially Intelligent system. The proprietary AI based Neural Network will create the first and last line of defense which will automatically combat systematic hacks and organized cyber attacks.

Sovren Features:

Sovren will be building support for BTC Lightning Network from the start as part of the exchange development.

Sovren will have white label products for investment banks, wealth and asset managers and financial institutions.

Sovren will be listing all major crypto currencies and altcoins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Bitcoin Cash with a fixed trading fee across all trading Sovren traders will be able to buy major cryptocurrencies against fiat currency.

Cash management partnership will allow fiat transfer from anywhere in the world with quick and simple process for buying crypto with fiat with same day withdrawal.

Sovren will be a hybrid of an order book and brokerage exchange with a trading engine supported by AI and RPA for matching buy and sell orders. Sovren will allow two types of trade, market orders and limit orders. User trade options will include the ability for users to create Trailing-Stop and Stop- Loss orders and a combination of the two to maximize profits and minimize losses.


To date, more than one billion dollars has been lost from crypto exchanges due to internal and external failings from the most prominent exchanges in the industry. Most of these exchanges were not designed with a ‘security first’ approach but rather a ‘quick to market’ approach which has cost crypto investors significant losses in funds. Some of these exchanges have since closed down where others have simply disappeared. At Sovren we are determined to put the best mechanisms in place to protect investor assets from both internal and external threats, hence why the company is building the platform with AI integration from the start, using Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a program that is written to learn and adapt through the analysis of millions of data points. Sovren will be taking advantage of a pioneering technology within Machine Learning, the Neural Network (NN).

Payment Gateway For Retailers

Retailers will be able to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment with the simple to use API interface. They will have the option for instant crypto to fiat conversions or to use theEnterprise Vault cold storage service as a safe option to collect and store their crypto.

Earn Token

Earn Sovren rewards as a market maker, trading on the Demo trading platform or taking part in the bounty and community reward programs


By using the white label applications institutions will have access to the Sovren liquidity protocol.




Token Sale Detail:

Token: SVRN

Price 1 SVRN = 0.35 USD

Accepted Currencies: BTC,ETH

Pre-sale start date 29 Sep 2018

Pre-sale end date 13 Oct 2018

ICO start date 14 Oct 2018

ICO end date 17 Feb 2019

ICO token supply 275,000,000

For more information:

Website: https://sovren.app/

Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-rEsxRMToPVxQBnqgwlPYO4irCawNPT8/view

Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/HSoaZks3YowN9CfjisDAng

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SOVREN_STX

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sovrenSTX/

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