What is ThinkCoin – #ICO HOT 2018

What is ThinkCoin?

ThinkCoins is a cryptocurrency designed to allow day-to-day trading of financial products and digital trading tokens that support the TradeConnect network. By applying blockchain in the trading world, ThinkCoin allows users to trade forex, commodities, stocks, and other financial products in a simple, safe, and easy to use way.

The Trade Connect goal is to use the security of blockchain technology to enable users to securely trade financial assets around the world. With ThinkCoin, trades are completed quickly. Trade Connect will allow users to trade any asset with other merchants around the world. Using a hybrid trading model, where trading is processed outside the chain but recorded on a chain using smart contracts.

Features of TradeConnect

Instant settlement:

Without processing time required, transactions in ThinkCoin are redeemed within seconds. Flexibility: Each party can work with their preferred platform or broker.

Blockchain Technology:

Smart contracts are made verifiable and watertight with permanent recording and can not be changed on blockchain.

Experienced team:

A diverse management team that together brings together decades of experience in financial services. Connection fees: Instead of transaction fees, Connect charges are charged and shared between users and networks.

AI Match:

The bespoke C-matching software means maximum flexibility.

Low cost:

A decentralized protocol means that regular broker fees do not apply.

Digital Personas:

A complex assessment model determines the best partnership for trading.


The trading system is stuck in models and structures that are old and tens of years old. ThinkMarkets ThinkCoin’s parent company has grown in this world, but new technology has created new opportunities in financial services, and we want to keep our position on the cutting edge of innovation.ThinkCoin seeks to resolve all issues in the current financial assets market trading, which are as follows:

Too many intermediaries can increase costs across industries, create credit and financial risks

Lack of flexibility makes it difficult to transfer trades and meet the individual needs of every trader

Resolution is too long. The old institution even days to confirm the transaction

Lack of transparency among traditional brokerage models


We are developing TradeConnect: a state-of-the-art block-based trading network that will enable the trading of any financial assets in the world. Our order software will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, creating a balanced playing field in which big and small players trade as equivalents. Trading will be verified on blockchain, which means settlement can be completed in seconds rather than days – changing trades forever.


Token Name: ThinkCoin

Symbol: TCO

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Blockchain: Ethereum ERC-20

Tokens are available in the Pre-ICO and ICO stages: 300,000,000 (60%)

Soft seal: $ 5,000,000

Hard cap: $ 30,000,000

Distribution Tokens


April 2018: ICO is closed and TradeConnect Alpha released

May 2018: ThinkCoin Token (TCO) is listed on the crypto exchange for trading

July 2018: The TradeConnect Network is live on Beta for selected clients

August 2018: TradeConnect is enabled to trade on cryptocurrency

October 2018: TradeConnect trade network starts in FX and CFD Products

November 2018: ThinkMarkets joins the TradeConnect network and starts the integration of its retail users

December 2018: Approximate approval from TradeConnect US Exchange License

January 2019: TradeConnect starts offering trades in equities, commodities, futures, and other exchange products

March 2019: TradeConnect allows trading in physical equity to investors in Japan, Europe and Australia

July 2019: TradeConnect IPO

More Information Visit Link Bellow:

Website: https://www.thinkcoin.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ThinkCoinToken

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkCoinToken/

Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/5rxxi9c

Telegram: https://t.me/thinkcointoken

My Bitcointalk Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1943288


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