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Advertising and marketing late occasions have taken distinctive courses just to get to the objective consumers who are lost in the process conviction( deals pipe) or don’t believe the item since they are not obvious. Following the advancement of business on the Internet which has pointed towards the blockchain business because of its center premise of decentralization and permanent record, the Slovenia-based has group has made the Enkronos applications stage.

The Enkronos Apps Platform

The Enkronos applications Platform is a blockchain based responsibility platform offering an incredible base for ethic publicizing, marketing, and data driven campaigns and undertakings on a market specialty worth more than 700 billion US dollars. As the name suggests, the Enkronos applications project is healthy and planned to be used in different businesses that go from vitality, fund, lawful, distributing and media, vast retail association, mass brands and a ton of others.

The Enkronos applications Platform is committed to unifying the services and items offered to end clients and all applications on the Enkronos condition is using a brought together single sign-on (SSO). The SSO gives a solitary consistent approval that enables the client to completely approach any application on the Enkronos stage.

Along these lines the combination and usage of these applications have been rearranged to fundamental applications and organized solutions gathered into three consistent fragments; the data, the platform, and management.

The Enknronos ecosystem as of now has couple of imaginative applications on its ecosystem. These outsider applications have been incorporated into the platform as a pilot project to test the platform before it is propelled to overall consumers. Maybe a couple of the eminent applications incorporate Loyalty Venue (which enables companies to make and keep up dependability projects and structure giveaways for its reliable clients), Contest Dream (which gives 360 answers for corporates and associations to make digital limited time battles) and FeelGrid (which is a best in class data management stage for Internet of Things controlled gadgets). A lot more inventive applications are a work in progress. Being situated in the blockchain, every one of these applications can in the long run speak with one another in this manner making a snare of intercommunicating smart programming management. This will reform the whole online industry.

They are on the whole one of a kind shifting from marketing and notices to IOT+AI checking and expectation and AI/AR collaboration, to mass commitment. These connections among every application will give an amazing regular perspective of clients data whose establishment is based on a profoundly particular idea, where change, expulsion, estimating or enhancing any angle is simple and clear. Every application on this platform make utilization of a brought together single sign-in (SSO) ecosystem This prompts the evacuation of any verification or data approval issues than an application could have and soothes the adjustment of Enkronos applications around the world.

Enkronos Platform Worldwide

This utility tokens that will be used for activities on all Enkronos application platforms are the Enkronos tokens (ENK). Henceforth, information security and open accessibility of enrollments can be ensured. Security is the real reason for the whole framework, this can be additionally shown by the ASVS level 3 of security as characterized in Owasp venture the stage is based on.

The platform gives get to and advances making of use that have no rationale likenesses separated from utilizing the equivalent secure SSO condition and the ReSTful API association of Enkronos Apps.

Any maker that might want coordinate their application on the Enkronos platform and with Enkronos Apps can do this by perusing the broad documentation.

By distributing your application, the application will be unmistakable in the Enkronos Apps posting for the majority of its makers to utilize.

An outsider application can pick which part they wish to utilize (they can utilize all, or nothing):

• A safe and safe sign in condition (SSO) for every application they claim

• Access to broad assets which takes care of issues


Enkronos has created ENK tokens, a claim Cryptocurrency which can be utilized for various purposes inside the platform. ENK is upheld by Ethereum system and empower to make smart contacts between platforms members. ENK tokens are compulsory to get the entrance to the system. It very well may be utilized in following ways.

For crowd holding.

– Tokens are the base for fundraising pledges.

For Business

– Payment ought to be made by the ENK tokens

For supporters

– Can be utilized to put resources into companies on the platform.

– Purchasing items or services in the platform.

– Getting remunerated with ENK tokens.


Website: https://www.enkronos.com/

Enkronos app: https://apps.enkronos.com/

Whitepaper: https://ico.enkronos.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/EnkronosApps_WP_1.4.pdf


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