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Hello friend. On the off chance that you are keen on joining the ETHERSHIFT project, it merits perusing an audit that will enable you to get data about the accompanying vision and mission of the project:


Ethershift is an service that enables clients to rapidly and effortlessly exchange between various ERC20 tokens at the market rate less a charge, without experiencing the issue of joining at a exchange, or figuring out how to utilize a decentralized exchange like IDEX. Decentralized exchanges like IDEX are astounding, anyway a ton of normal Cryptocurrency investors feel like they are excessively entangled, and thusly a ton of extraordinary activities never get the introduction they merit. Ethershift is making the way toward gaining the best and up and coming tokens less demanding than any time in recent memory.


To exchange tokens, users send an incentive to an exceptional location (which demonstrates the kind of token they might want to get back) and the traded esteem will be sent back to them at the location they sent the first tokens from. This client encounter is executed by satisfying the trade utilizing hot wallets, and after that later reflecting the exchange (at an ideally identical rate) on a trade, and intermittently re-adjusting the trade/hot wallets. Ethershift takes a cut of benefit (half of it as the data token, half of it as the yield token) to represent the danger of the exchange rate evolving. Outsiders can incorporate Ethershift into their very own system and get a half cut of the benefit by means of the Ethershift API.

The back-end benefit is an application written in Node JS, running on Amazon EC2. To get to the Ethereum network, a full node is introduced on the server, and the back-end benefit speaks with it through its JSONRPC API. The administration utilizes a SQL database to monitor benefits. Ethershift Is The Easiest, Fastest, and Most Secure Token Exchange. That is all Ethershift has settled every one of the issues customary decentralized exchange confront. They are ease back and difficult to use for the normal financial investors. We’ve made the processof purchasing up and coming tokens less demanding than at any other time!. Welcome to the fate of ERC20 trading.


Ethershift Scan&Go is the most simple approach to obtain up and coming tokens. The Ethershift Scan&Go widgit shows a QR code for the token you’d like to purchase. Just output the code, and send any measure of Ether. That is it! Inside minutes you’ll get the token asked! The Ethershift Scan&Go device considers anybody to introduce it on their site and get paid as an offshoot!


The Ethershift wallet offers help for any ERC20/233 token and takes into account the close moment exchange between tokens. With the most extreme of thought put into security, all private keys are put away locally under a few layers of security, and with an inherent Web3 program, collaborating with decentralized applications has never been simpler!

Token Total Supply => 15,000,000

9,000,000 Allocated for crowd-sale

3,000,000 Allocated for Marketing, Promotions, Giveaway, Bounties, Advisers

3,000,000 Allocated to team members

Hardcap => 2,500 Ether

Main Sale Stage 1: 5th – 18th November, 2018

Main Sale Stage 2: 3rd – 16th December, 2018


Making a project is one part of realization while ensuring the project gets to a respectable trade is another viewpoint which has been a noteworthy worry of ICOs projects developers and investors, at times the questions of whether the token/coin will get recorded in a decent Exchange after the finish of ICO is an immense test.

These has given such a great amount of use to huge Exchanges stages, for example, Binance,kucoin,idex and the likes to charge enormosly to get a coin recorded on their platform with a ton of stress and work paper, in some cases the developers can’t get together with the essential assets and prerequisite which thus executes the fantasy of a decent projects.

Such a lot of waiting issues and issues has prompted the creation and improvement of a changer called ETHERSHIFT.

The outstanding uniqueness of this exchange is having the capacity of posting task and coming tokens the SAME day they’re discharged from their ICO and accessible available after exhaustive investigation and assessment.


website: https://ico.ethershift.co/

whitepaper: https://ico.ethershift.co/wp-content/themes/ethershift-ico/downloads/ethershift_whitepaper.pdf

twitter: https://twitter.com/ethershiftco

telegram: https://t.me/ethershiftco

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4965937.0

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