Bond is two services in one: a subscription-based video streaming service featuring content from independent creators, a crowd investing platform, which allows anyone to invest in and profit from new film and video projects.
When users watch or like some content, its Author receives a share of the revenue gained by the Bond platform from user subscription fees.

Authors can also publish content proposals to gain funding from the crowdinvestors. The proposals can be devoted to new projects like Sci-fi pilot or some doc series or new episodes of some existing content or any other type and form of content the author wants to produce. Users who like the proposal and want to support the authors in making of any of the project they wish.When Authors produce new content and publish it on the platform, they and those crowdinvestors who invested in their content proposal will receive the corresponding percentage of the revenues collected from user subscriptions.

All revenues go directly to the content owners, creators raise investment for content. investors, team members get a share of revenues. With Bond build on blockchain, those middlemen, Big platforms and corporations that minimizes the growth of film industries by taking all the revenues from video distribution and give only a small share to creators and makes it hard for creators to monetize.

The middlemen in the industry makes it hard for new projects to get funded because they controls the funding of new projects.Choices are made from the hands of few people I.e the middlemen. but with Bond audience are allowed to make choices in the industry. Also, middlemen makes it difficult for the industry to operate effectively. Bond will enables a savings potentials for the film industry by taking out middlemen out of the game.With Bond, it is Automated revenue distribution I.e to say that revenues are distributed automatically. Each video’s share is calculated by a transparent formula, Each investors receives a share of the revenue based on their stakes.
Users earns stakes through
1.promoting the creators content,
2.Helping project teams,
3.And curating content collections.


  • Bond gives content creators a place to find investors for their projects, stream videos and collect fair revenue from subscription fees.
  • Bond gives the users a place to invest and profit, while supporting films and series they like.
  • Bond allows audiences to access premium content, selected not by the executives of big platform, but by the crowd itself.
  • Bond creates a new decentralized business model, based on blockchain for video and streaming industry.

There is a legal deed in bond that any author that creates a content channel will receive 100% of content ownership for it’s channel. therefore, with this deed Bond is trying to solve some problems in film and video industries are facing and making it fairness and balanced the revenue distribution between the corporation and small players in the industry to success.
Users of the platform can also become an author by going through some verification processes “Know Your Client” (KYC)

To further accelerate the development and reduced time to market, Bond has decided to conduct an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in order to attract enough supporters, believers and investors.

Bond will release it own crypto token on Ethereum blockchain using ERC 20 standard and the name of the token will be called *BFP .The initial token price of BFP will be $0.10 I.e 10 US cents and the total ICO supply is 500,000,000BFP.
BFP token will be used through the platform for all payment related task

  • user subscription payment
  • crowdinvesting
  • Revenue distribution to all the stakeholders

Bond revenue will come from 20% commission on users subscriptions and also 5% from commission on crowdinvesting on the platform.The Bond tokens from users subscription payments will be sent to the smart contract and after the calculations are completed, the smart contract will distribute the collected funds to the wallets of all the relevant stakeholders, Authors and crowdinvestors.
With Bond, crowdinvesting allows each new channel (project) to generate ownership stakes, investors buy channel stakes and their investment is recorded in Blockchain. investors can also trade ownership content on the open market.
Execution of smart contract is not going to be free in Bond platform, that is to say every author who create a new content channel on the platform will have to pay for it, in order to establish and record new state of ownership in the blockchain.

Credit Card or Debit Card will also be accepted by the users in the platform for subscription. Bond will provide authors and all the stakeholders with a service to receive collected funds and revenues in Fiat currency, that is to say that the platform will allow authors and all the stakeholders with a solution to make conversion from BFP token into their desired Fiat currency and to send a bank wire in accordance with the signed legal deed.Bond will make use of content rating in order to distribute revenue to all the players in the industry effectively.

There are 4 ways of calculating revenue through the content rating algorithm

  • Content Duration In Minutes: means that the longer the video, the higher should be it’s content rating. Bond set the limited of every video published by any author to be 40 minutes, so if the duration of any video is more than 40 minutes Bond will treat it as a 40 minutes duration.
  • Watch Depth: is the second parameter for rating content, if user watch any video to the end or 80% of it, it means that the video is interesting but if the user watch little or half part of the video, it shows that they did not like it. Since Bond platform doesn’t plan to introduce a dislike button, the only way for them to determine if the user dislike the video is through this watch depth.
  • Like: is the third parameter for rating content, so if the user gave a video a like, the platform will give 1 rate to the content.
  • Channel Coefficient is the fourth parameter, Bond default every channel to have 1 rating thereby making it partial for every author.

I believe that Bond platform, with it’s unique system of content selection and user-beneficial economy and their team IT professionals, movie producers, script writers and visionaries who strive to change the fundamental gap which all the current film and movie economic models have, to run the industry effectively will attract authors, viewers and investors.

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