LevelNet inc is a cyber security company based in Irvine, CA. Founded in 2016. LevelNet provides new opportunities for effective cyber-protection as well as new business ideas.

LevelNet is not another anti-virus. And it is not affiliated with any existing anti-virus or cyber-security company. LevelNet is a small but very capable software agent that is able to trace all cyber threats in realtime and provide total protection from all of them. it is a revolutionary cyber-security software designed to provide unseen-before protection level to any internet user. Once installed on the device it forms peer-to-peer network and combines all cyber-security resources available in the network to protect single user. LevelNet designed to be installed on billions of devices, making every individual user invulnerable to viruses and other malware.

LevelNet looks to disrupt the $25 billion antivirus industry that continues to grow at an average rate of 9 percent annually by solving the problems that plague the industry: expensive, fragmentation, being out of date, as well as being short sighted, at a fraction of the cost through traditional means. It’s going to solve these problems through combining the efforts of pre-existing anti-virus software to form a p2p security network. Real-time protection is a struggle with traditional anti-virus software, but LevelNet will ensure clients are secured from threats known and unknown, LevelNet will also provide premium services for corporate users at prices ten times lower than other products currently available in the marketplace



The main purpose of this fundraising is for the development and launch of LevelNet with its accompanying products.

LevelNet Capital will create investment fund structure with the possibility of raising funds and protecting the rights of token owners , all holders of the LVL tokens will be able to exchange them for LVLS tokens. All shares newly created (or reorganized) Legal entity will be on blockchain

Token owners will be able to use LevelNet services, the LevelNet ecosystem, and all its products, in addition to receiving use of intellectual property rights. It will be possible to exchange tokens for crypto shares in the second phase of the project.


LVLS Token Details

LVLS is a financial instrument, which in Phase 2 offers the following:
* Access to the fund’s profits;
* Access to the register of fund shareholders;
* The opportunity to nominate a representative to the Board of Directors;
* The right to call an extraordinary board meeting.

The Exchange of LVL Tokens for LVLS

* LevelNet Capital plans to establish an investment fund or obtain a license to carry      out investment activities.
* All LevelNet assets will be in the fund balance.
* LevelNet Inc. will issue up to 40% of shares and, under the option agreement, will       transfer them under the management of the fund.
* After registration, the fund immediately begins to issue LVLS tokens (a financial         instrument that gives the right to receive a share in the fund).
* Only LVL token owners can obtain the right to own LVLS tokens.
* Only LVL token holders can exchange them for LVLS tokens. For participants, up       to 40% of fund ownership will be available.
* The exchange of LVL tokens for LVLS tokens will be carried out through the                 investor’s personal account, which is accessible via orderbook.io
* All qualified LVL token holders will have the preemptive rights to purchase non-        distributed LVLS. (in the USA only “qualified investors” can get LVLS tokens)
* All LVL tokens exchanged for the LVLS token are subject to cancellation.
* All exchange provisions are regulated by the Terms of Token Offering and cannot         be changed.

Token Symbol – LVL
The issuer name is Level Capital
Total issued token – 1 500 000 000
Token price – $0.01
Soft Cap $1.5M – Hard Cap approx. $12M

NOTE: You can Invest by Share there is another issuer name is Levelnet Foundations ( Owners of LVLS will have ownership and profit sharing rights, owners will have rights to be chosen in supervisory committee, to nominate the members of the Director Board, to choose the Fund’s main investment and expenses directions. In this order to implement this, a hired team of Legal and finance and investment experts to design a second phase of our strategy).

Token Distribution:
Investors and participants – 80%
Advisors and mentors – 5%
Option pool -5%
Wings Platform – 3%
Bounty and Airdrop – 2%+5%







Telegram: https://t.me/levelnet_ico

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