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The cost of precious metals is constantly growing, so smart people keep their savings in this type of asset. They will never become worthless because their reserves on our planet are limited. For example, in 2018 for the entire history of gold mining 190 thousand tons of gold have already been extracted from the bowels of the Earth. If all this is collected in one cube, it would be a square height and width of 21 meters.

All the world powers have a gold reserve that allows them to maintain the country’s economy at the proper level and provide their Fiat funds with a physical asset. Gold reserves are kept in the reserves of Central banks. The government of the countries is constantly replenishing its reserves with gold, which leads to the stabilization of the economic situation within the state. Today, many consider Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency assets as new digital gold. But there is a problem, most of the existing cryptocurrencies are not backed up by anything, and their value is formed only thanks to the speculative interest of players in the market. Digital assets today lack the physical foundations that would confirm their real value. All this causes fluctuations in the exchange rate and high volatility on the market, which discourages major players and funds from pouring their capital into digital assets, all this generally hinders the development of the Blockchain industry.
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To solve these problems, which are now faced by absolutely all participants of the crypto-currency market, the developers of the Gigzi project implemented a stable economic system that has several internal tokens. The value of these tokens is tied to the exchange rate of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum. This system follows the same pattern as traditional financial economic models, where the value of national currencies is supported by gold reserves or some other physical raw material.

Gigzi Black (GZB) is an ordinary token, the price of which is determined by market participants. More prone to volatility as a result of speculation in the market, the price is highly dependent on the General market sentiment. But it will be profitable to have it in your portfolio, as all holders will regularly receive a reward in the form of Gigzi Gold coins, which can be exchanged for real gold at any time.

Gigzi Metal are tokens, the price of which is backed by precious metals. There are 3 types: Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each token will be equal to the cost of one gram of platinum, gold or silver. The price of these assets is equated to the exchange quotations of precious metals, a kind of stablecoin, but even more reliable, which makes them the most attractive for preserving their funds in a falling market.

Gigzi Wallet. One of the most secure cryptocurrency storage wallets in the history of Blockchain industry. For example, if you steal Trezor, you can say goodbye to all the coins stored on It, this will not happen with Gigzi wallet, because to enter your wallet the owner needs to scan the iris of his eye. This unique technology was developed in cooperation with the international cyber security company IriTech. By the way, the UN, the secret services of the USA and India use IriTech technologies today. The company has many awards and patents.

Gigzi Exchange. Here users can buy, sell, exchange and convert digital assets. In addition, thanks to API integration, users will be able to transfer cryptocurrency between exchanges and sell at the most attractive price.
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If the client decides to exchange his Gigzi Metal tokens for their equivalent in physical precious metals, the mint in Petra will cast the ingot with the corresponding standard inscriptions and deliver it to the address specified by the recipient.
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Like the popular saying; behind every successful project is a well experienced and strong team. Below are some of the well informed and experienced team that established Gigzi project.

El Asmar: Founder and CEO

FAHAD Shiltagh: Operations director

Roman Van: product manager

Nick Belskyh: project manager

Lera Konstantinova: Brand leader

Vlad Gavriluk: Creative director

Artyom Polykoff: technology director

Sergiy Zhemeytsev: Blockchain Engineer

Vadim Kovalenko: Frontend developer

Slava Gornostal: Software architect

Adrian Dragulescu: Web administrator

Xeljko Nemet: Business analyst


Base on my findings, Gigzi is a revolutionary financial system that facilitates the use of cryptocurrencies, promoting the speedy adoption of digital assets as a legal tender at the state level and the development of the entire blockchain industry as a whole. The project offers us effective tools to combat volatility and the widespread theft of digital money. Tokens backed by real precious metals are a cushion for investors in the volatile crypto market and guarantee the safe preservation of your funds.

Gigzi is a new generation platform with a set of unique tools, a highly qualified development team and strong partners. The project is able to implement a revolutionary breakthrough in Blockchain technology, eliminating all the shortcomings and increasing the degree of confidence in investing in digital assets. In General, the project is worthy of attention, for more detailed information you can follow the links below.

Find more useful information here please:
WEBSITE: https://www.gigzi.com
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/gigzi
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/gigzicommunity
WHITE PAPER: https://gigzi.com/whitepaper
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5047392.0
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/gigziofficial
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/gigziofficial

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