Why You Should Not Miss FundFantasy

FundFantasy is the first fantasy business platform for financial enthusiasts. It is fairly proven, and is backed by blockchain technology. Play the role of an investor / fund manager, move up in rank, and win FundToken, Bitcoin, Ether & other prizes in the first game skill of its kind.

Reasons 1: FundFantasy Is An Online Gaming Platform

FundFantasy is an online gaming platform featuring peer-to-peer, provably-fair simulated investing contests, where players compete for prizes under the fantasy model. By crafting the ultimate portfolio from a list of available assets, players move up in rank and win Crypto-prizes. Participants are ranked according to their portfolio’s rate of return. The prize pool is distributed among the winners. FundFantasy charges a fee which will not exceed 10% from each contest. Smart contracts will execute the whole process: deposits, ticket purchases, contests, payouts and withdrawals are all automated and trustless. Portfolios are encrypted to ensure fairness, and the entire platform is provably-fair and completely transparent.

Based on a deflationary currency and supported by an ecosystem that propels growth and new user acquisition , the FundFantasy platform will revolutionize the online trading market.

Reasons 2: Platform Fully ​Transparent, Provably ​Fair And Simple ​To ​Use

All ​contest ​details ​are ​upfront ​and ​available ​for ​examination ​prior ​to entry. ​As ​soon ​as ​the ​contest ​starts ​users ​can ​view ​and ​compare ​their ​portfolios ​with ​the ones ​submitted ​by ​their ​opponents.

Asset ​prices ​are ​based ​on ​accurate, ​publicly ​available ​data ​from well-known ​and ​respected ​financial ​data ​API’s. ​Portfolios ​are ​encrypted ​until ​contests lock ​up ​and ​start, ​and ​are ​thus ​inaccessible ​even ​to ​FundFantasy ​employees.

​Very ​intuitive ​gameplay. ​Users ​allocate ​1 ​million ​virtual ​US ​dollars ​to their ​long/short ​positions ​on ​the ​assets ​available ​on ​our ​platform.

Besides that users ​can ​create ​their ​own ​contests ​and ​invite ​their ​friends, ​participate ​in ​contests ​carrying ​FundToken, ​BitCoin, ​and ​Ether prizes, can ​limit ​and ​restrict ​their ​own ​gaming behavior. Users ​have ​the ​chance ​to ​win ​x2, ​x3 ​of ​participation ​costs, craft ​and ​submit ​the ​finest ​portfolios ​they ​can ​think of

Reasons 3: Potential Ecosystem

Traders who want to take some time off their burdensome daily bustle, and are looking to play a fun, simplified version of the real thing, with fixed levels of risk and with chances ​for ​high ​payouts.

Gamers who want to play a new game, and would either like to try out their economic analysis skills, or would like to get acquainted with the world of investing, by playing a simulated ​version ​while ​competing ​for ​FundToken, ​BTC, ​ETH ​and ​other ​prizes.

The market is already educated (and becoming more so) in the art of capital allocation, which is precisely what the core of FundFantasy is about. Users can engage the FundFantasy ​platform ​with ​an ​intuitive ​ease. It is also widely known that retail online trading is a very large market, to say the least

The online gaming market has currently hit a temporary plateau, as new games have not been introduced since the rise of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS). The expansion of the fantasy model from the sports betting industry to the financial speculation market is very natural and intuitive, some ​say ​even ​more ​so ​than ​in ​sports.

FundFantasy leads the battle for fully-transparent and provably-fair gaming. As is the case with any Fantasy gaming platform; access to the user-submitted portfolio database gives an unfair advantage While both major US-based DFS providers have implemented a ban on their own employees and those of their rivals, portfolio data on FundFantasy is fully encrypted and inaccessible by the FundFantasy team and employees. Portfolio data is only published once the contest starts. With the backwinds of transparency and fairness provability, FundFantasy has a great shot at positioning itself as the first provider in an untouched market and thus gain a massive foothold, for the benefit of our ERC20 token holders, and the FundFantasy community as ​a ​whole.

Reasons 4: Business ​Model

When the user wants to enter a contest he now has to craft his portfolio from the list of available assets. In order to submit his portfolio, the user must purchase a ticket to the contest. Ticket prices vary from contest to contest. When a contest comes to an end, the remaining funds in the pool are paid in prizes to the winners according to the prize allocation model, and via a self-executing smart contract. All funds are stored and transferred with smart contracts, thereby eliminating counterparty risk and allowing speedy automated payments to the winners. Withdrawing and depositing funds are ​also ​fully ​automated.

Reasons 5: Development Strategy

Pre-Launch: Launch bounty campaign And then Alpha ​Launch. FundFantasy ​will ​launch ​an ​invite-only ​alpha ​to ​allow ​early ​adopters ​to test ​out ​the ​system ​and ​earn ​FUNDZ ​by ​playing.

Post-Launch: Daily Free Contests, MegaJackpot and Guaranteed Contests, Affiliate Marketing, Online Marketing…Which must pay attention to Online Marketing. Our giveaways will allow us to advertise Free Contests carrying cryptocurrency prizes, as well as Jackpot Contests carrying large prizes. We believe that these campaigns can create massive inflows of new users seeking to play and own FUNDZ for chances at large prizes in cryptocurrencies, participation rights in exclusive contests ​and ​discounted ​entries ​to ​contests.

In order to speed up the user acquisition process, the platform will also start hosting contests which accept BTC, ETH and possibly other currencies. At this point, in order to support FUNDZ with real world value, FUNDZ usage will be incentivized with considerable discounts.

Reasons 6: The Number Of Token Is Not High

This will create market fever. The total supply of FundTokens will be 80,000,000 FUNDZ. New issuances of FUNDZ are not possible. During the pre-sale phase, FundFantasy will accept payments from select individuals or entities prior to the token sale, at a negotiated price. FundFantasy reserves the right to change the price per token for pre-sale customers. The total amount of FundTokens to be sold in the presale ​is ​4,000,000 ​tokens, ​which ​constitute ​5% ​of ​the ​total ​supply ​of ​FUNDZ.

Reasons 7: Easy To Trade And Buy

The token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized with smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to purchase FUNDZ can do so by sending ETH ​to ​the ​designated ​address ​which ​will ​be ​published ​prior ​to ​the ​token ​sale. During the public token sale we will make 56,000,000 FundTokens available for purchase, which constitute ​70% ​of ​the ​total ​FundToken ​supply.

Besides that Purchasers ​of ​FundTokens ​during ​the ​token ​sale ​will ​enjoy ​a ​bonus ​on ​their ​token ​purchase: First ​8 ​Hours (January ​25th, ​2018 ​12:00 ​GMT ​- ​January ​25th, ​2018 ​20:00 ​GMT) ​bonus 25%. Next ​24 ​Hours (January ​25th, ​2018 ​20:00 ​GMT ​- ​January ​26th, ​2018 ​20:00 ​GMT) ​bonus 15%. Rest ​of ​First ​Week (January ​26th, ​2018 ​20:00 ​GMT ​- ​February ​1st, ​2018 ​12:00 ​GMT) ​bonus 10%

Detail Token Info

FundTokens are functional utility tokens within the FundFantasy platform, and can be used to purchase entry tickets to the contests hosted on our platform.

+ Token Symbol: FUNDZ
+ Decimals: 18
+ Token Standard: Ethereum ERC20
+ Token Sale Price: 1 ETH = 1000 FUNDZ
+ Token Sale Target: Maximum of: 56,000,000 FUNDZ / 56,000 ETH

80,000,000 FUNDZ in total. Tokens left undistributed after the token sale will be “airdropped”, i.e. distributed proportionally among participants in the token sale, according to the amount purchased. A buyer who has purchased 10% of the tokens that were actually sold, will receive 10% of the undistributed tokens. This will prevent any dilution on the part of token sale participants.

5% to Founders, 7% to Team, 5% to Post-Launch Promotion, 4% to Advisors, 5% to Presale, 2% VC & Early Contributors, 2% to Bounty, 70% of the issued tokens to be sold during the actual Token Sale.

Early Participants in the token sale will enjoy a bonus structure on their FundToken Purchase.

Token sale timeline: Start Date February 25th, 2018 (GMT 12:00). End Date: March 25th, 2018 (GMT 12:00)


Learn more about

WEBSITE: https://www.fundfantasy.io/
MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@FundFantasy
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/fund_fantasy/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/FundFantasy/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/fundfantasy/
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2579363



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