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Today, technology is growing rapidly and continuously creating innovative solutions for everyone to improve quality of life. The most widely used technology is the Internet, whose function is to exchange information between users. The internet can be a place for you to get all your inspiration.

And as we know now, you can access everything with the internet. Therefore, people cannot escape from internet needs.

From there there are innovations, Internet platforms or more precisely Wi-Fi networks, but the payment system uses the Wi-Fi Global cryptographic financing platform. Wi-fi Global is a decent and decentralized Wi-Fi network. The Global Wi-Fi Project will expand Internet coverage in the world and offer users free access to Wi-Fi networks.

Even the Global Wi-Fi Project is a platform for individual users who are connected to the network via Wi-Fi and advertisers who want to display advertisements to them. Big Data technology collects and analyzes data from non-personalized user activities that allow advertisers to display the most accurate ads that have high conversion.

Modern internet sources, for example, search engines or social networks, allow you to direct ads in certain ways, but the parameters for such orientations are very limited, and the cost of such ads is quite high. Through the use of transactions bound to the Blockchain contract between participants in a fast and inexpensive process, providing collective credentials to the parties thanks to smart contracts and providing truly reliable and transparent information about their advertising campaigns.

Therefore, Global Wi-Fi creates decentralized Wi-Fi networks throughout the world through community efforts, and all participants in this network can contribute proportionally to their development. Through the use of the global Wi-Fi platform All information is stored in lockers and updated regularly. This information cannot be lost or falsified. Blockchain has become a complete system link. Every transaction is served by an agreement. Where the agreement plays a role as an advertising agency. This is necessary to ensure that both parties believe that the advertising budget will achieve its objectives and will be the number of planned shows.

Global Token Wi-Fi

Wi-fi Global uses the ETCH type ERC20 blockchain technology with the WT symbol. To get a Global Wi-Fi token you can track the sales of the ICO Token Token symbol


WT token price: 1WT = 0.3 $

Number of tokens: 150,000,000 WT

Distribution token

The proceeds from the sale of the token will be distributed

70% for ICO

10% for teams and founders

5% for advisors

10% for bounty program

5% for the Pre-ICO Sales Bonus Determination will be issued 100,000,000 WT. The token level in the ICO will be 0.3 $. Looking ahead, prices will depend on% Global penetration of Wi-Fi in the advertising market: market volume created by the project. The more penetration there is in the advertising market, the higher the symbolic price. Regarding the initial calculation of data token fees for calculation: Total advertising market per year: $ 494 billion Average advertisement cost: $ 0.025 Number of tokens on the market: 100,000,000 GFI

According to the initial calculation, if the market penetration rate is 0.03, the token value will be $ 1.48.

$ 494,000,000,000 X 0.03% = $ 148,200,000 (market volume).

$ 148,200,000 / $ 0.025 = 5,928,000,000 (number of ad impressions on the market).

$ 148,200,000 / 100,000,000 tokens = $ 1.48

Wifi-Global Team

Alex Litman – Founder and Director of Operations

Bohdan Kozhevnikov – Fonder and Chief Financial Officer

Sergey Serov – Lead Developer

Eugene Port – Lead Engineer

Aleksey Zizhko – Commercial Director

Andreas Galuzor – Marketing and Public Relations

Zlata Koydan – Marketing and Public Relations

Yan Kraskovsky – Community Administrator

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