There have been tremendous increases in global investment, with the uprising of different cryptocurrency platforms all aim at targeting investors to come invest in what they have to offer. All thanks to blockchain which brings together this cryptocurrency platforms for aiding of fast transaction on a secured blockchain technology eliminating third bodies and keep all or transaction safe. Everybody is obsessed with the aim of making more wealth for themselves via all these platforms but forget one of the factors to be considered while making an investment which is death. I have seen individuals who have made great investment channelling all their resources into a means but couldn’t rip the benefits due to health factors which brings about death.

The occurrence of the deceased investors brings about these question

  • Who inherits the Cryptocurrencies when the Crypto Investor is no longer alive?
  • How can the Crypto Investor ensure his wealth transferred to his beloved or chosen ones upon his death?
  • How does one officially pass on his/her Crypto wealth to his/her nominee without any hassle to the assignee or assignor and without unlawful interference?
  • How does the receiver who has no idea about the crypto knowledge would receive store, convert and use the Crypt currency?
  • How will the beneficiary (the receiver) handle necessary legal and taxation issues or convert the inheritance into a legal tender?
  • How can this whole process be executed with complete confidence, trust and faith in a third party?
  • Who can be trusted to manage the process on behalf of the Crypto investor?

The asset of these investors is left on the cryptocurrency platform, leaving loved ones of the individual to have no access to such wealth inquired by the deceased Individual. The assets left there which can depreciate value in time or can be claimed via cyber crime means because the deceased invested never gave solution to the question asked above.

Regarding the total number of crypto investors, their estimated count would be around 24 million on combining the users of Ethereum and Bitcoin wallets. Further cracking it down shows, three million active crypto investors.

Manipulating the above data through standard deviation will help us to figure out the average death count of crypto investors. As per the calculation, 41,000 crypto investors’ death expected every year.

There is a need to solve these problems where by crypto investors loved ones can benefit from their asset even when they have passed away bringing about transferring of investment ownership via secured and speedy means.



Will token is a utility token issued by Digitrust Corporation, which provides wealth assignment services to members of the crypto investment community. They provide complete crypto wealth access and settlement service to Crypto investors across the globe. They ensure a safe beneficiary nomination, transfer of crypto assets to the beneficiary via a seamless process of technology without sharing the most secured information with third parties including Willtoken.

Their blockchain Integrated Service allows investors to put particular process and procedures to ensure that the transfer his crypto-wealth takes place seamlessly, automatically and without interference from a third party. Blockchain technology is like the Internet, and it has built-in robustness. By storing blocks of information that are identical across its network. The Blockchain technology cannot control by any single entity and has no single point of failure, It uses state-of-the-art cryptography and global database that can record all the transactions into a decentralised ledger.

With the blockchain platform incorporated with will token automated service to transfer crypto-assets to the beneficiary through an organised system can be achieved. The system design is to integrate with entities (i.e. exchange, e-wallet), investors can transfer their wealth and assets from these entities to their beneficiaries without problems in the process and no intermediaries is involved in the process of transaction.

The system will extract the investment details of the investor using the grant of probate and initiate the process. This process will identify the beneficiaries, verify authenticity, and execute the transfer protocol with any of the below options,

  • Execution Order
  • Letter or Administration
  • Court order

WILL Token is to provide a non-complicated, fully automated, simple to apply and non-invasive crypto wealth assignment as well as settlement service to all Crypto investors Community.

Willtoken can be used to avail the crypto settlement services.

  • Willtoken helps to protect your Crypto wealth securely.
  • It helps to pass your Crypto assets safely.
  • It helps your loved ones to inherit Crypto assets through a regulated system.

Benefits of WILL TOKEN

  • It helps to protect your asset
  • Safeguard beneficiaries right to receive wealth asset
  • The coin is a utility token that can be used like any other coin
  • Expected appreciation in value through demand of will service
  • Easy process of transferring wealth to beneficiary
  • The coin helps to prepare for any unprepared and secures settlement of services
  • It increases market confidence in crypto investment

Price – 1 Will Token = 0.10 USD

Bonus – Yes (Attractive Bonus Structure)

Platform (Will Protocol) – Ethereum ERC20

Accepted Cryptocurrency – ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH

Contribution – Any amount is acceptable (No minimum contribution)

Trading -Listing on exchanges in Q3-2018(Currently in discussion with several exchanges)


Total Tokens Available – 500,000,000 WILL

Tokens Available for Sale – 250,000,000 WILL

Token Price – USD 0.10 / WILL

Token Type – Utility Token

ICO (Softcap) – USD 2.5 M

ICO (Hardcap) – USD 25 M

All unsold tokens will be moved to reserve wallet for use in the future.

 Token Allocation

50% ICO Sale

30% Reserve

11% Team and Advisors

9% Bonus and Bounty

 Use of Proceeds

30% System Development and Maintenance

25% Legal Team

15% Listing on Exchange / Community Building

10% Marketing and Promotions

10% International Expansion and Facility

10% Board and Administration





 For more information, please visit:

Website: https://willtoken.io/

Whitepaper: https://willtoken.io/WhitePaper.pdf

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3734790.0

Twitter: https://twitter.com/willtoken_io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willtoken.io/

Medium: https://medium.com/@willtoken.io

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/willtoken_io

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/digitrustcorp/

Github: https://willtoken.io/#

Telegram: https://t.me/WilltokenOfficial


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