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The main goal of the emergence of the Winbix project is to create a new sales channel that will allow sellers to sell goods at the price of demand, and buyers to buy at the desired price. Of course, the idea is very useful, so the Winbix project management takes care of intellectual rights and has filed a copyright patent. The basis of this system is the reverse auction, that is, prices do not rise, but are lower to a certain extent, determined randomly by the Winbix system. I will explain the work of this system only: wolves are fed and sheep are safe. That is, the seller can sell goods, and the buyer buys at a price that is profitable for him.

As we know, last year was a popular effort to raise funds for projects through the ICO. But this system is truly outdated. It seems that this system is not bad, but very often investors lose the funds invested. Fortunately, there is a new fundraising system, which completely removes investors from the risk of losing funds invested. This system is called DAICO, which can be translated as the placement of autonomous and decentralized public tokens. This means that tokens are stored on separate smart contracts, which are controlled by investors. The team and project manager do not have access to the funds stored there.
But how is this project funded? It all depends on the points and dates in the Roadmap. That is, with certain dates and items, a certain amount is allocated, which is spent on this and elsewhere. This means that the team will not be able to spend the funds collected, and even fewer, hiding with them.
But here many may have another question: “Why are project leaders from where they will benefit”? Profit developers and project participants will receive after the final implementation of the project, that is, after finally entering the market.

DAICO Winbix

  • Pre DAICO
    To begin with, it must be said that the managers decided to carry out the entire fundraising process in two stages: Pre DAICO and DAICO. Pre-DAICO has started and will last 60 days. Then, after 12 months, DAICO starts, which will last 90 days. With Pre DAICO, 27.5 million WBX tokens will be sold. Interestingly, with each token sold, the price will increase. Therefore, if you intend to invest in a project, you must hurry. It also needs to be said that 2.5 million WBX tokens will be allocated to promote and popularize the Winbix project. And one more important detail is that all tokens that are not sold during Pre DAICO will be burned, and investors who also participate and help the team to promote the project will receive a bonus.
    With DAICO, the number of tokens sold will be 125 million, 2.5 million tokens will be allocated for project marketing and promotion. And other WBX token batches will be allocated for additional accruals – 27.5 million. The team will try to achieve the following collection results: SOFTCAP – 31 250 000 WBX, HARDCAP – 125,000 000 WBX Now WBX tokens can be purchased for Ethereum. The minimum contribution amount is 0.1 ETH, which is not so much even for ordinary investors. But don’t forget that the price of the token fee increases every 5 million WBX sold.

Finally, let’s look at the Winbix Roadmap project. The idea in the minds of future project managers was reborn in 2016. The following year, work was carried out on the auction algorithm. 2018 is dedicated to creating project teams and attracting professionals in various fields and fields. From July 2017 to today, the project components are being tested. And this: project sites, trading platforms, and payment systems. Marketing research is underway, the selection of product suppliers has begun, and Pra DAICO. From July to September, the completion of the trading platform is planned. In October this year, the market will open in Russia. From July 2020 to September of the same year, DAICO will be held. As of October 2020, the market will open in the Southeast, and already in 2021 in the United States and Europe.

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