Winbix Project Review and Analysis


What is WINBIX?

Тhe WINBIX marketplace aims to create a new channel for sales, allowing participants to sell goods at bid prices at any moment.

How the system works?

The system used the reversed auction model. The price of the goods decreases until one of the participants stops the auction. The first buyer who stops the auction, wins. The bid step and the lower limit of the price are defined by the WINBIX system using a special algorithm that takes into account the seller’s requirements, the number of participants in the auction, results from previous rounds and other factors. Thanks to this algorithm it is impossible to predict how the auction goes.


The project emits ERC-20 investment tokens called WINBIX (WBX). WBX tokens are put into circulation through the DAICO procedure (smart contract-controlled use of the project’s funds) in order to protect participants. WINBIX accepts investments only in Ethereum. All relations with investors are based entirely on smart contracts. The funds, gathered through PreDAICO/DAICO are stored in a smart contract. The project’s team does not have access to these funds. The project is funded through monthly funding (TAP).


WINBIX is a commercial center created for shippers around the world in which individuals can undoubtedly exchange at their very own comfort without the contribution of any outsider, association of government specialists. I realize you may have been asking yourself how this can be made conceivable without the inclusion of outsider. Be that as it may, the basic truth is that it is really conceivable to exchange without the inclusion of outsider in which this is actually what WINBIX venture has come to offer using blockchain innovation. As I have said before on, blockchain innovation has come to offer decentralization in which no outsider administrations required before any arrangements can be finished.

WINBIX stage is planned so that shippers will almost certainly offer for their intrigued item whenever they need. The framework is planned with a switched closeout model which implies that the last bidder that stops the bartering is the genuine purchasers of the item. This is an awesome showcasing methodology on the grounds that there is in every case abnormal state of trust and straightforwardness with this strategy for deals. The closeout is constantly made opened to intrigued individuals and people who might want to partake.


The procedure is in every case free of control dissimilar to what’s been knowledgeable about the other commercial center. Something else I like about this stage and its calculation embraced is the powerlessness to decide the real cost not until the last offers is the thing that makes the procedure intriguing. Individuals can theorize on the cost yet the genuine esteem will be dictated by the last bidders amid the sales.


What are the advantages of WINBIX products?

In Winbix system, the lots are presented as ordinary goods: you can search for it, filter by various parameters, view product cards and its characteristics (just like on a regular marketplace). But nevertheless, lots are lots. You need to understand that the system can have several lots for each product and each lot has its own history. If the lot was sold (with appropriate good), the system will launch a new auction for the same product (if it is available in the warehouse) and this will be a new deal.

At the same time, we have developed functionality for online changing prices in the product catalogue without reloading the page. For each lot, there is a history of its changes. In the future, we will be able to determine which price reduction strategy is optimal, based on the data on the purchased lots.

What are the advantages of such a system of the price reduction?

1. The consumer buys the goods for the price that is appropriate for him

2. As a result, buyers influence pricing

3. The seller sells his goods, which would be in stock

4. Seller receives statistics on sales at the appropriate price




Token Infomation

Token Type: RC20
Blockchain Network: ETHEREUM
Token Symbol: WBX

Token distribution
Allocated to Pre-DAICO: 27,500,000WBX
Allocated to DAICO: 155,000,000WBX



How to benefit from WINBIX?

Participation in PreDAICO

Dear Investor!

The PreDAICO of WINBIX has started! The tokensale lasts from April 24, 2019, to June 22, 2019.

You can purchase WBX tokens by transferring ETH to the address of the PreDAICO smart contract.

The minimum transaction size is 0.1 ETH.

Please pay attention to the fact that the initial price of 0.00055 ETH / 1 WBX increases with every 5 million tokens sold. Hurry up to buy at the lowest price right now!

Address of the PreDAICO smart contract for ETH transferring:0x8a451BCD32a78661678E08a724C9f759906FD2Eb

Address of the WBX token smart contract: 0x9AbBbA89700e1cE5A9A6E5d6748e5CC464c3771D

Note! An investor registered in the Personal Account receives bonus stakes in the amount of 10% of the number of purchased tokens. This volume can be increased by participating in our marketing programs. At the end of the PreDAICO, the stakes will be converted into WBX tokens and transferred to the Ethereum wallet of the investor. We strongly recommend you to read the quick manual to gain access to all the functions of the smart contract.





Here are the main characteristics of the PreDAICO smart contract:

— WBX tokens are allocated from the contract only in exchange for Ethereum,

— upon completion of PreDAICO, 10% of the tokens sold are allocated for the reward of Airdrop/Bounty participants

— untapped and unallocated tokens are destroyed

— the funds are not allocated to the project team

— the funds are managed by the Ethereum smart contract and allocated to the team in parts — 1 time in 30 days

— after 45 days, the investor has an unconditional and sole right to return the tokens to the project and receive his share of the balance in Ethereum

In our opinion, the use of DAICO WINBIX smart contracts allows achieving two main goals:

— investor risks are reduced to the level of 2% — the size of the initial TAP, after which, if the team allows inappropriate spending, any investor could simply return WBX tokens to the PreDAICO smart contract to get his money,

— high motivation of the team to achieve a result at each stage of the allocation and expenditure of funds (please see paragraph above).

The code of our smart contracts is open, you can always check all the above on


Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Visit the Winbix website: sales system
  • Click “Personal account” and register.
  • Verify your email and sign in.
  • Open the “Airdrop” tab from your dashboard.
  • Now complete some easy social assignments to get bets.
  • New assignments will be added every week.
  • Refer your friends to get 10% of the bets obtained from your reference.
  • Be sure to send your ETH address to your profile.
  • Tokens will be distributed proportionally from the total airdrop value depending on your bet after the ICO.

For more information, please follow the site below:

ANN thread:

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