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Windhan is Crowdfunding and ERC20 a blockchain-based green energy trading platform that uses blockchain technology to create more meritocratic generations of renewable energy assets. This brings together green energy producers and consumers to sell and buy
renewable energy without paying more to companies, suppliers and
other intermediaries. This is a platform to combine energy developers, investors and
consumers through a global network and decentralization that allows
energy assets to be funded and launched.
Windhan allows renewable energy projects that are worth mentioning on the
platform while complying with restrictions imposed by applicable law. That
This platform is equipped with all the tools to help developers collect money
by asking for small investments from a large number of people. Acting as a
mediator where investors, as well as customers, are connected with the
developer. This inclusive approach will reduce the need for
large financial institutions, thus accelerating the funding process.
After the platform is funded, the tokens supported by the assets will be printed on
behalf of each investor’s contribution. Revenues generated from
“Projects” are distributed to investors in the form of energy credits (called
Project tokens). Investors will be able to use the Windhan application to pay
their electricity bills with WHN tokens – regardless of company or
location of their utility company.
Windhan uses energy tokenisation to standardize, simplify, and open up
the existing global energy ecosystem. Tokenisasi energy ensures
liquidity and broadens access to capital. In addition, it provides access to
life renewable energy trade, globally for everyone

Why the wind

Manufacturers, investors and consumers in renewable energy ecosystems face two
significant problems that will be resolved by Windhan: This
current investment process in renewable energy projects is very expensive. As a result, most
investors concentrate on large projects and excessive costs.
◗ More than one billion people on this planet remain without electricity.
Small to medium scale renewable energy projects are not funded because of the inability to connect investors with
projects on a platform that is trusted and decentralized in a cost effective manner.

How does Windhan work?

Windhan provides solutions for both problems by switching from the current model to Windhan.
We will start by developing new services that will optimize tokenized financing and energy trade
in the future.
First, we will build a 108 MW Superior Windhan project in Kazakhstan.
The plan is to provide projects supported by community assets combined with renewable energy platforms
on the blockchain and enable them to finance and trade tokenized energy. To fund and trade
tokenized energy

Windhan’s dedication:
◗ To build a Windhan renewable energy project supported by assets.
◗ To build a market, where producers, investors and consumers can connect, fund
and trade renewable energy using the blockchain.
◗ To make crypto tokens that can be digitally traded for financing and trading renewable energy.
◗ To take advantage of blockchain technology and enable transparent transactions between
producers, investors and consumers through smart contracts.
◗ To connect the renewable energy community throughout the world regardless of boundaries. To take
important steps to reduce global warming

Windhan’s vision

Windhan is a project that connects the following fields:
Green Energy Producers, Investors, Consumers and the Blockchain ecosystem; Growth and development
in each of these fields is very important. By joining together in a disrupting
and trading new energy financing model , everyone has the power to make our planet a better place to live.
Supporting Windhan means supporting sustainability because it brings together energy producers,
investors and consumers with common interests – to save money and create decentralization,
a smart and clean future.
Our main goals and our long-term goals are financing, trading and tokenisation of energy projects
Energy’s future, Windhan renewable energy projects and platforms are beginning to solve the problem of
how the energy sector and blockchain technology fit.

Adoption of the Blockchain Model in Windhan

The Windhan Project has implemented blockchain technology to help decentralize
the energy market, to build transparency, trust and security between producers and consumers. Through
Blockchain technology peer-to-peer transactions occur in decentralization, creating
more transparent ways for producers, consumers and end users. This reduces costs for energy transactions
excluding governments, companies and third-party vendors, creating a borderless economy
throughout the world. The adoption of blockchain in the Windhan Business model allows people to buy and sell
energy among themselves.
The idea of ​​building a peer-to-peer-based energy and electricity market not only allows the use of payments
cryptocurrency but through blockchain technology, transparent exchanges can also occur. In the
Energy Sector, reducing costs is a priority. With blockchain, you don’t need a third party to make a
guarantee because it doesn’t matter where you trust your trading partners. Instead, you only
have to trust the data on the blockchain.
To use the smart grid, a market for trade power is needed at the local level. From
centralized market creation, smart contracts on the blockchain can be used to balance local supply
and demand and enable peer-to-peer trading. Each user can register their preferences
in a decentralized ledger (blockchain

Problem solved

The world – CO2 emissions per capita
◗ The growth of global energy demand since the end of World War II has been consistent at a certain level of
5.3% every year. It continues to increase throughout the world as population, transportation, and
changes in economic production. This rapid increase in demand has created an increase in the
level of pollution of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere.
Generation Power generation has become a major cause of industrial air pollution in the world. 76%
Our electricity comes from Coal, Nuclear, and other non-renewable sources. Producing
energy from these reserves is very damaging to our environment. In 2016 burning
hydrocarbons released almost 30 gigatons of carbon dioxide, as well as other toxic compounds
like Mercury, Nitrogen Oxide and Sulfur Dioxide. Many countries rely heavily on oil
and gas to produce electricity, that if prices rise significantly, it will
have a major impact on these countries, which has the potential to force the lights off. In 2017, only 10% of
global energy consumed comes from water, solar and wind sources.
◗ Globally the aim is to reduce dependence on non-renewable sources, so as not to rely too much on
limited resources, reduce the number of pollutants and create a brighter future for
future generations . While the amount of investment in renewable energy has increased, there are still many
space to increase the current ratio of non-renewable production and renewable energy
reduces environmental damage caused by greenhouse gas emissions.
◗ Increased population causes depletion of non-renewable resources such as coal, oil, gas
and others.


Short characteristics of the project

Sales of all electricity generated in the windpark to
declare a feed-in rate guaranteed for 15 years (from
during commissioning) belonging
to the State Financial Settlement Center for Support for
LLP Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan

Project Description

◗ General
For the development of the 108MW first project phase, Windhan Ltd. has received all
necessary permits, building permits and signed Power Purchase Agreements.
Project construction is ready to begin.
◗ The
Project Location will be located in the southeast / east of Kazakhstan, 250 km west of the city of
Almaty (see map below). The geographical location benefits from
a stable and strong east wind coming from the valley. The land plots needed for
wind turbine installations and road, substation and crane area access have been purchased and
owned by Windhan Ltd. Locations in steppe land, without households or farmland,
allow perfect turbine layout and operation.

Equipment & Technology

◗ In the project the developer will install 27 Enercon E-126 (4MW) turbines with 85 meter steel
, the tower reaches 148 m blade tip height.

Scheme Project Involves Main Party Structure

Crowdfunding and Trade Platform

Windhan provides a market for
consumers and producers. Our
blockchain-based green energy platform
focuses on B2B, B2C, P2P trading,
tokenized buying and selling,
carbon energy credit, and utility bills. Electricity producers can
monitor the trade of the power they produce,
and make their own trade decisions to
balance their Windhan portfolio.
We also provide opportunities for
green energy producers to list their projects for
WHN Token is
the main payment mode for all
transactions, discounts, prizes, loyalty
and VIP membership membership programs to be recognized at
our site platform, possible because p

WHN 1 token = 10 ADVANTAGES
  • Crypto-currency that can be traded.
  • Platform for crowdfunding green energy projects.
  • Access anytime, anywhere.
  • Buy and sell tokens through energy tokens.
  • Platform for trading carbon credits. Loyalty program and VIP membership.
  • Multi-user access.
  • Payment platform and energy bill investment.
  • Review your portfolio at any time.
  • Easy to use dashboards and mobile applications.


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