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What is Windhan Energy?
Windhan is a 108MW green energy flagship project in Kazakhstan, consisting of Crowdfunding green energy and a trading platform that uses blockchain technology to create the next generation of more meritocratic renewable energy assets. It connects energy buyers (households and investors or market makers) directly with green energy producers and creates opportunities to buy energy up front at prices below market prices. This is a platform for combining energy developers, investors, and consumers through a global network and decentralization using the ERC20 Token and Smart contract that enables safer and more transparent and funded energy assets.

Windhan provides a market for consumers and producers alike. Our blockchain based green energy platform is  focused on B2B, B2C, P2P trading, tokenized energy buying and selling, carbon credit, and utility bills. Electricity producers can monitor the trade of the power they produce, and make their own trade decisions to balance their Windhan portfolio. We also provide opportunities for green  energy producers to list their projects for crowdfunding. WHN Tokens are the main mode of payment for all tokenized energy transactions, discounts, prizes, loyalty and VIP membership programs on our site  platform, made possible due to the use of smart contracts.

How does Windhan Work?
Windhan provides solutions for both problems by switching from the current model to Windhan. We will start by developing new services that will optimize financing and tokenized energy trading in the future.
First, we will establish a 108 MW Superior Windhan project in Kazakhstan.
The plan is to provide projects that are supported by community assets combined with renewable energy platforms on the blockchain and allow them to finance and trade energy tokenized. To fund and trade tokenized energy.

Wind Energy is energy that is utilized from the wind. Humans have been using wind energy for more than 2000 years. In many places, wind energy is used by windmills to pump water and grind grain. Windmills work by slowing down wind speed. The wind flows over the bar that causes them to spin.

Benefits of wind power Wind power 
is a reliable source of clean energy for the long term future. Wind turbines produce pollution-free, reliable, cost-effective energy. It’s affordable, clean and sustainable. One wind turbine can be sufficient to generate energy for the household.

The knife is connected to a drive shaft that rotates an electric generator to produce electricity. Wind turbines require a constant average wind speed of around 14 miles per hour before wind turbines can produce electricity. To produce large amounts of electricity, many machines can be installed together to form wind fields.

Advantages of Wind Energy: 
Because wind energy is the result of changes in temperature due to the heat of the sun, and the sun is an endless source of energy, wind energy is also renewable. 
This is a clean, reliable and cost-effective power source. 
Electricity generated from wind does not contribute to global warming and acid rain. 
Compared to the energy from nuclear power plants, there is no risk of radioactive exposure to wind power.

Because wind is a non-polluting and renewable energy source, wind turbines create energy without using fossil fuels, without producing greenhouse gases or radioactive or toxic waste.

Wind turbine installations Wind turbines 
can be installed on property, on boats or caravans. Whether the wind turbine is feasible or not depends entirely on the amount of wind resources available in your area. The first thing you need to do is find out the average speed in your area. Although using available data freely gives an indication, the most reliable method is the reading that is done on your site.

The average wind speed must be above 5 m / s (18km per hour) to make the installation of wind turbines useful. The ideal location for wind turbines is in this country, on the farm, or on the beach: basically anywhere from the area being built. The more buildings around the wind turbine, the fewer winds there are. Setting up a wind turbine is a big job that takes time but can be a very effective way to create power as long as the average wind speed is quite high.

Windhan is a project that connects the following fields:
Green Energy Producers, Investors, Consumers and the Blockchain ecosystem; Growth and development in each of these fields is very important. By joining together in a disruptive new energy financing model
and trading, everyone has the power to make our planet a better place to live.
Supporting Windhan means supporting sustainability because it brings together energy producers,
investors, and consumers with common interests – to save money and create a decentralized, smart and clean future.
Our main goals and long-term goals are financing energy, trade, and energy tokenisation projects, Windhan’s renewable energy projects and platforms starting to address the issue of how the energy sector and blockchain technology are suitable.
Design features
In addition to the funds that the Windhan project wants to accumulate with its internal tokens, the developers are trying to eliminate the layers of bureaucracy between energy sources and consumers. This maneuver will significantly reduce all costs thereby reducing the final cost of electricity itself.
In addition, investors who participate in the formation of this project will be able to get good benefits for the contributions they make at the initial stage. At the same time, they will also have a great chance to use this energy and pay for it with the tokens they buy.
WHN 1 token = 10 ADVANTAGES
  • Crypto-currency that can be traded.
  • Platform for crowdfunding green energy projects.
  • Access anytime, anywhere.
  • Buy and sell tokens through energy tokens.
  • Platform for trading carbon credits. Loyalty program and VIP membership.
  • Multi-user access.
  • Payment platform and energy bill investment.
  • Review your portfolio at any time.
  • Easy to use dashboards and mobile applications.
  • Windhan Incorporated
  • Windhan Incorporated with a vision to provide cheap and renewable energy using wind farms
  • Land Purchases
  • Land Purchases in Kazakhstan for Wind Turbine Park.
  • Approval for Wind Turbines
  • 108MW Wind Turbine Park Approval from the Government of Kazakhstan
  • All permissions
  • All permits and licenses are obtained (buildings, construction, road works and on-site network approvals) Due Diligence from the Project.
  • Power Purchase Agreement
  • Government Supported Power Purchase Agreement for 15 years.
  • Launched the Crowd Funding Platform
  • The idea was born because it launched the Crowd funding platform for Renewable Energy Projects.
  • Formation and Management
  • The establishment of the company and the Management team was established.
  • ICO solutions
  • After the ICO is complete, we will install wind turbines in the next 18 months
  • Green Energy Platform
  • For 18 months we will also develop a Green Energy platform; Alpha version in 3 months.
  • Windhan Park
  • Taman Windhan will operate
You can find out more about the platform or participate in the sales of their crowd through the following link:
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