Most organizations today have brought together data chronicles. This implies somebody has authority over all subtleties put away inside an organization’s information records. With blockchain innovation, organizations have an approach to decentralize their data stockpiling. This decentralization implies no single individual or substance has power over the records put away inside an information registry. A decentralized database has various business benefits including expanded proficiency, essentially improved information security, business process enhancement, and possibly decreased expenses.
Utilizing blockchain innovation to improve an organization’s coordination system can profoundly affect generally speaking execution. A dispersed record offers exact following of bundles, conveyance workforce, and significantly purchaser associations with conveyance staff. Cryptographic record innovation makes it simpler for organizations to monitor where their shipments are going and who is engaged with each progression of the transportation procedure.
Notwithstanding coordinations and information decentralization benefits, blockchain offers various extra advantages. Organizations utilizing blockchain innovation can create more grounded associations with shoppers and providers because of expanded trust. They can appreciate expanded coordinated effort with colleagues in a decentralized information condition. Deceitful exchanges can be limited. Savvy contracts enable organizations to create further shared associations with those in their business arrangement. Factors as fundamental as business bookkeeping can be improved gratitude to confirmation of-personality and store network controls.

What precisely is WINDHAN?

As pictured on top of and as indicated on the official web site of Windhan, Windhan is associate degree ERC20 commonplace based mostly inexperienced Energy Platform that uses blockchain technology to form an additional social organisation next generation of renewable energy assets. it’s a platform to mix energy developers, investors, and shoppers through a worldwide and localized network that permits the energy assets to be funded and launched.
In addition, Windhan permits viable renewable energy comes to be listed on the platform whereas orthodox to restrictions obligatory by applicable laws. The platform is supplied with all the tools to help developers in raising cash by soliciting tiny investments from an oversized variety of individuals. It acts as an intermediator through that investors, furthermore as customers, connect with developers. This inclusive approach can alleviate the necessity for giant money establishments, thereby expediting the funding method.

The downside

Strong power plants offer the USA this electricity, which, sadly, doesn’t forever enjoy their actions. However, several of those power plants are terribly dangerous and dangerous for our health and therefore the ecological state of our land. And in fact, I’m talking regarding the kinds of stations that use atomic energy, and therefore the sources of non-renewable raw materials to supply robust electricity. sadly, the results of such station work ar terribly massive and there’s one thing that must be solved.

The Benefits of wind generation

It is a reliable supply of fresh energy for the future. Wind turbines turn out pollution-free, reliable, cost-efficient energy. It’s cheap, clean and property. One turbine is often sufficient to get energy for the family.
The knife is connected to a drive shaft that rotates an electrical generator to supply electricity. Wind turbines need a relentless average wind speed of around fourteen miles per hour before wind turbines will turn out electricity. to supply massive amounts of electricity, several machines are often put in along to create wind fields.

Why Windhan?

Producers, Investors and shoppers within the renewable energy system face 2 significant problems that Windhan can facilitate to solve:
The current method of investment in renewable energy comes is extremely pricey. As a result, most investors focus on massive comes and prices are excessive.
Over one billion folks on the world stay while not electricity. tiny to medium-sized renewable energy comes to go unfunded due to the shortcoming to attach investors with projects on a trusty, localized platform in an exceedingly cost-effective manner.

How Windhan Works?

Windhan provides an answer for each issue by shifting from the present model to the Windhan. we are going to begin by developing new services which are able to optimize finance and tokenized energy commerce within the future.
Firstly, we are going to establish the Windhan 108 MW Flagship project in Kazakh.
The set up is to offer the community asset-backed comes combined with a renewable energy platform on the blockchain and modify them to finance and trade tokenized energy. so as to fund and trade tokenized energy.

Design feature

In addition to the funds that the Windhan project intends to gather with its internal token, the developers are attempting to eliminate the government officials layer between the energy supply and its client. This manoeuvre can considerably scale back all prices thereby reducing the ultimate price of electricity itself.
Moreover, investors UN agency took half within the formation of this project are ready to get a pleasant profit for the contribution they created at the initial stage. At constant time, they’re going to even have a good chance to use this energy and obtain it with their purchased tokens.


It is necessary to notice that this project already has all the mandatory legislative and legal agreements to hold out its actions, that is extremely pleasing. Moreover, the developers clearly recognize the number they have to implement this idea. In their reports, they supply a transparent money model of what’s what proportion, indicating even the ultimate quantity together with VAT. To be honest, the number needed isn’t tiny as a result of solely the assembly of twenty-seven wind turbines can price the project 134 million euros, and this may embody heaps of different prices. Therefore, the ICO is important to gather the mandatory funds by crowdfunding.

The details of the ICO

As I discussed earlier, the method itself is constructed on the principle of a localized network, wherever every token is backed by a sensible contract and has some power. The token which will be given to the audience is named – WHN. The house owners of this token can have a good vary of access and opportunities provided by Windhan. this may embody important person membership, and access to resources at any time, furthermore as an oversized variety of various promotions, discounts and loyalty systems.
In total, 250 million coins are issued for the event of the project. Of these, one hundred ninety million are allotted for the installation of all wind turbines, the remaining half is distributed among the innovation team, and therefore the different half is allotted for the additional development of the project. In total, five stages of sales are allotted by means that of that investors are ready to purchase every one of the tokens at a special worth. The minimum is zero.65 EUR per one WHN, when that it’ll reach its most of zero.96 EUR per one WHN.





Windhan Incorporated
Windhan Incorporated with a vision to provide cheap and renewable energy using wind farms


Land Purchase
Land Purchase in Kazakhstan for Wind Turbine Park.


Approval For Wind Turbine
Approval of 108MW Wind Turbine Park from Kazakhstan Govt


All Permits
All permits and licenses obtained (building, construction, road work and on-site grid approval) Due Diligence of the Project.


Power Purchase Agreement
Govt. Backed Power Purchase Agreement for 15 years.


Launching Crowd Funding Platform
Idea born for Launching a Crowd funding platform for Renewable energy Projects.


Formation And Management
Company formation and Management team established.


ICO Completion
After ICO completion we will install Wind turbines in next 18 months


Green Energy Platform
During 18 months we will also develop Green Energy platform; Alpha version in 3 months.


Windhan Park
Windhan Park will be operational



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