Windhan Energy: Blockchain Based Renewable Energy Project

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What Is Windhan?

Windhan is a renewable energy project that aims to create a more meritocratic next generation of renewable energy assets using the power of decentralized blockchain technology.

The creators of Windhan see some problems with the world today: the world runs on dirty energy. We know the benefits of green energy, but actually using that green energy in our own homes can be difficult. Changing the world from dirty to clean energy from top to bottom is difficult, it could take decades. Green energy, like solar panels or a wind turbine, requires significant investment.

Windhan plans to solve these enormous problems by creating a network where it’s easy for everyone to participate. Those who produce green energy, buy green energy, and invest in green energy can collaborate through a decentralized ecosystem.

How It Works?

Based in Estonia, Windhan goal is to build “Windhan Park”, a 108 MW Flagship Wind Farm project, in Kazakhstan. The plan is to give the community asset backed projects combined with a renewable energy platform on the blockchain and enable them to finance and trade tokenized energy. In order to actually finance and trade tokenized energy one will need to obtain Windhan tokens (WHN).

Windhan allows viable renewable energy projects to be listed on the platform while conforming to restrictions imposed by applicable laws. The platform is equipped with all the tools to assist developers in raising money by soliciting small investments from a large number of people. It acts as a mediator through which investors, as well as customers, connect with developers. This inclusive approach will alleviate the need for large financial institutions, thereby expediting the funding process.

Once the platform is funded, asset-backed tokens will be minted to represent each investor’s contribution. The revenue generated from “Projects” is distributed to investors in the form of energy credits (called Project tokens). Investors will be able to use Windhan’s application to pay their electricity bill with WHN tokens – regardless of their utility company or location.

Windhan Features

Windhan advertises all of the following features available over its blockchain:

  • Tradable crypto-currency.
  • Platform for crowdfunding green energy projects.
  • Access anytime, anywhere.
  • Buying and selling of tokens via energy tokenization.
  • Platform for trading carbon credits. Loyalty and VIP membership programmes.
  • Multi-user access.
  • Platform for energy bill payments and investments.
  • Overview of your portfolio at all times.
  • User-friendly dashboard and mobile applications.

Windhan Token (WHN)

Powering Windhan is their own token, the WHN. It is an independent coin, which people on the Windhan network will use to trade power. The holders of WHN token can buy energy less than or equal to the value of the WHN tokens they hold before such projects can be sold to the public.

WHN is implemented on the public Ethereum blockchain as an ERC-20 compliant token. The total token supply is 250M tokens. The initial price is 1 Euro per token. In total, Windhan Energy developers intend to collect in the course of public sales of 250M Euros during the ICO.

The ICO (and the concept of Windhan) has EU approval so there is no danger of regulatory departments clamping down on it in the future. This makes the coin a wise investment as more sellers and buyers connecting on the grid means increase in value.

WHN Token Distribution

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Windhan Team

Windhan key members of the team include Richard Reinert (CEO), who has experience in FinTech. There’s also Richard Matthews (Head of Financial and Energy Trade), who wide experience in all financial markets. Other key members include Richard Seaman (Head of Legal Compliance and Payment), and Matiss Paegle (Head of Business Development).

Full details about the team and its network of developers, blockchain technologists, and advisors can be seen on their website.

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