Windhan Renewable Energy Project


What started in the financial world has moved to the energy sector. The Blockchain, the new technology most often associated with cryptocurrency, is a new frontier in energy space, changing the way power is traded, with new business models for peer-to-peer transactions and wholesale, and more and more projects around the world. The electricity industry has undergone a transformation over the past few years, with utilities embracing new technologies, new generation sources, and relying on data to make their operations more efficient.

Other emerging technologies can also be transformative. The Blockchain, originally designed for digital currencies such as bitcoin, has moved into the energy space, enabling digital information to be distributed throughout the network. The idea is to enable consumers, whether they are individuals or commercial companies, to buy and sell energy directly between each other, by means of peer-to-peer (P2P) trading. Blockchain is very suitable for this because it creates a generation record and energy consumption that is transparent, auditable and automatic. This can produce energy efficiency and cost savings.

green energy based blockchain. More meritocratic is the Crowdfunding and trading platform, which uses blockchain technology to create a generation of renewable energy. This brings together green energy producers and consumers to sell and buy renewable energy without paying too much to companies, suppliers and other intermediaries. This is a platform that facilitates the purchase and sale of carbon credits through a global network and decentralization that brings together energy developers, investors and consumers and enables the financing and launch of energy assets.

Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, plants, algae and geothermal energy. This energy resource is renewable, meaning it is replenished naturally. Conversely, fossil fuels are limited resources that require millions of years to be developed and will continue to decrease with their use.

Windhan is a green energy trading platform and platform based on ERC20 that uses blockchain technology to create the next generation of more meritocratic renewable energy assets. This brings together green energy producers and consumers to sell and buy renewable energy without paying more to companies, suppliers and other intermediaries. This is a platform to combine energy developers, investors, and consumers through a global network of decentralization that allows energy assets to be funded and launched


We will start by developing new services that will optimize financing and tokenized energy trading in the future. First, we will build a 108 MW Superior Windhan project in Kazakhstan. The plan is to provide assets to finance and trade energy to be optimized. To truly finance and trade energy tokens, we need to get the Windhan (WHN) token. WHN will be issued for sale of Windhan tokens.

Projects whose ideas we will consider, to find a solution to the problem described above. At the same time, this is possible. And this project is called Windhan.

The project itself was developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain and enabled it to use technology as crowdfunding, attracting large projects to realize its global idea to create renewable energy sources.

About Windhan

We will start by developing new services that will optimize financial and energy trading in the future. More meritocratic is the Crowdfunding and trade platform that uses blockchain technology to create the presence of the next generation of renewable energy. This is a platform that brings together energy developers, investors and consumers through a global network and decentralization that enables financing and launch of energy assets. The plan is to provide projects that are supported by community assets combined with renewable energy platforms on the blockchain and enable them to finance and trade tokenized energy. Windhan tokens will be issued on the sale of Windhan tokens.

Windhan ensures that applicable renewable energy projects are registered on the platform in accordance with the limits set by applicable law. This platform is equipped with all the tools to help develop making money by making small investments in a large number of people. Acting as an intermediary that connects investors with developers and investors. This inclusive approach will reduce the need for large financial institutions and thus accelerate the financial process.


Strong power plants give us this electricity, which, unfortunately, does not always benefit from their actions. However, many of these power plants are very dangerous and dangerous for our health and the ecological state of our land. And of course I’m talking about the types of stations that use nuclear power, and the sources of non-renewable raw materials to produce strong electricity. Unfortunately, the consequences of such station work are very large and there is something that needs to be solved.

Benefits of Wind Energy:

Because wind energy is the result of temperature changes due to heat, and endless sources of energy, wind energy is also renewable.

This is a clean, reliable and cost-effective resource.

Electricity generated from wind does not contribute to global warming and acid rain.

Compared to energy from nuclear power plants, there is no risk of radioactive exposure to wind power.

Because wind is a non-polluting and renewable energy source, wind turbines create energy without using fossil fuels, without producing greenhouse gases or radioactive or toxic waste.

Wind turbine installation

, property can be installed on property, on boats or caravans. Is the wind turbine feasible or not available in your area. The first thing you need to know is the average speed in your area. Although using available data freely gives an indication, the most reliable method is the reading that is done on your site.

The average wind speed must be above 5 m / s (18km per hour) to make the installation of wind turbines useful. The ideal location for wind turbines is in this country, on the farm, or on the beach: basically anywhere from the area being built. The more buildings around the wind turbine, the less


Kazakhstan, in support of this they have all the important indicators: strong winds, rotated and published sun. In addition, Kazakhstan also offers fewer tariffs for the energy sources offered, which are very affordable. In addition, all documents and agreements for Windhan’s initial work were quickly published by the Kazakh government, which indeed shows the beginning of all work processes


Related to this project Until now it has all the authoritative and legal agreements to carry out its activities, which are satisfying. Also, developers certainly know the amount they need to actualize this concept. In their report, they provide a budget model that explains the large amount, which determines the final amount including VAT. To be honest, the amount needed is not small with only the production of 27 wind turbines which will require a project cost of 134 million euros, and this will require many other costs. In line with this, ICO is important to raise funds needed with crowdfunding.

ICO details

As I mentioned earlier, the process itself is based on a decentralized system, where each token is determined by a contract that is intelligent and has strength. The token that will be introduced to many people is called – WHN. The owner of this token will have access space and opportunities provided by Windhan. This will include VIP participation, and access to resources at any time, such as promotions, discounts, and loyalty systems needed to meet.

In total, 250 million coins will be issued for project development. Of this amount, 190 million will be allocated for the installation of all wind turbines, the arrangement of this section will be adjusted between the founding team, and other parts will be allocated for further improvement of the project. Overall, the 5 sales phases will be allocated by a method that investors will definitely buy each token at a unique price. The base will be 0.65 EUR per 1 WHN, after which it will reach the limit of 0.96 EUR per 1 WHN.


  • 24 FEB 2019 – 20 MAR 2019 (0.0051 ETH = 1.0 WHN)
  • Open SALE
  • 24 FEB 2019 – April 17 2019 (0.8 EURO = 1.0 WHN)
  • Platform: ETHEREUM
  • Country: ESTONIA
  • Receive: BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
  • Restrictions: Total Raised
  • Soft CAP: 1,402,231 ETH
  • HARD HARD: 2,082,337 ETH
  • Total TOKENS: 250,000,000
  • Available FOR SALE: 88%
  • Bounty: KYC REQUIRED


Year, 2014: (Windhan Incorporated)

Windhan Incorporated with the dream of supplying cheap energy and supported by utilizing wind fields

Year, 2015: (Land Purchase)

Buy Land in Kazakhstan for Wind Turbine Agriculture.

Year, 2016: (Endorsement of Wind Turbines)

Approval of 108 MW Wind Power Turbines by the Government of Kazakhstan

Year, 2017: (All authorizations)

All permits and permits are obtained (structure, construction, road works, and on-site network support) Due Diligence from the Project.

Year, 2017: (Power Purchase Agreement)

The government decides on a Power Purchase Agreement for one and a half rounds.

Year, 2018: (Launching Crowd Funding Platform)

The thought was conceived on the grounds that he launched the Crowd financing platform for Renewable Energy Projects.

Year, 2018: (Formation and Management)

The establishment of the company and its Management team was formed.

Year, 2019: (ICO Solution)

After the ICO is finished, we will prepare a wind turbine in the next one and a half years

Year, 2019: (Green Energy Platform)

For one and a half years we will also develop a Green Energy platform; Alpha form in 3 months.

Year, 2020: (Windhan Farms)

Taman Windhan will work



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