Windhan reshaping the face of renewable energy industry using blockchain technology

In order to understand the disruptive potential of blockchain to the energy sector, consider how electricity is generated. … Blockchain can help operate power grids with high penetration of variable distributed generation and flexible demand-side resources in a more efficient, automated way, all with lower transaction, one of the ways to achieved this brought emergence of Windhan to the scene
Overview of Windhan
Windhan is a decentralised erc20 platform built on blockchain , that served dual purpose of green energy crowdfunding and trading platform, it serves as intermediary, an avenue where the prodducers of green energy can exchange ( buy & sell) with the consumers , by reducing cost of overpaying to corporations, suppliers and other stakeholders , it is also a level playing ground where investors , energy developers and consumers meet through a decentralized network and global that paves way for launching of energy assets and funding
Current problems crippling renewable energy ecosystem
due to high cost of investing in renewable energy , investors shifted attention on large projects and are cost excessive
More than a billion of people living without electricity due to poor funding of medium-sized renewable project
Windhan mode of operation
It is a project that provided solutions to the above listed problems that is crippling the traditional way by switching to windhan model, it flagship asset back project Windhan 108 MW will be erected in Kazakhstan
Windhan areas of operation
1It set to build the asset back renewable energy project
2 Building a marketplace that will unite likes of producers , investors and consumers , funded and using blockchain technology to trade renewable energy
3 To create a token that can be traded on cryptocurrency exchange as a source of renewable energy trading and financing
4 By using blockchain technology and smart contract to ascertain smoothless and transparent transaction between the consumers , investors and producers
5 By making renewable energy community a global village
Crowdfunding and trading platform
Windhan is an avenue where buyer(consumer) and seller(producer) of green renewable can meet and transact , it also allow green energy producers to list their for crowdfunding
Reasons investors should buy the token
It is a token that can be traded on crypto-currency exchange
it serves as a platform for crowdfunding green energy projects.
easy access anytime, anywhere.
Buying and selling of tokens possible through energy tokenization.
It is a Platform desgined for trading carbon credits.
It offers Loyalty and VIP membership programmes.
Wide bandwidth for multi-user access.
Platform for energy bill payments and
it shows overview of your portfolio at all times.
easy to use dashboard and mobile supported
Token distribution
Total tokens: 250,000,000 tokens
Turbine Installation
And Manufacturing: 190,000,000 tokens
Team: 20,000,000 tokens
Gas: 5,000,000 tokens
Bounty Marketing: 7,500,000 tokens
Advisors & Partners: 5,000,000 tokens
Community Growth: 17,500,000 Tokens
Green Energy
Platform Development: 5,000,000 Tokens
Goals of the token sale
It is issued as the solely token of the Windhan platform , it will be sold to contributors at different prices and discount depend on how early they invested
Windhan is a decentralized renewable energy platform that is built on blockchain technology, it is combined the likes of consumers , investors , green energy producers to interract about financing green energy product , It is also an avenue for energy producers to source fund for their project, it serves as a marketplace where consumers and producers can carry out buying and selling on the trading platform , purchasing and selling of tokenised energy, it is a good and highly lucrative project that I encourage all investors, traders all over the world to participate because the industry is large and the product is basic necessity and the token have asset back to do excellently well in the cryptocurrency exchange when listed
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