Windhan Revolutionizing The Green Energy Industry

Windhan is a Renewable Green Energy platform built on the realistic blockchain technology. It provides a solution for both problems by shifting from the current model to the Windhan.
We will start by developing new services which will optimize financing and tokenized energy trading in the future.
Windhan plan is to give the community asset-backed projects combined with a renewable energy platform on the blockchain and enable them to finance and trade tokenized energy. In order to fund and trade tokenized energy.
Common Challenges facing renewable energy technologies adoption which, consequently, affects the potential of the technologies in many countries. In the essay, these barriers to renewable energy adoption have been discussed under the following seven categories: over-reliance on fossil fuels (coal), political and regulatory barriers, technical barriers, market-related barriers, social-cultural barriers, financial and economic barriers, and geographical and ecological barriers. The paper will be useful to renewable energy researchers, students, policymakers and individuals or organisations who may be concerned with promoting renewable energy technologies, as it highlights gaps in renewable energy development which they may need to address in their research and decision-making processes.
Technical barriers to renewable energy development include inadequate technology and lack of infrastructure necessary to support the technologies. From a study conducted by (18), in Saskatchewan, Canada, technology was identified as one of the main barriers to the willingness to invest in wind-generated electricity. This is particularly true in cases where core renewable energy technologies are not provided in many places or are not sustained well in some areas where present in the developing countries, especially Sub-Saharan Africa
Africa experiences a slow development rate as a result of little access to renewable energy; this is because of the high levels of limitations from underprivileged energy policies, inadequate funds, lack of technological advances, as well as lack of adequate infrastructures (7). Additionally, rapid growth in population and subsequent increase in energy demand in the developing countries has led to emerging energy crisis which in effect increases people’s dependence on non-renewable energy sources
The Windhan project has implemented blockchain technology to help decentralize the energy market, to build transparency, trust, and security between producers and consumers. Through
blockchain technology peer-to-peer transactions are happening in a decentralized way, creating more transparency for producers, consumers and end users. It reduces costs for energy transactions by excluding governments, corporations and third-party vendors, creating a borderless economy worldwide. The adoption of blockchain in the Windhan Business model allows people to buy and sell energy amongst themselves.
Equally as important to grassroots activism is the blockchain aspect of cryptocurrency. In the United States and other nations, protesting one’s government isn’t a punishable offense, whistleblowing won’t (in theory) send a person to jail, and being gay won’t find you facing legal punishment. Yet others in far too many places in the world don’t have that freedom. Fear of persecution, discrimination, jail time, and even death are the associated risks of being an activist.
Thanks to blockchain’s identity protection technology, is changing that. With blockchain, it’s possible to support a cause financially without a paper trail leading back to oneself. It’s possible for an activist group to buy goods and services or send money back and forth without any member’s identity being exposed. It’s possible to organize an event or build a support system without being targeted, harassed, or shut down.
Wind turbines and solar panels are an increasingly common sight. But why? What are the benefits of renewable energies—and how do they improve our health, environment, and economy?
Less global warming
Human activity is overloading our atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other global warming emissions. These gases act like a blanket, trapping heat. The result is a web of significant and harmful impacts, from stronger, more frequent storms, to drought, sea level rise, and extinction.
In the United States, about 29 percent of global warming emissions come from our electricity sector. Most of those emissions come from fossil fuels like coal and natural gas
Improved public health
The air and water pollution emitted by coal and natural gas plants is linked with breathing problems, neurological damage, heart attacks, cancer, premature death, and a host of other serious problems. The pollution affects everyone:
Jobs and other economic benefits
Renewable energy already supports thousands of jobs in the United States.
Compared with fossil fuel technologies, which are typically mechanized and capital intensive, the renewable energy industry is more labor intensive. Solar panels need humans to install them; wind farms need technicians for maintenance.
Windhan Ltd. has received all the necessary Governmental permits, such as building permits as well as a signed Power Purchase Agreement. And it will also interest you to know that Windhan project construction is ready to commence with the development of the first project phase and has finished the technical design for the first phase of 108MW including:
• The permit for connection of 108 MW to the 220 kV overhead lines; Aviation approval;
• Civil construction approval;
• General approval from state approval committee Gosekspertisa; Building permit
The project will be stationed on south/east part of Kazakhstan, 250 km to the west from city Almaty (please see the map below). The geographical location benefits from stable and strong easterly winds coming from the valley. The necessary land plot for the installation of the wind turbines as well as the access roads, substation and crane areas is already purchased and in the property of Windhan Ltd. The location is within steppe ground, with no households or farmland allowing perfect turbine layout and operation.
To shock you a little, Windhan has signed a 15 year guaranteed Power Purchase Agreement with Financial Settlement Centre For Support To Renewable Energy Sources in Kazakhstan!
After the commissioning of the windpark the turbine manufacturer will be responsible for the long term 15 year Service and Maintenance with a guaranteed 95% availability of the windpark.
The Full Service and Maintenance Contract includes, among others, the provision of repair and maintenance services, the supply of spare parts and components, and a full-term availability warranty for the wind turbines.
• Use the energy when it is produced, if the energy was purchased from a development projectin the buyer’s home market.
• Windhan will physically deliver energy, once Windhan enters a token owner’s home market and begins operation under an independent energy supplier’s legal framework.
• Sell the energy via the Windhan platform to any other user before its production.
• Automatically sell the energy to the wholesale market once it is produced and receive theenergy price in fiat or cryptocurrencies. This leaves no ambiguity on the final settlement priceas it is sold at the market price at that specific moment. All energy is sold simultaneously on the wholesale market.
WINDHAN is introducing WHN TOKEN to it ecosystem, WHN TOKEN is a cryptocurrency built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20). WHN serves as the primary mechanism that powers WINDHAN Ecosystem.
Windhan also provides a marketplace for consumers and producers alike. Windhan blockchain based green energy platform is focused on B2B, B2C, P2P trading, purchasing and selling of tokenized energy, carbon credits, and utility bills. Power producers can monitor trades of the power they generate, and make their own trading decisions to balance their Windhan portfolio. We also provide an opportunity for green energy producers to list their projects for crowdfunding.
The WHN token is the primary mode of payment for all tokenized energy transactions, discounts, rewards, loyalty and VIP membership programmers’ on our platform, made possible due to the use of smart contracts.
Tradable crypto-currency.
Platform for crowd funding green energy projects.
Access anytime, anywhere.
Buying and selling of tokens via energy tokenization.
Platform for trading carbon credits.
Loyalty and VIP membership programmes.
Multi-user access.
Platform for energy bill payments and investments.
Overview of your portfolio at all times.
User-friendly dashboard and mobile applications.
The WHN token is the primary mode of payment for all tokenized energy transactions, discounts, rewards, loyalty and VIP membership programmers’ on our platform, made possible due to the use of smart contracts.
Fund Distribution
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