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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies have prepared for this present age’s modern insurgency, and we should give it the best chance to endure in case we’re to pass on the twirly doo to the millennial age for it to flourish.

We have however one planet to live on. And keeping in mind that we completely ought to flourish and develop, we should likewise deal with the earth for ourselves and who and what is to come. Digital money, supported by the blockchain, is one of the greatest developments in our history, and it is simply beginning. The development of computerized cash has caught unaware the world, and the power utilized in the crypto mining biological community is at present delivered by non-sustainable sources that contaminate our air and water. This is an issue that is just deteriorating, and it is just a single case of the expanding vitality requests of our populace.

Making a self-supporting task in the crypto and blockchain space is the initial step to empowering further advancement and interruption in the renewables part. To make it one stride further, consider the possibility that those activities contributed a bit of their benefits to innovative work of environmentally friendly power vitality and inexhaustible activities, for example, higher productivity efficient power vitality sources, new sustainable advancements and new types of recyclables.


Windhan is an ERC20 standard based Green Energy Platform which utilizes blockchain innovation to make an increasingly meritocratic up and coming age of sustainable power source resources. It is a stage to join vitality engineers, speculators, and shoppers through a worldwide and decentralized system that enables the vitality resources for be subsidized and propelled.

Moreover, Windhan permits reasonable sustainable power source tasks to be recorded on the stage while fitting in with limitations forced by appropriate laws. The stage is furnished with every one of the apparatuses to help designers in fund-raising by requesting little ventures from a substantial number of individuals. It goes about as a middle person through which financial specialists, just as clients, interface with designers. This comprehensive methodology will ease the requirement for vast money related foundations, consequently speeding up the financing procedure.


Windhan is a task associating the accompanying regions:

Efficient power Energy Producers, Investors, Consumers and Blockchain biological community; development and advancement in every one of these fields is basic.

By combining in another, problematic model of vitality financing and exchanging, everybody has the ability to make our planet a superior spot to live.

Supporting Windhan implies supporting manageability since it unites vitality makers, financial specialists, and shoppers with regular premiums – to set aside extra cash and to make a decentralized, keen and clean future.

The essential goal and long haul objective is vitality venture financing, exchanging and the tokenization of future vitality, the Windhan sustainable power source undertaking and stage begins to address the issue of how the vitality area and blockchain innovation fit.

WINDHAN stage plans to take care of the issue of delegates between the purchasers and venders of sustainable power source through the reception of blockchain innovation which will help in balance of mediators in its stage.

WINDHAN stage will help unite both the financial specialists, the engineers and the customers of vitality together in its open system which will help in subsidizing and propelling of environmentally friendly power vitality. WINDHAN will help in group financing of environmentally friendly power vitality through raising of assets for the designers of efficient power vitality and in like manner connect the speculators, shopper and engineers together.

The sum required for the starting of efficient power vitality venture is extremely gigantic in which this has removed the consideration of financial specialists from the vitality ventures. Be that as it may, today through the assistance of WINDHAN stage which has guaranteed to assist in sourcing for subsidizes will help in the development and improvement of environmentally friendly power vitality. It has likewise been noticed that there are as yet bigger piece of the world which are as yet experiencing nonappearance of power and WINDHAN has plans to make the power accessible through the dispatch of its environmentally friendly power vitality venture.


Solid power plants give us this power, which, sadly, does not generally profit by their activities. Be that as it may, huge numbers of these power plants are risky and perilous for our wellbeing and the biological condition of our territory. Also, obviously I’m discussing the sorts of stations that utilization atomic power, and the wellsprings of non-inexhaustible crude materials to create solid power. Lamentably, the outcomes of such station work are exceptionally substantial and there is something that should be explained.

The Benefits of Wind Power

It is a dependable wellspring of clean vitality for the long haul future. Wind turbines produce contamination free, dependable, practical vitality. It’s moderate, perfect and economical. One breeze turbine can be adequate to produce vitality for the family unit.

The blade is associated with a drive shaft that pivots an electric generator to deliver power. Wind turbines require a consistent normal breeze speed of around 14 miles for every prior hour wind turbines can create power. To create a lot of power, numerous machines can be introduced together to shape wind fields.

Preferences of Wind Energy

Wind vitality is the aftereffect of changes in temperature because of the warmth of the sun, and the sun is an interminable wellspring of vitality, wind vitality is additionally inexhaustible.

This is a perfect, solid and savvy control source.

Power created from wind does not add to an unnatural weather change and corrosive downpour.

Contrasted with the vitality from atomic power plants, there is no danger of radioactive introduction to wind control.

Since wind is a non-dirtying and sustainable power source, wind turbines make vitality without utilizing non-renewable energy sources, without delivering ozone harming substances or radioactive or dangerous waste.

Wind turbine establishments

Wind turbines can be introduced on property, on vessels or troops. Regardless of whether the breeze turbine is possible or not depends completely on the measure of wind assets accessible in your general vicinity. The main thing you have to do is discover the normal speed in your general vicinity. In spite of the fact that utilizing accessible information openly gives a sign, the most solid technique is the perusing that is done on your site.

The normal breeze speed must be above 5m/s (18km every hour) to make the establishment of wind turbines helpful. The perfect area for wind turbines is in this nation, on the ranch, or on the shoreline: essentially anyplace from the region being manufactured. The more structures around the breeze turbine, the less breezes there are. Setting up a breeze turbine is a challenging task that requires some serious energy however can be an exceptionally successful approach to make control as long as the normal breeze speed is very high.

How It Works?

Windhan gives an answer for the two issues by moving from the present model to the Windhan. We will begin by growing new administrations which will streamline financing and tokenized vitality exchanging what’s to come.

Windhan will build up the Windhan 108 MW Flagship venture in Kazakhstan.

The arrangement is to give the network resource upheld ventures joined with a sustainable power source stage on the blockchain and empower them to back and exchange tokenized vitality. So as to store and exchange tokenized vitality.

Token and ICO Details

The token that will be presented to the audience is called – WHN. The owners of this token will have a wide range of access and opportunities provided by Windhan. This will include VIP membership, and access to resources at any time, as well as a large number of different promotions, discounts and loyalty systems.

In total, 250 million coins will be issued for the development of the project. Of these, 190 million will be allocated for the installation of all wind turbines, the remaining part will be distributed among the founding team, and the other part will be allocated for the further development of the project. In total, 5 stages of sales will be allocated by means of which investors will be able to purchase each of the tokens at a special price. The minimum will be 0.65 EUR per 1 WHN, after which it will reach its maximum of 0.96 EUR per 1 WHN.

Token Sale

Token Distribution

Windhan Token Sale Period & Discounts



Windhan Incorporated

Windhan Incorporated with a vision to provide cheap and renewable energy using wind farms


Land Purchase

Land Purchase in Kazakhstan for Wind Turbine Park.


Approval For Wind Turbine

Approval of 108MW Wind Turbine Park from Kazakhstan Govt


All Permits

All permits and licenses obtained (building, construction, road work and on-site grid approval) Due Diligence of the Project.


Power Purchase Agreement

Govt. Backed Power Purchase Agreement for 15 years.


Launching Crowd Funding Platform

Idea born for Launching a Crowd funding platform for Renewable energy Projects.


Formation And Management

Company formation and Management team established.


ICO Completion

After ICO completion we will install Wind turbines in next 18 months


Green Energy Platform

During 18 months we will also develop Green Energy platform; Alpha version in 3 months.


Windhan Park

Windhan Park will be operational


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