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Blockchain is an open source anyone can download for free, run code and use it to develop new tools to manage online transactions, Don and Alex Tapscott have shared in the book. Blockchain Revolution ”(Evolution of a block chain). Therefore, this technology is capable of creating a multitude of new applications and unknown capabilities with the potential to transform many things.

One such thing is the renewable energy market. Engineers are looking for ways to use blockchain to connect consumers and power generation companies with storage battery solutions of wind power plants and solar power.

Global energy demand growth since the end of World War II was consistent at 5.3% per year. It continues to increase worldwide as population, transportation and economic production change. The rapid increase in this demand has created increasing levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution in the atmosphere.


Renewable electricity is cleaner, better for the environment but the limitation of this energy source is unstable due to the changing wind speed and the sun at sunset. The developing Windhan engineering group application will allow households and businesses to wish to optimize the ability to use renewable electricity that can “order” electricity stably from batteries made by factories. wind power supply.

About Windhan blockchain

The Windhan project has deployed blockchain technology to help decentralize the energy market, build transparency, reliability and security between producers and consumers. Through blockchain technology, peer transactions are taking place in a decentralized manner, creating greater transparency for producers, consumers and end users. It reduces the cost of energy transactions by eliminating third-party governments, corporations and suppliers, creating a borderless economy worldwide. Applying blockchain in the Windhan Business model allows people to buy and sell energy themselves.

To use smart grid, there needs to be a market for trading power at the local level. Instead of creating a centralized market, smart contracts on the blockchain can be used to balance local supply and demand and allow p2p transactions. Each user can register their preferences in the decentralized ledger

About Token Windhan

The Windhan (WHN) token is a progressive token. It grows together with the Windhan business as it stores substantial esteem end guarantees liquidity. Tokens amass the genuine estimation of vitality. Windhan will begin constructing the primary leader venture – 108 MW wind park in Kazakhstan 2019 and our tokens will gather and store vitality right away. You can utilize this vitality for your own needs or pitch it to another person. Along these lines even patrons from spots where Windhan doesn’t work can take an interest in the stage. Together with the capacity of delivered vitality, Windhan tokens will likewise give the privilege to put resources into new sustainable power source ventures and in return to get vitality at the most great cost. This will additionally build the interest for tokens from extensive vitality purchasers. The Windhan token is the new player in the worldwide vitality showcase.

Token sale

Distribution of tokens

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Windhan unravels advertise difficulties and wasteful aspects through a mind boggling stage, which requires a mix of vitality, blockchain, crowdfunding, showcase exchanging, free vitality supply information, and experience. The Windhan group synergizes this basic blend of aptitude to make another age service organization.


If you want to look for good and practical projects, I think Windhan is one of the few projects that not only has a realistic idea that can help the world better, but also has many plans. Specific planning even at the initial development stage of the project. Strictly speaking, we should take a closer look at this project and think of becoming part of the project to make the world better.

To understand more about this project, I recommend that you research all the necessary documents yourself related to this project by visiting the links below.

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