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Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of gambling resources, essentially built on Blockchain and smart contracts.

The development of IT technology makes the most important contribution to the growth of the online gambling market. With the development of hundreds of internet connectivity from all over the world. millions of players around the world have got the possibility to play in casinos without having to leave their homes.

Winstars manifests this all with secure blockchain technology. Later players around the world can play without having to leave their homes. Players can play online casinos by using Android or PC connected to the internet. Very practical use with the expansion of technology, the development of network speed and prioritize comfort in the game.

Winstars create and rely on simple and interesting games designed to be played by anyone, even for a beginner with transparent and honestly guaranteed results. The goal of the project is to create truly transparent and honest international gambling operators built on the basis of Ethereum, with the ability to check the history of every bet and game, with attractive affiliate programs and the best opportunities to earn in the gambling market.

Problems that must be resolved at this time

Gambling game lovers around the world are afraid of possible fraud by gambling platforms: gambling machines to set faulty algorithms for winning calculations for casino profits or blocking user accounts. Gambling activities are legally restricted in many countries due to taxation and gambling legitimacy issues; as the result bank reserves the right to block accounts after the number of winnings transferred, with further foreclosure.

The issue of trust and information asymmetry precludes the process of scaling and entering online casinos in international markets. The promotion of a reputable, reputable company brand initially positive and an internationally recognized name requires enormous investment in order to compete with a well-known online gambling operator.

The process of receiving money and influencing payments to international clients is also very important in online casino activities. In turn, this process is related to the various bureaucracy, taxation and transactional costs to carry out financial activities. This combination of trends hampers industrial development and hinders international expansion for operators offering services on organizing online gambling. All these problems have not included the problems encountered by players and gambling lovers. to solve this problem requires a trusted platform that relies on transparent and honesty games like Winstarts.

Solutions From Winstarts To Solve The Current Problems

Winstars is an international online gambling operator built on the integration of new IT solutions in online gambling and Blockchain technology. Winstars provide a unique possibility to make bets for every amateur of the game gambling regardless of location and income to be received.

The basis for Winstars platform operation will be a smart-contract decentralized system responsible for ensuring a fair distribution of random numbers and playing cards on casino and poker rooms, as well as for distribution of funds into customer accounts.

Winstars is building a system that will ensure transparency and fairness for all gambling games presented. Thanks to the advantages to be implemented on the Winstars platform, many industry issues are tied to issues of trust, entry into the international market and the protection of personal data of users will be solved. Everyone can get acquainted with the operating activities of the platform thanks to open access to the public registry with mathematical proof of identity.

Using Blockchain technology in an online operator’s gambling structure allows creating a completely transparent system. The result of every single match or number, the dealing of the next playing card is random and is determined by a random-generation multifactor model, when the final value is determined based on multiple data input indicators.

WINS sign plays the most important role in operating a platform. Tokens are Platinum payroll units and will be used to accept bets or fees for entry to the gambling table. Thanks to using crypto currency in operator systems, every gambling game lover around the world has the possibility to make a bet with minimal transaction costs and bureaucratic costs.

Using tokens in the system minimizes the formalization bureaucracy, reduces the time for receipt of funds in client fee and commission fees, and provides high liquidity of funds and the possibility to effect transfers worldwide.

Winstars have great potential to attract international clients. By providing excellent service from the game, guaranteeing winning payments, Winstars provides opportunities for gamers from all over the world to play favorite gambling games with minimal commission (Ethereum gas), without worrying about blocking funds.

Advantages Winstars Provide :

  • Full transparency of all transactions and operations.
  • Multi-level affiliate program, payment for partners from jackpot.
  • Lack of subsequent card disclosure.
  • 4 ways to benefit a different audience.
  • Distribution of profits between token holders and players.

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