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WinStars developers offer a transparent system for predicted winning probability. Everyone, who has ever visited a casino, tried to calculate the magic formula for jackpots. WinStars` creators solved the problem: in the role of the “blind case” is now an RSA algorithm that selects a player based on the hash function data. This is almost a mining – only instead of video cards and pools, there are cards, money … And blockchain, of course.

What is WinStars?
The online casino on blockchain offers to earn on popular games: from poker to roulette. Developers point out that the amount of winning is slightly higher than with competitors: participants will not receive a fortune, but they will be able to get acquainted with the operations register. This is good news: at last, you can see how often anyone could win on the platform.

Picture 2. The scheme of generating income for all platform users

• Winning on the base of a multifactor model for generating random numbers. The theory of games in action: the winner is determined by the blockchain. The amount and the moment of winning can be really predicted.
• Tokens for registration and bets. Casino WinStars accepts bets in WINS tokens, which can be bought for the cryptocurrency. One token is a bet on any game.
• Simple interface and transparent infrastructure. Unlike traditional casinos, WinStars defines the conditions for obtaining winnings in a smart-contract. For this reason, money is transferred automatically, without “annoying accidents”.
• The open architecture of the blockchain allows you to play from any part of the world, check the quantity and the amount of winnings. WinStars values its reputation, so it gives everyone the opportunity to see for themselves the features of the platform.

How is WinStars working?
At the heart of the block casino, there are standard Ethereum smart contracts and tokens using the ERC20 technology. In contracts, the order of payment of winnings is defined; cryptocurrency assets reduce commission for withdrawal of funds..

Picture 3. Features of the platform compared to competitors.

You can earn money on WinStars in four ways:
1. Play and win. Blockchain casino advantageously differs from usual ones: you need to choose a game to your taste, make the bet at the right time (the developers share the formula) and wait for luck. A casino is a casino – the probability of a positive outcome is small, as is the amount of winning. But the adrenalin!
2. Participate in the partnership program. The developers admit that they plan to implement a “full immersion” into the game, to simulate virtual reality. To create a platform of such level is not cheap, so the WinStars team needs new investors. For the invitation of friends to the network bonuses of the referral program are accrued on the account of a user.
3. Investment income. Early investors who invested in ICO receive WINS tokens and contributions from casino revenues. Such investments are much less risky than the game, but adrenaline is much less as well. The platform offers a three-level referral program, according to which the investor receives from 2% to 5% of the total casino earnings.
4. Passive income from owning WINS tokens. The release of tokens is limited, and interest in the blockchain casino is growing, so with time, the coins of the project can be profitably exchanged for cryptocurrencies.
The developers are planning to change a traditional reputation of online casino for the blockchain, to raise the confidence of users for technology, and to integrate the platform with other solutions in the field of gambling.

How is ICO WinStars going and what will happen to the project next?

The developers released only 150 million WINS tokens at a price of 20 cents per each (in the pre-sale period – 16 cents). ICO project will be held from June 3, 2018, till July 3, 2018; they plan to collect $5 million in total (softcap). The developers are expecting interest from investors in the project, with the amount of $15 million they plan to launch the game in the mode of virtual reality.

Picture 4. Roadmap of the project: MVP release is scheduled for mid-2018.

The released tokens are distributed in the following proportion:
69% will be realized during the ICO. According to Whitepaper, the initial placement of coins is conducted in order to “launch” the platform, to start using all the functions of WinStars.
10% will be transferred to the development team.
8% will be the primary game fund for those who wish to try their luck.
8% is planned to be transferred through referral programs and during Bounty.
5% will be transferred to the project advisers.

The funds collected during the ICO will be distributed in the following proportions:
40% is planned to spend on further development of the platform and the adaptation of the casino to the requests of the players.
20% will be spent on marketing and promotion of the project in the network. The developers understand that there is enough similar ICO in the market, so they are ready to invest in advertising.
15% will cover the current operating costs for the release of WinStars.
15% is planned to be transferred through referral and affiliate programs.
10% will make up a reserve fund in case of unforeseen circumstances.

WinStars is a new blockchain casino project that offers participants four ways to earn money. The platform is built on Ethereum; developers use the theory of games and the RSA algorithm to determine the lucky winner!

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