Achievements Today, the world of technology is growing rapidly, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. The many entertainment platforms use the Internet environment to promote business and make apps for use in everyday life. Enterprise companies create applications that you can access very easily, no matter where you are and anytime.
Today, the Internet world is much more developed than it was a few years ago. Now, internet users are more likely to contribute in terms of transaction costs or interactions that any user can make in all parts of the world if he is connected to the Internet. This time, I will take a closer look at the onilne platform, which will soon appear on Winstar. Winstar is built using advanced Blockchain technology and smart contracting. 
What is Winstars?
Winstars is a decentralized gaming platform with a catalog of resources for gambling, mainly based on blockchain and smart contracts.
The development of information technology is the most important contribution to the development of online gaming market. With the development of hundreds of internet connections around the world. Millions of players around the world have the opportunity to play in casinos without having to leave their homes.
Winstars demonstrates all this with the help of a reliable blockchain technology. Later, players from all over the world can play without having to leave their homes. Players can play online casinos using Android or PCs connected to the Internet. A very practical use with technological extensions, network speed and priority in-game development.
Winstars create and rely on simple and interesting games designed for everyone, even for beginners with transparent and honestly guaranteed results. The project’s goal is to create a truly transparent and honest international gambling operator built on the basis of Ethereum, with the ability to check the history of each bet and play with an exciting partner program and the best opportunity to win in the gaming market.
Problems to be solved now
Game enthusiasts around the world are afraid of potential gambling fraud: Gambling sets the wrong algorithm to win payouts for casino profits or block user accounts. Gambling is legally limited in many countries because of the legitimacy of tax and gambling issues; therefore, the bank reserves the right to block accounts after the number of winnings received, with additional refunds. 
The issue of trust and information asymmetry prevents the process of increasing and entering online casinos in international markets. Encouraging authoritarian and authoritarian corporate brands, initially positive and internationally recognized names, requires huge investments to compete with well-known online game operators. 
The process of earning money and influencing payments to international customers is also very important for online casinos. In turn, this process is associated with a variety of bureaucracy, fiscal, and transaction costs for the conduct of financial activities. This combination of trends hampers industry development and prevents the expansion of international carriers offering online gaming services. All of these issues do not include the problems faced by players and players. to solve this problem requires a reliable platform that relies on transparent and fair play, like Winstarts.
Winstarts solutions to solve current problems
Winstars is an international online game operator, based on the integration of new IT solutions into online games and Blockchain technology. Winstars offers a unique opportunity to make bets for all game fans, regardless of location and revenue to be received.
The Winstars platform will be based on a decentralized intelligent contract system, responsible for the distribution of fair random numbers and playing cards in casinos and poker rooms, as well as distribution of funds on customer accounts.
Winstars is building a system that will ensure transparency and fairness for all games represented. Thanks to the advantages that will be realized on the Winstars platform, many of the problems in this industry concern the question of trust, access to international markets and the protection of personal data of users. Anyone can become familiar with platform operational activities because it opens access to the public registry with proof of mathematical identity.
Using Blockchain technology in online games creates a completely transparent system. The result of each game or individual number, the next game card job is random and is determined by a multi-factorial random generation model, where the final value is determined based on some data entry indicator.
The WINS icon plays the most important role in working with the platform. Token is a platinum salary unit and will be used to accept rates or registration fees on the gambling table. Through the use of crypto currency in operator systems, every player in the world has the opportunity to bet on transaction costs and minimal bureaucratic costs.
The use of token in the system minimizes the formalization of the bureaucracy, reduces the time to receive funds in commissions and commissions, and ensures high liquidity of funds and the ability to transfer worldwide.
Winstars have great potential to attract international customers. By providing excellent game services, ensuring win-win payouts, Winstars offers gamers worldwide the opportunity to play their favorite games with minimum commissions (Ethereum gas) without worrying about blocking funds.
Benefits of Winstars Provide: 
– Total transparency of all transactions and transactions. 
– Multi-level affiliate program, payment partner from jackpot. 
– No further disclosure of the card. 
– 4 ways to help other audiences. 
– Distribution of profits between the token holder and the player.

General information on
which     preliminary information : 10.05 – 20.05, chips for sale: 22,500,000; 
The token fee is $ 0.16. 
Main sales: markers for sale: 80.500.000: Token Price: USD 0.20.

Sales tokens serve two main purposes:
• Putting WINS in circulation; 
• Withdraw funds for the development and promotion of the Winstars platform.

In total, 150,000,000 wins will be issued. 103 million tokens will be available for purchase through Sales Token. Distribution will be done using smart contracts, codes that will be published early for public audit. The collected funds will be used to launch the platform, integrate tokens, ads, and marketing.
26% of the medals given to the founders, partners, participants in bonus programs, team members, advisers and the creation of a set of funds. The members, founders and advisory fees will be frozen for a period of from 6 months to 2 years. Most tokens are distributed through a sales token.

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Tim Winstarts

The team focuses on the global future. One of our goals is to create conditions for other game management projects presented on the Winstars platform based on Labelputih. We will strive to make Winstars an international company with a worldwide reputation to attract not only players but also online game owners. The technical solutions associated with this unique marketing tool will be our guide to the gaming world.
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