WONO – decentralized P2P-platform for exchange or rent of any assets



The recent wave experienced in various industries of the world today is called blockchain technology. The different sector of the world has been able to revolutionize from the traditional way of operation to a more centralized option. The freelancing sector of the sharing economy is one of the sectors that are facing different challenges at the moment such as high level of interference which causes an increase in transaction cost of close to 20% in most cases.  The advancement in technology has seen many freelancing websites emerges in recent time, but they are still faced with the issues of taking too much from the freelancer’s earnings.  The WONO platform is a blockchain based platform that hopes to solve the issues of intermediaries and increased transaction cost faced in the sharing economy globally.



WONO is a decentralized platform based on blockchain that will allow the services and physical assets to be rented with the use of the WONO token which cut the intermediaries issues faced in the traditional market globally.   This will allow the freelancers to have access to a larger part of their earning without been taxed of unnecessary fee and charges as we have in the centralized sharing economy. This platform won’t only allow transparent dealing in the sharing economy but will be instrumental in the adoption of digital currency globally.  The users of the platform will be able to use the WONO token complete various transactions such as fee payments and services charges.


Below are the advantages of using the WONO platform globally:

  1. Reliability

The traditional sharing economy has been faced with the challenges of unfair dealing with increasing transaction cost in the economy. This won’t be the case with WONO platform based on the innovative blockchain technology that will deal with all the issues faced in the sharing economy globally.

  1. Tokenized Platform

The WONO platform allows the users of the platform to rent their unused assets for the WONO token. When this is used for transactions on the platform, they will enjoy amazing discounts.

  1. Tax-Free Sharing Economy

The users of the traditional sharing economy are faced with various hidden taxes that are even not clear to them. The blockchain technology used on the platform allows it to circumvent the various taxes and charges placed on the fiat transactions.

  1. Transparent Platform

Trust is a paramount factor in any sharing economy. The rating system integrated on the WONO platform allows its users to know the expertise of freelancers or know how trustworthy an assets owner has been.



The utility token based on blockchain technology used in the WONO platform is called WONO token. This will be used for free and service payment on the platform.



Symbol: WONO

Type:  Ethereum

Value: 0.5 USD

Soft Cap Limit: $7,000,000

Hard Cap Limit: $20,000,000

Total Supply: 79,166,667 tokens




The brains behind WONO platform are from the experts from freelancing, transportation and blockchain industry. The combination of these ideas will allow for an efficient sharing ecosystem.




The WONO is a blockchain based platform that allows the freelancers to have control over their earning in the sharing economy as opposed to the centralized option that takes more than 20% of their earnings.  The blockchain technology allows efficient and transparent transactions on the platform.  For more details about Wono platform, click on the links below:

Website: https://wono.io

White paper: https://wono.io/assets/content/en/wp.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wonoworld

Telegram: https://t.me/wonoworld

Bountyox username: @illuminatorpro

Eth wallet: 0x7e45cfC9613022C736C6D821Bdd486588A5242d0



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