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The Fact of Internet’s Existence

Imagine, How if all of human being’s life aspect nowadays currently not supported by internet network. The internet is no longer seen as a secondary necessity but as part of a primary necessity to support every human activity. we can compare the difference at 21 century where the internet has been applied massively than below In 2000. we can clearly see what the differences are. everything ran slow and the information sources only got by limit media,  it seems all of human being’s life aspect ran slowly,  so different with the condition of nowadays which the world is changing rapidly caused the factor to get easiness in getting information surely supported by the existence of internet massively. we are close to the definition that internet network has been a human right. it causes that getting information is one of freedom of democracy. since knowing the world wifi I slowly agree about the fact anyway.


In fact.  we have to admit that not in all places always internet access network. especially in several remote areas where the infrastructure that supports the internet networks are available. we talk in public area or residential area where exactly network area spans everyone who has access to the nearest wifi network routers. most of the available internet networks are locked. guaranteed. it’s impossible to allow everyone who is not granted allowed wifi internet network. I am sure neither are you will easily open your internet access to be consumed publicly by everyone in your internet scope area network. there are several certain considerations such as the privacy,  limited internet quota, the price is quite expensive that surely paid to get a certain amount of internet quota, the internet speed will reduce significantly if used by many users, and much-unspecified reasons. most of the international traveler is charged a cost as service using LTD internet roaming in the certain area. imagine if that cost multiplicated with the using duration that truly becomes burdensome for them. so the best way they have to visit some public where enabling them to get free internet access and having a long duration (isn’t seldom for them to fulfill certain term and condition to get wifi access–buy some for or beverage). and as we know that spot at only in certain areas, is as wide as residential scope area or another place else.

According to the condition. this free access wifi network can be solved where the network owners intend to share their wifi internet network connection and set it becomes public area network so everyone can gain internet access. but what is thing can motivate them to do so? hereby, presenting the solution of free access to the internet network.

World Wifi Presents As a solution

The Wi-Fi project of the world is a blockchain-based decentralized platform which works based on Wi-Fi-based personal routers. where owners of private enable to set the parameters and share their excess bandwidth to public network thus allowing guests to get free access to the internet network.

How Does it work?

There are 3 key elements here that make the circumstance happen. To be simple. guests watch adv at least 10-15 second before getting the internet access. the owners of the router will get cryptocurrency (WeToken) from the advertisement as compensation for their willingness to share internet wifi network. symbiotic mutualism obviously occurs in among the three parties. the advertiser reaches massively effective target audiences, the advertisers also gain the guest users statistic that consist of how many times the ads were watched and the impression are gained in a certain period of time. surely, world wifi will be able to become part of a global network that provides everyone in everywhere at any time global free access to the internet. it propers as its mission

Are these things will happen? 

I am sure both of you have these doubts in mind. according to the study of the wifi has covered almost whole of the world. this fact will make the existence of world wifi is guaranteed. the free global access internet is near.

The number of Internet users in the world is 3.58 billion people (total planet population is 7.6 billion). Most users are now in developing countries are around 2.5 billion, while developed countries only have 1 billion. talk about the highest internet penetration. the developed country still leads the rate, In the percentage mode,  developed countries are 81% compared to 40% in developing countries and 15% in less developed countries.

The opportunity to go online are divided become 3 ranks, starting from

1st. Europe – 76% of the population has the opportunity to go online.

2nd. CIS Countries – 67.7% of the population has the opportunity to go online.

3rd. the North and South America – 65.9 % of the population has the opportunity to go online.

And of course, Africa’s have the lowest penetration. it is only 21.8 %.

(valid source & references: UN Report Global on Global Broadband)

During the period from 2000 to 2015, the number of Internet users increased almost sevenfold-6.5% to 43% of the global population.

For the research and study aforementioned clearly showed the growth of internet usage were grow significantly.

Meet The Teams

The Teams of the World WIFI project consists of experts & experienced professionals in the various background and their fields. their capability and specialization had proven in several developments project. supported by their awesome experience will make WORLD WiFi project always runs on its right track. In addition, there are also eight advisors that guide and help them in their work. This is a great mix of professionals that will lead the company to excellent results.

Meet The Partner

Every great project needs partners to help develop it. World Wi-Fi is not an exception. The brilliant idea behind the company has attracted a number of partners. These are ASUS, CISCO, Mikrotik and a few more.

Experts Review About World Wi-Fi

The reliable expertise of ICO had given a satisfy assessments based on the progress and the vision. clearly showing World Wi-Fi have the extraordinary solution that aiming for the current problem was happening. here the result following below



Abbreviation Name — WeToken (WT)

Number — 600,000,000 Tokens

Blocking — Ether (ERC-20)

Sale duration was held in 2 stages

1. Pre-ICO World Wi-Fi PRE-ICO Terms and Conditions — From 28 November 2017 to 23 January 2018 token for sale — 60 million WT

2. The ICO starts at 18 March 2018.

The number of tokens is initiated: Total 600,000,000 WT will be issued.

During pre-sale and ICO, 258,000,000 WT will be available for purchase.

To keep the volatility and raising the token price. Unsold tokens when the ICO end will totally be destroyed


In order to buy tokens you need:

1. Go to the official website:

2. Register in the form.

3. Confirm the mail. and follow the instruction are mentioned


Every modern people in current society cannot live without an internet connection. we were walking toward the modern society where the openness becomes an essential part of human life being. the internet isn’t looked as secondary necessity and symbol of wealth and only possess by certain people. thank world wifi by enabling to people the free access internet network. creating a win-win solution and contribute a better ecosystem by providing free internet access to everyone and a better world are gained by the productivity of human that is assisted by the presence of internet network.

Further information:

I knew my review is far from completeness. there are many ideas relate to World Wi-Fi project in your mind. For further information please take a look at their official website, as well as their official communication channels. Also, please feel freely post questions and feedback in the comment, so I can try to answer them. Thanks for reading!

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