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About World Wi-Fi

The World Wi-Fi project creates a decentralised decentralized Wi-Fi internet network, based on common routers that have regular residential routers. Each router owner can transfer his or her wireless Internet access overhead, allow osteoglycine capacity, and share and obtain crypto coins for this total capacity. Ultimately, in this situation, the benefits are: ordinary users get free Internet access, those who have a router make a profit, and advertisers reach their target audience.

It will be a great platform where you will get ads and also get tokens. They also provide the opportunity to encrypt a water channel by sharing Wi-Fi and displaying ads on the network. In short, you can build your own reference network. In the World Wi-Fi project, it will be possible to create simple and clear conditions for additional revenue. The amount of income will depend on participants’ efforts and the efficiency of their actions. You can earn a small amount each month or more by connecting WiFi.




World Wi-Fi is a decentralised platform based on blockchain for users and advertisers. This chain has three main components:

Guest users, someone connected to an open network access point and after viewing an ad can use the Internet for free.

The owner of the router provides access to an open network and earns money by connecting guest users.

Advertisers transmit advertisements to the target audience and pay the owners of the router.

When connected to the system, the router creates and provides guests with an additional network. These are isolated from the home network at the software level, so those connected to the network will not have access to the computer on the router’s main network owner.

The router owner can set the appropriate parameters for the public network (speed, maximum number of connections, number of ads to view, etc.).



The World Wifi platform combines Big Data technology used to collect and analyze non-personal data and users

activity, which allows advertisers to target their ads to those who are likely to be interested in them? Blockchain technology can make transactions between participants a quick and inexpensive process and ensure that parties have a shared guarantee through the use of an intelligent contract. Blockchain also provides advertisers with truly reliable and transparent information about advertising campaigns.

Wi Fi Network Development


At the same time, the rapid growth of Wi-Fi networks now almost reaches the world as a whole according to ipass. com in early 2017. The number of Wi-Fi points worldwide rose to 177,418,979.

There are currently more than 262,262,359 Wi-Fi access points worldwide:

82% are home Wi-Fi points.

18% is a publicly controlled Wi-Fi hotspot.

Since the beginning of the year, compared to 2016, the number of access points has increased.

48%. In the last four years, the number of access points has increased ninefold.

New Advertising Networks


Modern advertising networks, e. g. AdSense. Sales ads must share 30-50% of revenue with the platform, and?? this in turn is spent on financial compensation and the bureaucratic costs of ad networks. Currently, only a few companies and some popular bloggers whose platform has a lot of traffic can count on significant advertising revenue.

World Wi-Fi provides access to a wide audience of advertisers through connections to many of the small personal routers and sites. The owner of the Internet access point can earn money for sure

This publicity broadcast. It is a natural, data-driven, geographic and needs-based market. This is how the advertising market in the World Wi-Fi network



About the Token and ICO


Token: WeToken

Total number of tokens issued: 600,000 WT.

Number of cards available for sale: 258 000 000 WT

Presale: November 28,2017 to March 16,2018

Main Sale: March 18,2018 to April 18,2018

Presales 10% of the total token sold, or 60,000,000 WT;

Sale of tokens 33% of the total token sold, or 198,000,000 WT.

Bounty 12 000 000 WT (2%) ~ 1.2mln USD.

Price: 1 WeToken = 0.1 USD.








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