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WorldWifi is a decentralized free wifi network platform, backed by blockchain technology which operates on the basis of the collective endeavours of the blockchain community, offering free wifi connections through private routers and normally to residents. Its ecosystem will share free internet to visitor users/web clients in exchange for WeTokens.

Key Features

World Wi-Fi will empower the most expansive territory of private housing overall utilizing home routers, and furthermore, encourage equal and smooth distribution of free Internet access in high usage regions like cafes, bus stops, restaurants, hotels and bars.

The World Wi-Fi task will empower free Wi-Fi around the world. The Internet access will turn out to be free as the client will simply need to see a little promotional ad.

The World Wi-Fi stage accommodates an accumulation of tokens for promotion. They offer the chance to win cryptocurrency by sharing Wi-Fi and showing the promotions on a router access point which the owner of the router has. We can assemble our own particular referral system and feel like we are a genuine overseeing executive of a communications provider. The World Wi-Fi venture has set up basic and straightforward conditions to acquire some additional salary.

World Wi-Fi empowers the advertiser to choose the target audience depending on their search history, sex, age, social networking profile, and area of stay or presence.

On World Wi-Fi, each publicist can track the most extensive and 100% solid insights. The historical directory of all promotional ads is recorded on the blockchain and may not be duplicated.

How World Wi-Fi Operates

World Wi-Fi is a blockchain-based decentralized stage for clients and publicists. This chain has three key segments:

Visitor User, a man who interfaces with the open system get to point and subsequent to survey advertisements may utilize the Internet gratis.

Switch proprietor gives access to the open system and profits by associating visitor clients.

An Advertiser communicates promotions to its intended interest group and pays to the switch proprietor

At the point when associated with the framework, the switch makes and makes accessible for visitors one more system. It is segregated from the in-home system on the product level so those associated with the system won’t approach the PCs on the primary system of the switch proprietor.

The switch proprietor may set parameters, which are appropriate to an open system (speed, most extreme number of associations, number of advertisements to be seen, and others).

When interfacing with the visitor organize, visitor clients will see focused on advertisements, which potentially offer to them.

The switch proprietor’s wage relies upon who the clients of his visitor organize are and on what number of advertisements they see. The World Wi-Fi stage investigates area, web-based social networking profiles, look history, and different parameters required for behavioral focusing on. At the point when there means that a higher pay visitor on this system the more tokens are issued and successfully, the more the promotion perspectives will cost the sponsors.


Name/Symbol: WeToken (WT)

Total supply: 600,000,000 WT

Presale: 60 000 000 WT on November 28, 2017 — March 16, 2018

Main sale: 198 000 000 WT on March 18, 2018 — April 18, 2018 (unsold tokens will be burned)

Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Fiat
Price: 1 WeToken = 0.1 USD.


ICO details of the World Wi-Fi project

10% of tokens will be sold on PRE-ICO
33% of tokens will be sold on ICO
39% of all tokens will be frozen for 1 year
3% of tokens at bounty, 3% advisers
7% founders, 5% team

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