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WorldWifi is a decentralized free wifi network platform, backed by blockchain technology which operates on the basis of the collective endeavours of the blockchain community, offering free wifi connections through private routers and normally to residents. Its ecosystem will share free internet to visitor users/web clients in exchange for WeTokens.

Key Features

World Wi-Fi will empower the most expansive territory of private housing overall utilizing home routers, and furthermore, encourage equal and smooth distribution of free Internet access in high usage regions like cafes, bus stops, restaurants, hotels and bars.The World Wi-Fi task will empower free Wi-Fi around the world. The Internet access will turn out to be free as the client will simply need to see a little promotional ad.The World Wi-Fi stage accommodates an accumulation of tokens for promotion. They offer the chance to win cryptocurrency by sharing Wi-Fi and showing the promotions on a router access point which the owner of the router has. We can assemble our own particular referral system and feel like we are a genuine overseeing executive of a communications provider. The World Wi-Fi venture has set up basic and straightforward conditions to acquire some additional salary.World Wi-Fi empowers the advertiser to choose the target audience depending on their search history, sex, age, social networking profile, and area of stay or presence.


The Internet is important for a huge variety of reasons, and it affects and facilitates nearly every aspect of modern life. A view in society has evolved that Internet access is one of the civil rights of a person. The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution that condemns any state blocking or restricting access to the Internet for its citizens. At the same time, a greater part of the world population of over 7,6 billion people still have no access to the Internet. In most cases, those who have it must pay for it. The monthly cost of residential internet with a connection speed of 10 Mb/s in different countries varies from $3.40 to $197.70. An average monthly subscription fee in the world is about $30. If the Internet is considered to meet a basic human need, everyone should have an opportunity for Internet access whether it is paid or for free. According to the United Nations in 2016, there are over 800 million people below the poverty line (under $1.90 per capita a day). This is over 10% of the world population. The wealthiest and the middle class
account for 24%. For 76% of the world population the monthly cost of the Internet is a substantial amount. And it goes without saying that almost everyone would welcome some additional source of revenue.

    connects to an open and secure Wi-Fi access point and to the Internet and views ads in exchange for free Wi-Fi.




Name/Symbol: WeToken (WT)

Total supply: 600,000,000 WT

Presale: 60 000 000 WT on November 28, 2017 — March 16, 2018

Main sale: 198 000 000 WT on March 18, 2018 — April 18, 2018 (unsold tokens will be burned)

Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Fiat
Price: 1 WeToken = 0.1 USD.


ICO details of the World Wi-Fi project

10% of tokens will be sold on PRE-ICO
33% of tokens will be sold on ICO
39% of all tokens will be frozen for 1 year
3% of tokens at bounty, 3% advisers
7% founders, 5% team

There are three key links in the chain:

    provides secure access to the Internet through the Wi-Fi guest access point and receives a payment from the Advertiser.
    delivers ads reaching their target audience through the owners router for which the advertiser makes a payment to the Router owner.

Secure and efficient World Wi-Fi:

 A platform is backed by blockchain technology, World Wi-Fi is secure when it comes to transactions on the platform. It also makes sure the transactions are fast and have no extra charges. Along with blockchain, World Wi-Fi had big data technology which can collect and analyse data and the user activity, a big tool that aids the advertisers to determine their target audience. Just like Airbnb and Uber who have no hotel or taxis on their name but provide with seamless experiences to others by bringing together the vendors and users for mutual interests and gain. Likewise World Wi-Fi is bringing together advertisers, users and vendors under one network for better outcomes for everyone.

The major issues of internet world:

With this model World Wi-Fi is solving three major issues pertaining to the internet world. The first one being the connectivity issues in many places in the world. Many might find locked networks which are impossible to connect to and other high traffic areas might not have good connectivity. World Wi-Fi platform solves this issue by making it possible to share routers and increasing free internet distribution in residential areas as well as public places such as bars, restaurants, cafes etc. The second challenge faced is the cost of internet access is extremely high and World Wi-Fi solves it by promoting free distribution of internet throughout the world. The third and an important problem is the financial resources in most of the countries. Who doesn’t like it when you can make a little extra money on the side. By providing with token on the platform, World Wi-Fi is giving everyone an opportunity to earn through sharing their asset especially something that most of them have that is internet.

Advantages of World Wi-Fi

adv worldwifi.PNG

Token Sale

Token: WeToken
Total tokens issued: 600,000 WT.
Number of tokens available for sale: 258 000 000 WT

Revenue from the owner of the router depends on who the user is and how many ads they see. The World WiFi Platform location analysis, social media profiles, search history, and other parameters required for behavioral targeting. If there are indications of higher earning visitors on this network, the more tokens are issued and effectively, the more ad impressions that will harm the advertiser.

  • Pre-sale: 28 November 2017-23 January 2018
  • Primary Sale: January 25, 2018-25 February 2018
  • Pre-Sales 10% of total token sold, or 60,000 000 WT ;
  • Token Sale 33% of total token sold, or 198,000 000 WT.
  • Bounty 12 000 000 WT (2%) ~ 1.2mln USD .
  • Price: 1 WeToken = 0,1 USD.

Token Distribution
worldwifi token.PNG



The Final Verdict

In this age of digitalization, Internet access has turned out to be a pivotal factor in everyone’s life. To keep the world connected and to help everyone develop at a faster pace WorldWifi is an amazing initiative and it also allows advertisers to earn some extra money too creating a win-win situation for both the parties.

So, to choose WorldWifi would definitely be an amazing decision, because it guarantees few things which the present day infrastructure cannot. It guarantees us easy Internet accessibility, smooth Internet speeds with minimal advertisements. So, if your life runs on the internet, WorldWifi is taking care of you.

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