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what is worldopoly?

Worldopoly is a real-time multi-player strategy game that implements blockchain and plus
reality into a world building simulation. It provides economic incentives and attracts
gameplay through the application of WPT’s own cryptocurrency. Here are 3 great characteristics that make Worldopoly unique in mobile games. 

 Real time – real world

• Players can buy real roads in actual (underlying)
technology cities : Google Maps / openstreetmaps).

RTS + AR + Blockchain = endless opportunities 

• Worldopoly is the first mobile game to implement
blockchain technology in an attractive gameplay,
therefore, creating a deep understanding of
• Augmented reality allows to “see” the
progress in the game.
• With the introduction of WPT, there is real money
made game play The

introduction of risk-free against cryptococcus. 

• With the possibility to exchange any in-game item for WPT
players can get cryptocurrency without investment
real money. This is a great way to introduce an emergency crypto world player

without financial risk.

Profitability of mobile games
Total game app revenue in 2016 is $ 33.6 billion where the majority ($ 23 billion) is donated by the iOS game.
The most profitable iOS game in the US in November 2017 is:
• Candy Crush Saga oleh King Digital Entertainment PLC
• Benturan Golf oleh Playdemic Ltd.
• GO oleh Niantic Inc. Pokémon
• Madden NFL oleh Electronic Arts
• Slotomania: Strip Vegas Kasino oleh Playtika
• Clash Royale oleh Supercell
• Homescapes oleh Playrix
The most profitable Android games in 2016 are:
• GO oleh Niantic Inc. Pokémon
• Mobile Strike oleh Machine Zone Inc.
• Game of War oleh Machine Zone Inc.
• Candy Crush Saga oleh King Digital Entertainment PLC
• Clash of Clans oleh Supercell
Market Overview Game

With more than 40% market share, mobile gaming is by far the most profitable gaming sector of the industry. As mobile devices progress in their ability to play games. The recent introduction of ARKit by Apple at Keynote 2017 they set a new milestone in App-Development. By introducing an
important Step in App-Development through AR games, Apple also shows where they see the dominance of this technology.

Mobile games not only dominate the industry game, but also the overall mobile software market
With 75% of revenue in the iOS App Store and 90% of the Google Play Store, mobile games contribute the most revenue in 2016. By 2017, mobile apps earn more than $ 46 billion in revenue, expanding their market share from 39% (2016) to 42%.

The Asian market is by far the largest mobile game with a 47% share or ($ 51.2 Billion). Naturally dominated by China, with a contribution of 53.7% ($ 27.5 Billion) to total revenue. Followed by North America (25% or $ 27.0 billion) and Europe, MiddleEast and Africa (24% or $ 26.2 billion).
There are 3 currencies in the world from Worldopoly Coins, WPT and Building sources.
Buy buildings, streets and search for coins. Each building can be built and upgraded.

All items can be purchased for a set price in order of

There are different types of Players: Neutral, Hostile and Friendly.

Business model
Worldopoly combines an exciting multiplayer strategy game with the possibility of getting real money. Over the next 3 years this game will receive more than 150 new features to expand the gameworld and continue to invest players.
All features with the following principles:
• prevent “pay2win aversion” by casual gamers
• The game mechanism that keeps players engaged
• a clear and useful developmental system
• inclusion of social components
Token Worldopoly
Legal model of WPT
What is a token?
Tokens are assets of digital investors purchased from companies to earn money. It works as an accounting unit used to represent the digital balance in the business model of a project. Accounting tokens are managed in a database based on blockchain technology and access to them is done through a special application using electronic signature schemes. Worldopoly Token (WPT) is an in-game currency that comes with Gold and Coins. All Transactions with WPT will occur through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is chosen as the basis of the Worldopoly economic system as it ensures transparency of all in-game operations and gives the player additional security level community.
Technical description of token, Platform and its limitations .
We chose the Ethereal platform because we saw its progress from the beginning. Because
To confirm the transaction, the response time becomes longer. This can affect the operation of the system and affect the mood of the audience. Also, for any Ethereal transactions, users will be paid commissions paid, paid in ETH currency.
Blockchain technology has not solved the problem with the speed of the transaction, which is often
affecting not only fluctuations in interest rates in the cryptocurrency market but also on performance
from the game.
Therefore, we have decided to make hybrid services as security. The service will allow you to do two types of transactions: on-chain and off-chain, as a result you will have no problems working with WPT token.
If you want to invest in this project you can visit the registration section
here is a video that can describe what Worldopoly is
For more information please visit the official page here:

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