Worldopoly: Multi-player game using Blockchain and Augmented Reality (AR)

Technology has in recent years won to bridge the gap between the real world and the virtual world. Technology has come up with very interesting innovations in the years called Augmented reality and virtual reality. The enlarged reality is like magic that adds virtual digital elements to the live view and creates a great user experience. The reality of Augmented and Virtual reality is still in its infancy in the industry and is growing rapidly. Worldopoly has emerged with the adoption rate of new AR technology by integrating it with the gaming industry using the most advanced technology. Worldopoly is a location-based augmented reality game that allows users to have real-world experiences while playing games using GPS. This platform combines the real world and the virtual world using digital technology. Users can now add almost digital accessories to the real world and can even have landmarks in the game. Augmented reality is growing in popularity in recent years so Worldopoly is here with a new AR video game ready to set the future market.
Worldopoly is an AR-based blockchain computer game that leverages the original home to create great client meetings. This platform allows its clients to acquire virtual properties that are different from the current realities that they can exchange while playing entertainment. As a client, you will get a genuine involvement in your virtual world which is the best quality of this ico. Worldopoly allows its clients to exchange or sell the benefits they have in the game world with cryptocurrency trading. Players can also beautify their properties with AR articles to influence them to make them look more attractive and that also builds their self-esteem. Along with the property, clients can also exchange AR frill through in-entertainment entertainment. To redirect all exchanges more easily between platform clients have their own WPT that can be used only within the platform. The platform also rewards its clients as this token at any point they register and using these coins they can build their own property estimates by adding VR assistants to it. The VR extras are for physical appeal as well as connected to them because they have a touchable capacity. They are also compensated for the cooperation with OBJEK VR. Worldopoly is prepared to control the future AR market with its extraordinary spotlight.
How does it work?
• Users can use a WPT token to purchase a business-rated money principle called Coins.
• The auction will be actualized as an element to offer different things. As offer money, they can choose one of three local monetary standards, including a WPT token.
Redirects will offer the possibility to place ads on articles owned by players that can be obtained by utilizing WPT tokens.
• It is intended to create competition and special opportunities, which may combine the need to use a WPT token (for example, the purchase of a superb building, available for purchase as a key aspect of a short opportunity, etc.)
• Access to extra usability – take advantage of moveable redirection capacity and unlock hidden areas.
Special side of the investigation and crowdsdale
To make the overall picture, with respect to the expected outcomes of Wordopoly, the advance advance prospects, and in addition to the highlights of the effort, it is important to think about key special qualities:
The task of taking a shot to the Etherium.
An aggregate of 200,000,000 WPT coins is accessible. Of this amount, available for purchase 150 million WPT
The tokens bid principle time is reserved for April 26th. Initial token cost is set at $ 0.12 for each WTP token.
While delivering tokens, 5% is characterized as a company’s austerity support. This step provides extra help.
Most assets in the middle of the period will be used to display and promote business.
The beta disposal is booked for August 2018.
The use of a large number of redirection elements is set up for 2020. It is important that this guide be explained and enables you to get important data about business improvement.
The important structure of the cooperation with 2013. With the increase of Wordopoly, the group has been extended. Currently, the consolidated involvement of all members can provide a basic relief task for the use of all imagined plans.
The game is very simple and not too complicated to play. A user downloads the game and does the registration. To play, players start with a coin base capital that will be used to buy only one street and one start-up building. Real-time geopositioning and augmented reality gives you the possibility to actually see and show your progress to others.
The building you buy will produce Coins that must be redeemed within a certain duration, depending on the building.
Also, any player who runs or uses the path you buy generates additional revenue as a bonus for you.
Each road has a number of “building slots” depending on the length and position inside the city
A player can also renovate buildings purchased for coins
Updates take a certain amount of time that can be accelerated by using game currency
All players can interact with each other
An investor can earn real money by way of World Market exchange in the market.
As a young investor who wants to enrich his mind with cryptos, it will serve as a starting point for better understanding, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Thus, a one-time opportunity to learn and produce cryptocurrency.
Bonus is available during Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
Token holders will get the chance to play Game Worldogyy with their own convenience.
Worldopoy comes to fill a game or market store with an exciting multiplayer game strategy that aims to create fun while you play and also gives you financial freedom when you get IP.
The Worldopoly Token (WPT) will be the crypto currency that will be used to access the game and also the tokens that will be obtained when someone plays the game. All transactions with WPT will occur through blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is chosen to be the base of the Worldopoly economic system as it will increase transparency in game operations and provide players in communities with additional security levels.
One hundred and fifty million (150m) Worldopoly tokens will be released during ICO which is 75% of the total 200 million tokens produced. 15% of the 150 million tokens will be sold during Private-Sales. Presale and Primary sales will take the remaining 60% each 10% and 50%.
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