Worlds First Distributed Platform for Money Transfer

Hello everyone, on this good occasion I will introduce the REMCO Project and to find out the benefits of the REMCO Project, here are the reviews:

REMCO (Remittance Utility Token) is the World’s First Renewable Power Token Platform for Money Transfer. The REMCO Token Generating Platform API allows each licensed money transmitter to programmed tokens that can be programmed to move values ​​and take advantage of ledger excellence at speed and scale, while also offering innovative compensation for all transaction stakeholders. Our Tokens are Jurisdiction and Agnostic Money Transmission Flow. This means that it works with existing models.

Our parent company has money transmitters and cellular payment licenses and has processed billions of transactions with millions of customers.

Remco Key Features


  • REMCO uses a blockchain protocol that does not require third party POWs and almost no fees. The result is unparallel speed and cost savings for users.


  • With more than a decade of experience connected to payment receipts and banking infrastructure, our platform functions!


  • No longer waiting for batch processes or other slow payment processes


  • We simplify the transaction process for agents and even offer the possibility of bonus commissions based on the sender’s preferences


  • Platform elements will be smarter over time through AI and the unique platform itself is the result of more than a decade of experience building and running platforms for remittances and payments, integrating them with banks, switch banks and other infrastructure providers and complying with central banks .

Why Choose Remco

REMCO Token solutions are built using Multichain, and that includes self-service B2B platforms that not only allow money transmitters to enjoy the benefits of DLT using the existing cash-in network, but to expand their network by driving REMCOs to rediscover the process for corner agent paths.

Our Vision

REMCO designs and provides practical and transformative technologies for money transfer, especially cash transfers with a vision to change the cash-based side of the industry, reward important stakeholders and increase the comfort, control and affordability of consumers.

Our Official Wallet

The current mobile application is based on stored value cards as a money transfer tool, which is currently alive and under surveillance in two US states. This new approach brings more transparency, speed and solves the hyper-competitive nature of the agent model by correcting the four main important factors for agents

How it works

The RemittanceToken works on a private permission to organize utilizing a programmable token to exchange cash utilizing on coordinate API associations with the goal banks and portable wallets in different purviews. The framework permits pre-approved accomplices to produce tokens on the system for circulation to end clients or their operators. These tokens can be modified with different groups and monetary standards and purchasers/senders will utilize a versatile or online application to start the cash exchange, in this way the sender will play out the real exchange.

The framework will course the request to the remittance association for satisfaction, straightforwardly and continuously. The framework additionally gives the two gatherings ongoing information of the token esteem and utilization for the duration of the life expectancy of the token.

Strong Cellular Applications and Cellular Oriented Websites

  • Senders buy Tokens denominated and use a mobile or online application to transfer money to bank accounts or mobile wallets in any country, participate in the network. The sender will make the actual transfer.

Bring More Transparency and Speed

  • This new approach taken by REMCO Tokens brings more transparency and speed. All stakeholders have a dashboard to see their activity status.

Send to many

  • Multichain blockchain technology enables practical transactions free of cost, and this opens up new possibilities for micro-payments and machine-to-machine payments. In two direct USA implementations, VTNGlobal has proven the attractiveness that allows many recipients; it is a feature that is immediately popular.


By creating technology platforms and offering B2B self-service options, VTNGLOBAL believes that REMCO Tokens can have a transformational effect, not only for their own business but also for partners.

Ticker  REMCO

Price of  1 REMCO = 0.04 USD

Total supply of  2,000,000,000

Pre-sale start date Sep 15 2018

Pre-sale end date 15 Oct 2018

Distribution of Tokens

65% –

15% sale tokens – Founders Team adn

5% Advisors – Marketing

5% – Business partners

10% – Reserve

Use of Funds Remco

Operating costs 15%

Marketing / Sales 25%

Research and development 40%

Legal and compliance 10%


Currency Received by ETH, USD

Our Roadmap

This ICO roadmap is part of a larger and longer journey.

Remco ICO Launches


We expect to launch an ICO once all pieces are in place and within a few months of very active promotion.

Remco ICO Ends


Platform Live, Processing for VTNGLOBAL only


Initial testing will be in-house, live in the US states where the service is licensed and regulated.

Platform Live, Processing for all authorized partners


Following a successful self-tests we will onboard remittance partners.


Find more details about this awesome project below;


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