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World Wi-Fi Project is a global decentralized Wi-Fi network based on personal routers that are usually residential routers. Each router owner can share their Wi-Fi overload, allowing guests to use / connect by sharing capacity and in the process of obtaining cryptourrency for shared capacity. In the end, Everyone wins while ordinary users get free Internet access, those with a router make a profit, and advertisers reach their targets.

World Wi-Fi is a global project built for the community. There are three keys like:

  • Guest Users – connect to open and secure WiFi access to the Internet and view exchange ads for free Wi-Fi.
  • Router Owner – provides secure access to the Internet via WiFi guest access points and accepts payments from Advertisers.
  • Advertisers – deliver ads that reach the target router through Router.


The World Wifi platform incorporates Big Data technology that is used to collect and analyze non-personal data and
activity activities, which allows advertisers to target their ads. Blockchain technology can make transactions between parties fast and cheap process and assure that the parties have a shared warranty by utilizing a smart contract. Blockchain also gives advertisers really reliable and transparent information about advertising campaigns.


At the same time, the rapid growth of Wi-Fi networks now almost reaches the world overall according to in early 2017 the number of Wi-Fi points worldwide amounted to 177,418,979.

There are currently more than 262,262,359 Wi-Fi access points worldwide:
· 82% are household Wi-Fi points.
· 18% are publicly controlled Wi-Fi points.
From the beginning of the year, compared to 2016, the number of access points increased
48%. Over the past four years, the number of access points has increased ninefold.


Modern advertising networks, e.g. AdSense. Sales ads need to share 30–50% of revenue with the platform, and this in turn is spent on financial compensation and bureaucratic costs of advertising networks. Currently, only a few companies and some popular bloggers whose platform has a large amount of traffic can count on significant advertising revenue. World Wi-Fi provides access to a broad audience to advertisers through connections to many of the small personal routers and sites. Owners of internet access points can earn money by means
of this ad broadcast This is a natural, data-based, geographic-based and needs-based market. This is how the advertising market in the World Wi-Fi network.


World Wi-Fi is a blockchain-based decentralized platform for users and advertisers. This chain has three main components:

  • Guest User, someone connected to the open network access point and after seeing the ad can use
    free Internet.
  • The owner of the router provides access to open networks and makes money by connecting users / guests.
  • Advertisers broadcast ads to audiences and pay to router owners.

When connected to the system, the router creates and provides it for the more guests the network is isolated from the home network at the software level so connected to the network will not have access to the computer on the router’s main network. The router owner can set parameters, which correspond to the public network (speed, maximum, number of ads to see, etc.). When connected to a guest network, users / guests will see targeted ads, which may interest them.

World Wi-Fi Business Model

World Wi-Fi charges an advertiser fee of 5% of advertising costs displayed on connected network routers The above costs apply when creating a budget before allocating a token to an owner’s router.
Calculated average view count and advertising cost for 1 router

The World Wi-Fi project is cost-effective, it motivates the public in creating a global free internet network scalability and aims to achieve a turnover of more than $ 1,000,000,000 per year after 3 years of operation.


  • DECEMBER 2017 – JANUARY 2018 Fundraising and campaigning
  • FEBRUARY 2018 ICO and Fundraising and campaigns are completed
  • MARCH 2018 – APRIL 2018 Token listed on the World Wi-Fi platform exchanges launched
  • AUGUST 2018 – DECEMBER 2018 All major areas covered by the new Community
  • JUNE 2018 Software development completed for major private brand Wi-Fi Router
  • MAY 2018 – JUNE 2018 Worldwide publicity campaign to raise awareness between advertisers about Wi-Fi World


During ICO, the ERC20 token will be sold. 1 WeToken = 10 ad impressions on World Wi-Fi = $ 0.1 – on ICO stage. Currently, the intermediate market price of 10 targeted ad impressions in Wi-Fi networks is $ 0.3. Therefore, the original price cut is included in the token price during ICO.
To encourage interested owners, advertisers and investors, we will start pre-selling with a 20% bonus in November. In the pre-sales and ICO stages we will also distribute the first referral link. ICO is scheduled for late January 2018. Total limited tokens Total 600,000,000 WT will be issued. During pre-sales and ICO, 258,000,000 WT will be available for purchase. The unsold token will be destroyed

  • 40% Development
  • 33% ICO
  • 7% Founder
  • 5% TEAM
  • 3% Advisor
  • 2% Bounty


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