WPP ENERGY is an abbreviation of World Power Production Energy. This is an innovative decentralized renewable energy trading platform, and more, from visionary private companies with more than $ 5 billion in government energy contracts. They will offer real waste to energy technologies that go beyond traditional incinerators and beyond standard gasification processes. WPP promotes advanced technology that allows the conversion of 100% of waste into energy and products in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
World Power Production Energy will have four distinct advantages for investors to be stakeholders in all existing and future initiatives. They produce new energy, provide energy solutions, hold ICOs, and use blockchain technology.

WPP ENERGY promotes advanced technology that allows the conversion of 100% waste into energy and products in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.


  1. WPP renewable energy supply contracts with various governments around the world, worth more than $ 5B USD.
  2. WPP leads the effort to resolve the massive energy crisis by using existing WPP proven technology to establish WPP as the world’s preferred power supply source for cryptocurrency miners, providing a variety of clean and inexpensive power solutions to small, medium and mining operations big.
  3. WPP Decentralized the Green Power Blockchain Platform (WPP Token) was established to capture electricity production data from WPP Energy’s global output and to invite all OTHER renewable energy producers worldwide to participate in platforms that are ready to provide strength at wholesale prices to institutions and consumers The private sector seeks clean electricity production throughout the world at a fraction of the price of traditional resources.
  4. Major future initiatives include the creation of an entire green city to accommodate 200,000 people, built in just two years, and a vertical agricultural greenhouse tower, 20+ high levels that can feed 200,000 people per month. Future projects also include highly developed technology solutions in the transportation sector.

As a payment method for all energy transactions carried out through the Global Green Energy Digital Platform, a revolutionary platformchain-based platform that offers from WPP ENERGY is set to disrupt the market by facilitating global electronic trade in energy supplies at wholesale prices from Green Energy Suppliers to buyers worldwide.
The use of TOKEN WPP as a payment method, which is supported by Blockchain technology, will provide an ideal environment for tracking a large number of transactions globally and will avoid any attempt to interrupt or block what will become a method of transaction changes in industrial green energy industries. The combination of the Global Green Energy Platform and the use of WPP TOKEN as a payment method will reach at least 50% decrease in energy prices.

WPP’s Green Energy Rebate Program intends to partner with every company that wants to help fight pollution and global warming. WPP will work with electricity utility electricity programs and large companies such as the efforts of new renewable fuels by Exxon-Mobil to use algae for renewable fuels, to achieve the goal of “Going Green”. This platform asks Rebates to members when they buy consumer products or services from utilities and large companies, which we will share with our members and provide WPP Green Energy Project Funds to build clean energy production and distribution.

WEBSITE| https://wppenergy.io//
TELEGRAM| https://t.me/WPPEnergy
ANN TREAD| https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0
TWITTER| https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin
FACEBOOK| https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648
YOUTUBE| https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXWicQvqXSCfTLf8R-Tf8uw/featured?view_as=subscriber

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