Power generation in the world serves as a vital means to which individuals can carry out their various activities on day to day basics. It facilitates in term of electricity which is consumed by electrical appliances in our homes, place of work and businesses. All this needs electricity to function. Over the years of development and innovation in the world globally, power production means still lacks behind leaving most part of the world to depend on earlier means of power production such as coal plants ,burning of fossils fuel and gas plants just to mention a few.
The burying of toxic waste materials has also brought about contamination of our water supply which also alters our ecological system killing aquatic and marine life which plays a vital role in the ecology chain of human habitation.
These stated earlier means of power production poses a threat to over environment with the emission of waste products to human habitat bring about global warming, depletion of our ozone layers coupled with disasters such as acid rain. The earlier means of power production technology distribution models has brought about high charges due to the intermediaries in the chain of production and supply. This keeps the consumers who suffer at the other end out of the picture making the chain of supply not transparent.
The world needs a clean sustainable renewable energy platform that doesn’t affect the world natural habitat at minimum cost making it affordable for every individual on the planet earth.
This has lead to the innovation of the world power production project, a platform which provides cleaner energy generation technologies in the preservation of the ecosystem at minimum cost.
The project will bring about a clean energy generation process bring about a clean ecology system and transformation of waste product for energy generation without contamination of our ecology system with new technology innovation by a team of core individuals who have a wide scope of power generation in relation to technology over the years. The technology will also be used to power old power generation means to determine its efficiency in the process of elimination of contamination of our ecology system.
The project has come up with clean production technologies in mini mobile plants which convert waste materials to power generation materials eliminating land filling activities which cost billions of dollars channeling that into zero carbon emission and creation of more jobs. The mini plants only needs to the connected to fresh water for this process to be carried out. The power plants have being designed for all possible outcomes which involves good internet connectivity to give feedback on its efficiency on zero carbon pollution.
The innovation will be based on blockchian technology which is a speedy, secured and transparent means of carrying out transaction through the world power production tokens which means all transaction will be kept transparent via a ledger for buyers, consumers and suppliers. Tokens will be purchased from the world power production platform. World power production platform will offer members to be paid in cash or WPP tokens at 1.25 multiplied for choosing the tokens instead of cash backs on products and services purchased on the platform coupled with free membership. The platform plans on sales of mini mobile plants to energy consumers, energy suppliers and consumers just to mention a few coupled with leasing model standards to both private bodies such as cryptocurrency miners and government bodies such as the military.
Token: WPP
Platform: Ethereum
Type: Erc-20
Pre-Sale Price: 1 WPP = 0.16 USD
ICO Price: 1 WPP = 0.20 USD
Accepting: Ethereum
Soft cap: 5,000,000 $
Hard cap: 50,000,000 $
Total supply: 5,000,000,000 WPP
The stage of preliminary sales will last from July 15 to September 15, then the main sale
Dear readers, let’s be part of world power production technology platform for a zero carbon sustainable energy for a good ecological ecosystem at affordable charges.
Get you WPP TOKENS now.
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