Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to my review on a project I found to be trending, with outstanding features and a mission to remodify daily buying or investment experience, Wulet project will provide a 21st century solution to the numerous challenges lingering in the present day self acclaimed loyalty programs.

The WULET project is a blockchain-based platform that will offer its users the opportunity to receive cash returns of their daily purchases in the form of cryptocurrency.

Wulet team envisioned to create a new branch of possibilities for the market, allowing users to exchange loyalty points gained and engage those users in consumption to a whole new level with mutual benefits for all.

The platform makes cashback seamless, it helps to combine all loyalty programs in one application, so that you no longer have to search them. For business, the WULET provides an opportunity without any technical knowledge and waste of additional resources, to launch its cryptocashback and loyalty program, thus attracting new customers and keeping current.

How Does it work?
A decentralized app client will only pay for purchases using an internal wallet. Soon afterward, he can expect to receive the money back, an amount that will depend directly on the value of the goods. And thanks to this simple process, complicated transactions are made very easy:

Information about payments placed on WULET using QR-code;

You may spend your bonus on the partner market, save in crypto currency or sell it to market terms;

All discounts and promotions are in one app, VULE, and you do not need to go through each stage to find really useful offers;

You generate profits and loyal customers appear in stores. Store owners are interested in this cashback, as it enables you to expand your client base significantly.

1. A transparent system of the receipt of cashback in WU tokens: All contractors provide their clients with unified conditions.

2. A quick way to accumulate bonus points: The bonuses from different contractors are accumulated in a unified WULET cryptobalance.

3. Various opportunities to use the WU tokens: the marketplaces that accept WU tokens as a payment instrument, exchange for other cryptocurrencies on different exchanges, conversion to fiat money.

4. A very simple, fast and safe way to get cryptocurrency for everyday activities.

5. A quick launch of loyalty programmes by сontractors: all the necessary infrastructure is now available.

1. The Platform: A unified complex of services that offers instruments for cooperation between Clients and Contractors and fixes the terms of that cooperation.

2. Contractors : Users that realise their goods and services using the Platform, and award bonuses to Clients, as well as those realising their goods and services directly in exchange for Bonus points.

3. Clients: Users that purchase goods and services from the Contractors of the Platform.

4. Bonus points : A motivating reward for the use of the Platform by the Clients for the purchase of goods and services from Contractors.

The inital coin offering is ongoing, It will be possible to withdraw tokens to any ERC20-compatible wallet after the end of all the stages of the campaign.

Token Distribution

30% — circulating assets for continuous work of the platform with contactors and maintenance of work of the in-built marketplace;

30% — marketing, promoting, localization and adaptation of the project for the regions of its presence;

25% — platform development center;

10% — legal aspects;

5% — contractor and client support.

Token price

1 WU = 0,001 ETH

Pre-sale start:07/05 2018

Main stage: 3Q 2018

Softcap: 8 000 ETH

Hardcap: 49 000 ETH

We accept: ETH, BTC, LTC


Website: https://wulet.io/

Whitepaper: https://wulet.io/wu_pres_en.pdf

Facebook: http://facebook.com/wulet.io/

Twitter: http://twitter.com/wulet_io

Telegram: https://t.me/wulet_io

Bitcointalk URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2007250

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