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What is XCARD?

XCARD is a digital banking alternative licensed for crypto and fiat currencies, which provides an all-in-one digital wallet, cryptocurrency credit card and peer to peer payment system. You can do financial and cryptocurrency transactions in real-time, without limits.

XCARD is an all-in-one crypto wallet which is one of the core products of the Mobilum company which is widely known as a reliable fintech company. This wallet is equipped with extraordinary features such as multi asset compatibility and debit, credit and prepaid card compatibility. It has created a niche for itself as an innovative digital wallet for storing, instant completion and keeping assets secured and safe without restrictions. The platform will immediately begin their fundraising through IEO for the sale of their MBM tokens which will power all operations in the wallet.


The purpose of XCARD

The purpose of XCARD is to connect fiat currencies and crypto assets in real-time. You can store, trade and exchange crypto and fiat currencies instantly, at the best execution rate. For the first time, you can spend your funds anywhere in the world, with your existing payment card. You can connect any credit, debit or prepaid card to spend your assets at any point of sale and e-commerce, or use them to cash ATM withdrawals. We also issue our crypto credit card with VISA which allows instant and super safe use of all crypto and fiat currencies.

XCARD is in the digital generation where we value our comfort in whatever we do more than anything. Shopping globally is having a device that can connect to online stores and payment cards that we will use to pay for products. XCARD by using a machine that is a device that facilitates the work of shopping transactions.

XCARD provides the best innovation worldwide that embraces an economy without cash and all we need to shop and make payments for services is a debit or credit card, a mobile banking application, etc. If we think that all these innovative ideas make our lives easier, then there is a need for us to make more discoveries on digital wallets that bring ease of payment to a new level of simplicity.

Explanation of Digital Wallet XCARD?

Digital wallet can refer to an online account that can be used to make payments online. The wallet can store the personal data of its users and can link their bank accounts for faster transaction execution. All you need to have is a smartphone that you can use to access it either through a mobile application or browser and with this, you will be able to start and make transactions anywhere once you are connected to the internet.


XCARD Digital Wallet Become a Payment Standard?

  • Digital wallet for making payments is because of the convenience that accompanies it and below are a few reasons why it will soon become the payment standard.
  • Save the time and resources that someone needs to transfer or receive money from anyone far from you.
  • People can buy products easily and make payments with it on many e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and so on.
  • Payment of bills is easy.
  • One can easily ask questions on account balances to better control account fluctuations and expenses.



    Perfect place to make your first step towards cryptocurrencies in a secure environment.
    Buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using your payment card or wire transfer.
    Trade with any cryptocurrency and exchange crypto to fiat & fiat to crypto immediately.
    Sign up to XCARD Wallet with your existing payment card and start buying cryptocurrencies or spending them freely anywhere in the world.
    Spend your cryptocurrency without getting rid of it.
    XCARD Wallet is fully KYC compliant.
    Our onboarding process is much easier than opening a bank account.
    XCARD decentralized internalizer and intelligent atomic swaps functionality allows for all transactions to be most efficient & in real-time.

XCARD Becomes the Perfect Crypto Wallet

  • As a start, unlike other crypto wallets, XCARD wallet supports both crypto and fiat currencies and this make it very easy for users to exchange their fiat to crypto or crypto-to-fiat in real time.
  • The wallet is in full compliant to anti money laundering and this is the reason why everyone user must pass KYC/AML verification before they can make use of the wallet services.
  • The wallet can be regarded as an innovative digital banking platform that supports both fiat and crypto but what makes it better than normal bank is that you only need some minutes to complete your registration process in it.
  • Users of the wallet can feel the assurance of the safety of their assets because their funds will be kept in a multi-signature and cold-storage wallet and the owner of the wallet will be the only one that can have access to the assets in it.
  • The platform will also offer additional exciting services for their users through the wallet and one of it is lending. This means that a user can use his crypto assets as a collateral to obtain loan within the platform and also a crypto assets holder can decide to lend his assets to others and later get it back.
  • XCARD as a multi-assets digital wallet supports more than 200 cryptocurrencies which will include many platform coins and tokens.
  • There’s also a feature of atomic swapping in the wallet and with this feature, users don’t need to go through third-party exchanges before they can exchange crypto assets with each other. During the exchange process, users will have full ownership over there private keys. XCard also go beyond mere peer-to-peer atomic swap for the exchange of crypto assets. They do this by partnering with top exchanges, brokers and they also own a pools with the aim of offering better liquidity and price for their users.
  • Another innovative feature of XCard which cannot be found in any crypto wallet is the issuance of their own visa supported credit card aside from the crypto wallet app thereby making an innovative and comprehensive payment ecosystem.
  • Last but not the least of XCard features that makes it to be a perfect crypto wallet is the feature of biometric built with the card that makes it possible for users to access their wallet without the internet and with it you can spend money either you are online or offline, this is absolutely amazing!






More information visit the link below:

Website: http://xcard.io/
Whitepaper: http://xcard.io/static/XCard-Whitepaper-21082019.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/mobilumcom
Twitter: https://twitter.com/xcardbymobilum
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mobilumcom

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