XchangeRate: Automatic trading platform using Artificial Intelligence


It can be said that Cryptocurrency is a promising method for investment. By using a digital platform, it is considered more effective and real time. Moreover, internet technology is expected to grow in the future. This means that there are limitless opportunities for you to make a profit. Unfortunately, the greatness of Cryptocurrency is meaningless if you do not know the best platform to facilitate this activity. It is true there are many platforms available out there. The problem is; are you sure that everything is trusted and valid? Because it is closely related to money, the possibility of cyber crime such as fraud and fraud is also higher. as a recommendation, it’s better for you to choose XchangeRate.

What is XchangeRate?

XchangeRate is a platform which, as you may have guessed, is based on the blockchain. This platform was created to allow you to immerse yourself in the crypto-economic world, as well as for any user who deals with cryptocurrencies

This stage comprises of 3 fundamental parts:

Programmed exchanging framework;

Diverse shared connection between trade brokers on the cryptocurrency advertise;

A specific culture of cryptocurrency dealers.

To track and gather a considerable measure of data this bot will utilize computerized reasoning (AI), furthermore it will be fundamental for incite basic leadership on exchange which isn’t insignificant.

Take in more about XchangeRate

We should consider in more insight about the standards of task and calculations of this bot.

As specified over, a specific calculation will be a mechanical program that will improve the basic leadership process before making any exchange in light of the broad data that this robot has gathered for you.

The principle program modules of such manmade brainpower ought to transmit the data gathered by the robot and as needs be guarantee the dependability of that data or investigation which were given.

All together for the data to be adequately total and high caliber, the bot is situated to an assortment of sources focusing and framing every one of the data into one entirety.

Advantages of the platform 

The primary preferred standpoint is the straightforwardness and accommodation in setting up different channels. Regularly this isn’t a simple undertaking for an ordinary client who isn’t comfortable with such frameworks, so a natural versatile board is the thing that the client truly needs. Since this venture was created by the brokers themselves, which are not one year looked with numerous frameworks, they know how the interior interface should look so as to be available to the client.

The second thing that is significant is the plenitude of capacities and a genuinely exact tuning of the calculation which prompts more sufficient examination and, as an outcome, basic leadership.

The third favorable position will be a prepared usage. This implies the stage has capacities that permit testing those calculations that were displayed in the part of a specialist conclusion. What’s more, these choices are naturally balanced considering all conceivable economic situations

Above all else, the tokens offered here are generally low in cost. Indeed, as specified above, there are even such a significant number of offers gave. Obviously, even today no business, still thought to be moderate. The likelihood of outside air for those of you who have minimal expenditure as capital. Also, it gives more open doors for novices to begin. Much the same as some other kind of speculation; The standard of ‘high danger of return’ is as yet connected here. Be that as it may, for apprentices, it is as yet prudent to contribute less cash while figuring out how to play in this exchange well.

Inside every Cryptocurrency stage, security ought to be a key component that ought to be organized. In XchangeRate, there are numerous highlights to help its security regardless of the execution of Blockchain. Indeed, even data has a tendency to be straightforward inside the Blockchain does not imply that you can not secure your own particular data. Consequently, you can keep what you have to keep, obviously, in a fundamental however reasonable way.

Finally, XchangeRate gives you a definitive manual for being effective. Essentially there is no stepping stool to be effective in the realm of Cryptocurrency. Be that as it may, indeed, everything can be attempted. Meetings and dialogs are accessible here even with senior financial specialists. So ensure you get however much information as could be expected to be more productive. There is a guideline in this stage. XchangeRate is composed and created by shippers for vendors. Along these lines, sharing procedures isn’t unthinkable for everybody’s prosperity.

Detail Token:

  • Token Name: XRR Coin
  • Token Symbol: XRR
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Role Token: Utilities
  • Total supply: 250 000 000
  • Available for sale: 235 000 000

Distribution Token

  • 80% ICO
  • Bonus Token 12.8%
  • 6% Project Owners and Stakeholders
  • 1.2% Airdrop and Bounty

Fund Distribution

  • 47.5% Platform Development
  • 14.3% Research and Product Improvement
  • 9.5% Exchange of Exchange
  • 9.5% User Marketing and Acquisition
  • 8.6% Project Stakeholders
  • 4.8% Operational Cost
  • 4.8% Security Reserve
  • 1% Legal costs


The plans for the development of the project provide information on what has already been completed or implemented, what the goals are currently and are in the process, and what else is planned to be done by the team, for more details see the figure here: https://tokensale.xchangerate.io/en/#roadmap


There are people who will complement each other with their abilities and skills in the project team. There are designers, engineers, programmers, and many software developers. I think with this team the project is able to realize its product and promote it to the markets.


For more information, please join us in Telegram group https://t.me/xchangerateICO

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