XchangeRateRobot Technology: The revolutionizing business

What IS XchangeRate Robot?
XchangeRate Robot is a data-driven robot that makes decisions based on the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ attitudes on the cryptocurrency exchanges and user parameters. XchangeRate Robot is a Cryptocurrency platform that facilitate you to do any investment and trading. There are numerous kinds of virtual currency available here including those that are well known like Bitcoin and Altcoin. The requirements to join this platform is very easy as well as the process is fast as well. more than that, it conducts numerous events in a year in which you can enjoy the sales of token. Aside from those matters, XchangeRate indeed gives you such a large number of benefits once you go along with it. Plugins and APIs feed the robot its data and unique metrics provide its examining power. XchangeRate is a platform that will keep the number of supported exchanges it trades with by means of API increasing.
XсhаngеRаtе Rоbоt, the firѕt AI (Augmеntеd Intеlligеnсе) роwеrеd stage in thе hiѕtоrу of Crурtосurrеnсу trаding hаѕ juѕt lаuсhеd thеir ICO tо glоbаl bасkеrѕ.
Thе рlаtfоrm bringѕ оnе bound together interface to mаnаgе exchanges over all mаjоr еxсhаngеѕ аlоng with роwеrful instruments tо inсrеаѕе benefits for dау trаdеrѕ frоm the very first moment.
Mission Statement
To make data analysis and interpretation of derived metrics easier and to connect it in real time to the market, so that the user can use the automated software to make gains.
Vision Statement
Interpreting Dataflow of token metric and market instruments through in-depth research and the utilization of Artificial Intelligence to derive value and maximize benefits.
Platform Ecosystem
The robot has 4 areas:
The (Coin Monitoring Board),
The Automation Robot,
The MVP and
The Marketplace.
Crypto Trade is an Established Business Model
Over 2 million new merchants open new accounts with month to month exchange.
Successful traders generate an immeasurable profit every day.
Development of traders around the globe provides a greater chance to increase liquidity.
Increased regulatory awareness brings market stability.
XchangeRate Bridging the Gap
What was once an exclusive Trade Secret is currently available to all.
Data analysis and trade intelligence are currently present as presets on the XchangeRate Platform.
The Need for Successful Trade …
Gathering Data: A collection of platforms with valuable data consisting of able indicators using the API Plugin.
Logical Skill: The capacity to interpret comprehensive data to make the best decisions.
Decision: Acting on data correctly and on time is the thing that makes trading profitable.
Consistency: Automation makes everything work consistently and effortlessly.
XchangeRate token
Token Details:
Token Name: XRR Coin
Token Symbol: XRR
Token Type: ERC20
Token Role: Utility
Total supply: 250 000
Available to be purchased: 235 000
Distribution Token
80% ICO
Bonus Token 12.8%
6% Project Owners and Stakeholders
1.2% Airdrop and Bounty
Funds Distribution
47.5% Platform Developments
14.3% Research and Products Improvements
9.5% Exchange Partnerships
9.5% Marketing and User Acquisition
8.6% Project Stakeholders
4.8% Operational Costs
4.8% Security Reserve
1% Legal expenses
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