Xeonframe Networks extraordinarily settles for key vulnerabilities in the internet business biological community, Particularly centered around web based business developments, installment security, secrecy, decentralized installment passage, installment limitations and installment preparing times by bringing a decentralized engineering and accord security convention to the online business space.

Xeonframe can build up an unchanging computerized record for each client on its system utilizing a decentralized design and keen contracts giving secure and quick installment portal in a huge web based business ecosystem.Our engineering consolidates progressed on-chain and off-chain assets and internet business mechanical advancements like AR shopping,Machine learning X commerce,Voice Bot and photograph shopping giving constant shopping knowledge.

Xeonframe Features:

  • Allows secure transactions between consumers, businesses and manufacturers through registries based on blocks providing unique user identification and public key for each user to be verified on the network.
  • The decentralized Xeonframe application will manage all data and logic that should not be stored in the blockchain for privacy reasons.
  • Xeonframe offers an ultra-fast payment gateway, different from most decentralized payment gateways, where transactions are confirmed in seconds.
  • Privacy and transaction security are some of the benefits of implementing such anonymity in an environment based on xeonframe’s distributed Ledger.
  • Xeonframe uses innovative technologies such as AR (Augument reality), shopping experience, mobile verification through a decentralized token, computer-based e-Commerce training x, photo shopping and Voice bot interaction.
  • Xeonframe introduces a fully decentralized referral program, under which each user will be able to claim their referral commissions for free and start accepting and giving out Xeon Tokens immediately.

The stunning xeonframe arrange is intended to insightfully approve client personality, give extensible ability to utilizing individuals notoriety in exchanges, and give convention snares to recording discretionary client exchanges. further. the xeonframe Network gives a SDK to encourage API incorporations for purchasers and vender notoriety query. By recording queries and metadata about resulting exchanges sent through the xeonframe biological system that are called from the SDK’s, the Xeonframe Network serves an extra part as an inspector. Clients performing peculiar queries will have their notorieties redesigned. The xeonframe Network’s utilization of the general population Ethereum square affix is expected to guarantee the perpetual quality of Xeonframe usefulness, giving security to clients into the not so distant. The Xeonframe Network incorporates the xeonframe Token, which is an utility token used to purchase/offer merchandise and enterprises, promote on the xeonframe organize, score legitimate merchants and reward clients who allude others to join the system and can likewise be utilized for secure client business exchanges.

Token metrics : ICO details and distribution :

Token: XFT on Ethereum platform

Quantity: 150,000,000 XFT

Price: 1 Xft = 0.3 USD

Payment: ETH

Soft cap: 10,000 ETH

Hard cap: 37,000 ETH


Quantity: 25,000,000 XFT
Beginning: 13.06.2018

Completion: 29.06.2018




Quantity: 30,000,000 XFT

Beginning: 30.06.2018

Completion: 19.07.2018


Fore More Information please check the following links bellow:

website: https://www.xeonframe.net/
whitepaper: https://www.xeonframe.net/assets/files/white-paper.pdf
facebook: https://facebook.com/xeonframe
twitter: https://twitter.com/xeonframe
telegram: https://t.me/xeonframe


Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1530135

Ethereum: 0xC12c4ce6f433C2b39494aE9460055E76D828e34c


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