linking global medical data with health

XMED Chain is Blockchain Based Application System, AI & Big Data Technologies Anonymous data will be analyzed by AI and large data analysis system. XMC systems can connect to enterprise data systems, such as HIS, ERP, CRM and others, using the docking API. When authorizing the patient, authorized companies have access to and edit permissions for the user’s medical records.
How it works
It uses smart contracts, which users can send their medical records or other information to the XMC system. The system will analyze the data and generate the best health care option for that user and provide patient information platform to find a one-time safe health consultation.
Representation and verification of medical documents
Verify medical records using “consensus / algorithm AI / encryption” technology, which provides unchanged and protected data loading, verification and transmission. Individual users must have ultimate control over their personal data.
Identification and translation of medical documents
After the medical record is checked, the AI ​​system identifies and converts the content into text format. AI technology translates the text language into the user’s default system language.
Fulfillment of intellectual medical data
With the database, users can learn about global data patents, including height, gender, weight, symptoms, hospitals, and medical technology and tested drugs, as well as satisfaction levels, etc. Because of AI technology, data can be intellectually distorted and approved at different levels. As a result of the intellectual examination, the AI ​​system will provide the most precise global medical solution based on patient medical records and remove unverified data from the internet.
Token XMC
In an ancient medical setting, individual users do not have direct management of their medical records and pay no attention to the value of personal medical info. Medical info users can not guarantee the validity of the data obtained. long-term medical knowledge should be clear and open, which generates XMC token thinking (XMC Token). The XMC Token will be circulated in the XMC system, designed for all users who contribute to a harmonious and shared economic ecology.
Long-term improvement goals.
1.XMED Chai n will be set up, Blockchain as administration, the client generates a single data safely with high productivity blockchain innovations that oversee therapeutic records.
2.XMED The chain will continue, implying artificial knowledge as an administration can serve individuals with worldwide drug information and the best therapeutic settings.
3.XMED Chain is a very therapeutic requirement of located, drug and administration elements and all restorative related administration can exchange XMED chains.
XMC Token Mechanism
XMC Token is issued by an initial coin offering (ICO) with an upper limit set, which accounts for 31.4% of the total token generated. For more information, see Chapter below. Tokens not sold on ICO will be destroyed automatically.
Sales structure of XMC Token
• Hard Cap: USD 22M
• XMC Token will be allocated to initial buyers Private Seed
• $ 5M (Invite Only)
It costs 0.1 USD Dollars for 1 XMC Token
Personal pre-sale
• $ 10M (Invite Only)
Please Suggest Team XMC personal presale bonus General Structure Pre-sale
• $ 4 million, Bonus 15%
• Locking Principle 50% for 3 months
• Bonus Lock for 3 months
• Individual 15ETH – 50ETH
The crowds are sold
• $ 3 million
• Maximum $ 10K individual
• There is no XMC Token Details key
• Sales of XMC Token will have a hard stamp of USD 22 million
• Based on ETH’s smart contract
• The exchange rate between XMC Token and ETH is based on the exchange rate issued by coinmarketcap.com at 8 am Hong Kong time that day, your XMC Token amount will be confirmed via email notification.
For More Information, Visit:
Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1929500

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