Xnews (with bitex partner) ICO review


About of this program i would like to invite all of you to read this Our internet for today has enough news about cryptocurrency with his partner blockchain history issues Like carbon copies, they also duplicate interesting events and content from each other Among the many cryptocurrency information sites that are included are the Xnews.io portal .




  • This project is a partner of the famous Bitex cryptocurrency startup – the first of a kind of bank cryptocurrency, Bitex is basically the first crypto and makes monetary offerings inside the cryptocurrency industry the most affordable and convenient. This platform is no longer valid for Asia, but also equally attractive at the global level. It wants to equate all the shortcomings of the classical banking system and only spend useful properties in its products, So i will share a good news to profit for anyone who could read this ICO review along with the XNEWS company is the resources needed for ICO project representatives, because here you can enter information about your ICO other than that Most of the fundraising campaigns are now actively using the so-called bounty and airdrop programs. This is a field of activity you will earn by doing some task to their gift program This is the best advertisement from a blockchain project and therefore this area of ​​activity is in great demand when promoting any campaign that sells digital currencies . And it’s easy to read the Xnews website. The Xnews portal positions itself as one of the leaders in providing topical news from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The mission of digital publications is to unite, educate and timely inform the entire blockchain community about important events in the subject area. The company comprehensively focuses on the needs of each industry representative and meets the interests of beginners and professionals in this direction


  • You can choose the desired language by clicking the yellow icon at the very top of the site There are widgets with the latest rates from major crypto currencies. The languages English translation, 48 other languages platform including Russian.
  • Information about this article helps to keep abreast of major industry events and make the right investment decisions. And by hovering your mouse over the News button, you will see the opening subsections, including blocking-based ICO news,  information about fraud projects, businesses  The next tab shows the latest publications about Bitcoin and other prominent cryptocurrency projects, while the Press Release tab translates to the most relevant press releases of the project. 


  • Xnews is an very effective way to target among the target audience. Advertising options and in the tab. This portal is displayed on many major social networks and this platform is intended to very popular in parliaments, journalists, legislators and representatives of the entire blockchain industry.



ALONG WITH THEIR AIRDROP  DETAILED AND CONDITION BELOW https://xnews.io/airdrop-xbx-bitex-xnews



ICO BXB, the Bitex token, which, is known, is a close partner of Xnews, is currently undergoing. Until the end of the sale, it was a little over 38 hours since this article. You can read the ICO Details in this link : https://ico.bitex.global





  • Bitex is essentially the first crypto bank and makes financial services in the cryptocurrency industry the most affordable and convenient he integration of the classic financial structure of the banking level with the latest advanced achievements in the blockchain industry is seen by the project team as a priority and necessary task to solve. . Bitex wants to equate all the shortcomings of the classical banking system and only spend useful properties in its products. platform is undoubtedly excellently located mainly for the Asian market, but it is also equally in demand at the global level. Bitex wants to level all the flaws of the classic banking system and leave only its useful properties in its product.






Xnews official website: https://xnews.io.

Bitex official website: https://bitex.global.






ETH ADDRESS : 0xD8bf9952d0e5d604d50779bb6292B36DE6A2c5ED


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