Xpetroleum—-Blockhain Technology Is Built With By Based Of The World Economy Oil—-


Hi , Article lovers, nice to see you again,How Are You Today ?? Fine rights ? like a usually on this time I will tell you about the new project that have been present in the middle of crowded the crypto world connoisseurs . oke,, and no need long one anymore…have been present,,name of this project are Xpetroleum.

On the pereod more advanced technology like its now and also follow up too by the people needs of understand about the needs to investation .so this project come to be your choice for investation or doing the process of sell and buy , with to many excellence and excess I hope you can participated too later..
let’s find know together about this project more !!!!.

Xpetroleum is blockhain technology is built with by based of the world economy oil. Xpetroleum is a new sourced revolution in the world, because the oil industry is very something needed for the lives of mankind in the wheels run of the world economy. So, it was clear how the importance of the source of the oil is to help people in everyday running activities , both it to the personal needs or your necessary industry. Petroleum is could be a gas fuel or produced oil by nature. Much of the oil function, can be as movers transportation or can be used in the lives of a day. This is not in spite of, how the verry importance of this fuels to the lives of mankind. Petroleum can also called the oil crude, and the oil crude is the fossil that is the result of the rest of the plants or a buried due to the process of the immense million years ago. So formed and be of this oil crude .
Xpetroleum is blockhain technology that aims to set Xpetroleum Oil Company in order to reach of target who wanted the reached a softcap , which aims to the activities continue that have been planned in this project ROADMAP

Xpetroleum is the your choice solution at this moment, because with you have XPL tokens allows us to cope Problems Digital Tokens in exchange for investment now be the main problem. With your invested in PreSale or PrivateSale event, you can contribute and will get XPL tokens for the sake of to created successly on this project. This is the new payment method and exchange.
And for To buy XPL tokens
you need to send a desired amount of ETH to the XPetroleum Ethereum Smart Contract address.
Is publishing on the official website at :
[ https://www.xpetroleum.com/ ].

📣XPetroleum launched 100% Bonus for investors !

♦️0.1 ETH = 220 XPL
♦️1 ETH = 2,200 XPL
♦️10 ETH = 22,000 XPL

✅Send ETH to Contract address : 0x0d3b80fe9999e40Ab4b3F1FcF6a90e8b946BC5Fa

Dont send your to ETH to another address or your money will lost and you will never get XPL tokens in your wallet adress. Ok,happy trading for you ??

~FEATURE OF XPetroleum~
•Reducing operational costs
•Secure and speedy transactional process
•Transparency,safe and compliance
•Eliminated the thirth party.

Total Supply : 80,000,000 XPL
Token Ticker : XPL
Min Purchase : 0.1ETH
Innitial Value : $0.15 USD
HardCap : $5,000,000 USD
SoftCap : $ 500,000 USD
Bonus for contributors of XPetroleum Pre-Sale : 35% bonus. All unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the ICO.

All right… up here for an explanation about this project from me…And I hope you like it to reading..thank’s

Website : https://www.xpetroleum.com/
Whitepaper : https://xpetroleum.com/docs/WhitePaperXPetroleum_en.pdf
Telegram : https://t.me/XPetroleum
Telegram Announcement : https://t.me/XPetroleumAnnouncement

WRITER : lemplong

BITCOINTALK PROFILE LINK : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1310212


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